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2nd table wsop point trip

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  • 2nd table wsop point trip

    Wsop cicuit event second table The second table seemed to resent my being there. Very unwelcoming. I suppose the previous occupant had been very nice to share with them and they weren’t sure about me. I pick up 44 on the button and try to test my bb, scare the limper and raise 3x the bb, see if he wants to feed his buddy on the button. He does not . And the limper stays too. Neat. I misplayed this hand badly by not raising more, I guess I wanted to flop a cheap set….it got worse when the flp was q 10 rag and not my rag all check….someone hit tat and It wasn’t me with two wheelhouse cards in the flop. Bb then min raises, its 400 to me and I call 4 on the fours, like a donk. River doesn’t help he it actually pairs the board and I try to tell myself hes bluffing and im donating 800 more to see his slow rolled 2 pair. Good. I want callers with q 10 hes a calling station I need real cards or real raises to get his blind. To his left is the chip leader of the table a gut who likes to raise a lot in EP. I pick u AK and a king flops after once caller I take that down and im a little low but can’t really do anything to get anyone off a hand preflop, thay all love to limp here, five or six to a flop and im almost tempted to play trash but I don’t want to, that aint todays strategy….the dude to my left is a pro who seems to see thru my skin when I try to min raise him off the blind and falter. Man. Hes gonna eat me alive. A hottie sits down on my left and she asks to see dude’s copy of rounders magazine so she can see her picture. Shes on page 46. Cashed for 13k in tunica….great…..
    im treading water here, trying not to drown when another pro sits down. Southern pro, plays with money maker and thinks he sucks, the hottie agrees. He knows the dude to my left and the hottie rounder girl. Even greater…
    the new pro and hottie pro are chatting about vegas and miss. and I see jj in my hand. 2nd to act makes it four times the big blind. First hand he’s played since he sat down and It looks like the lawyer is gonna call behind me so I muck. I felt it. Im a tight tight person at this point. Hottie finds the calling station living up to his name when he calls a big preflop raise with 10 5 sooted, hit’s a five on the flop and she raises every street with air, 1600 2400 1500 and his pair of fives wins and shes blown away. She shakes her head, I know how she feels. What a strange hand./table/Minefield.
    I catch AK late to act and see it raised one before the southern pro who counts out a reraise and I make an easy fold….QQ vs. JJ. I feel handcuffed by the table. All drooling for my chips. No cards doesn’t help much either…
    Im getting short, about 6k I think I hit another AK somewhere and raised enough to not get any takers but the antes are eating me up and the blinds are getting brutal and im getting into one move territory. I GROW A PAIR. 300-600 50 ante. I want to try to see if I can bang the lawyer off his bb because hes the softest target. I need to raise a scary amount and do so with q6 diamonds making the pro on my left tank then fold…he says I raised just enuf to get him off his hand and I say the hand wooda been fun f you called when he tries to find how good his fold was and I give him no info…
    We get to the break and I have just over 8k which is no great shakes when the blinds are 4-800. Im determined to get a stack and a new guy sits down. I remember being that guy…unsure…I welcome him to the table, hello not george, u have big shoes to fill, george was a great guy. Not george raises his first hand and im in the blind, I call because its just me and him and the fool did min raise. With the antes I have odd I feel.
    I flop mid pair and lead out into not george for the 1500. I have kicker issues but no ace or king flopped and he was the new guy. Not george calls. the turn is another 6 and I fire in saying same bet which seems to not to phase not george at all, which is cool with me…the river brings another card under ten and there could be a real ugly straight but I don’t think he had it but just in case I tap the table, not george knows its his time to steal so he puts in 15oo and I push, not george says that’s no very friendly and I say not george just got trapped and he mucks…..
    Now im happy. I get AA and raise into the shortie that’s been the victim of the bully pros at the table and he fights back and I stack him. Im mixing it up with the pros now , I have about 15 k and even tho it’s a puzzling table im finally feeling like im playing poker. I start to sense the big hands by the betting actions and there is a flow to the game which im starting to understand six hours into it. Im in my comfort zone, playing right, and busting chops. It’s really a shame when our table busts after the dinner break because they were a fun group.
    I have about 32k when I am moved to a table full of monster stacks. Almost everone has

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    Keep it up Harry, woo hoo!!!!


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      Well done.


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        Great story Harry!

        Would like to some day hear the details of the AA hand and whatever else got you from 15 to 32 K in chips.

        Table three please. Woot Woot!!


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          i got aa raised into a shortie wnad stacked him was most of the chip that time i had a great image, was bustin balls alot and really felt like the unofficial table captain....biggest stack at that table wasnt more than 50k and alll know me to be the guy who folds alot of big hands because of course i was whining about my fold especially when after i folded jj the flop comes qj9.....chk chk
          ak takes it down but....who knows...i wasnt going out on a guess and i wasnt getting married to any hand at this point i had extreme focus on top 54.....i knew i could get there and i was on a friggin way i was gonna be telling my sp story and not cashing....the whole day was perfect....
          so the way the table was and the way my image was i may have done some stealing there as doesnt stick out as special play because in 14 hours of play only the real biggies, the gut busters stand out......
          plus i lost my notes at the blackjack table later......
          i had such nice careful notes too, but by writing them once i remember mostly what they were...almost...pretty close....



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