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1st table SP point trip AC 3/7

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  • 1st table SP point trip AC 3/7

    500 + 60 wsop circuit event
    579 entries
    54 paid

    Got there in plenty of time, just to be sure, and I couldn’t have asked for a nicer day to sit on the beach with the seagulls. I managed to get a sunburn in the hour I sat looking at the waves, meditating, getting my strategy straight in my head. Took off my shoes and the water could not have been much warmer than 33 degrees. No icebergs, but there was snow on the beach ….my toes thawed out around level 4.….

    I like to play the first hand, just to see how my luck is running. I was soon down to 4750T when I lost heart with my garbage….Soon it was 4400 when my AJ was unimproved to three callers and the raise on the flop made me insta-muck.

    Great start. Thanks PSO for having 4000 chip tournies that give one an idea how dear each chip is in a competitive setting. I became a rock and tried to figure out my table. My victim in the BB did not have the same script as me and refused to lay down to my 3x raises, even reraising me…he was a shark, very aggressive and a real cool customer. I decided to leave him alone. On my right was a dude who ated the world to know he lost a 20,000 dollar pot at the Borgota with AA. He liked to hijack my button and was very active. One seat to his right was a guy I called johnny shove because he shoved three times in the first two levels. The others made no impression on me that was memorable, I identified the danger zones in my two hours of rocking out. Rock rock rock rock rock lobster…with my sunburn that’s what I was……

    Finally I see some jack ten hearts on the button in an unraised pot. 50-100, two limpers on my right, the ones I mentioned…I make it 400 to go, sharkman folds, call call. Flop is a dream jack spades and two unconnected hearts. While I think about bet sizing into this 1350 pot “johnnyshove makes it 500 and “mr 20k” makes it 1500 in an eye blink……At best im only behind a better jack and at worst im behind that and a better flush draw and I can’t see shoving from way behind so I reluctantly muck, flashing my hand to “mr shark” who knocks the table in sympathy giving me a knowing nod. What, we think the same way?

    I have played about five hands total and im under 4000 and panicking just a little because the cards are conspiring with the maniacs to make me look like a fish, but there are no moves I can see to make other than reraising with air and I’m not at that point yet. I used to like poker…..
    I pick up jacks, fta at 150-300 level and make it 500 to go and am called by “mr20k”. flop is 8 hi and I make it 750 to go. He flats it. Turn is a king check check. River is a blank I bet 1000 and hes inm the tank before folding asking to see my cards if he folds, I say ill show you one…lol…but the new rules are show two fold and he claims to have folded nines.
    This puts him on a heater and he is a rasing machine for an orbit until he get his chips back. I ask him if hes listening to metallica or some other angry metal and he laughs and says yes. He pops his earphone out from time to time to talk to us mortals, He likes to check in the dark fta because it is such a glamourus play and did it with kk I guess to avoid a decision with an ace? So the table is wary of this fella. I joke that if you ever do that to me im double checking in the dark and we are going to the turn….ha ha. Next orbit I get jj on the button and of course they are limping into me, I make it 900 and mr20k calls then pounds the table “check dark” I call “double check dark” and tell the dealer to deal four, he smiles and deals four cards and mr 20k is looking confused as the flop, plus turn is king jack five three and he checks again. I hate this flop. I know he may reraise just because there is2550 in the center just because… I think I want a river so I check. Power poker. I have just over 4k in chips and hate the concept of pot odds and whomever conceptualized it because I know, I just KNOW that mr 20 k will value bet the river. The river is a jack and he bets 2 grand. I think it thru and hear the voice of teddy kgb in my head. He says ill show you if you want….big timing me…. and teddy kgb is saying, that card could not he hilleped you. I know he would never have checked the turn with any piece and am pretty sure I got him so I call, he mucks and crawls back into his ipod until the break…… im over 7800 and feeling fine at the first break. They break my table and its back to square one.

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    Good report

    Keep the reports coming.I know it was killing you to be a rock.Interesting table,but I would have been very glad when it broke up.Good luck.........Harry


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      Very nice report.


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        Great report... I was excited reading it! Good luck!



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