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Las Vegas-Part 2

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  • Las Vegas-Part 2

    I'm putting the rest of my Vegas trip under this thread because after my big win on Monday there wasn't a lot of poker to report on.

    I'm going to break down the rest of the week into categories.

    Poker: We played at the following casinos:

    MGM Grand - Played 2/4 and 3/6 limit holdem, won 60.00 after two sessions. The play at the 2/4 limit was horrible, any two cards, any position. It is a great level to play if you are new to limit or live poker. The 3/6 table had players who had experience playing live. The limit tables are in the back area of the poker room. I like this because it is much quieter. All of the dealers, floor persons were great. The waitress service was also good.

    Orleans- This is one of my favorite local poker rooms. It is always well run, and all the dealers are great. The waitress service can be slow at times, since they usually only have two for the whole room and it can get very busy. We played one tournament here for $60.00 buy-in, 3000 chips, 20 minute rounds, 25/50 levels. I was pretty card dead for this tournament, I finally pushed with A6diamond and got called by KJ and he hit a king. I played one session at the 2/4 limit table so that I could sit with my girlfriend. It is very hard to win at this level, but we were there to have fun and we did. I left $10 dollars up.

    Flamingo - This is a small poker room, area really in the front of the casino. I thought it would be very noisy but really it wasn't too bad. All the staff are friendly, waitress service was good. We played 2/4 limit for one session. I lost $40.00 dollars. I had sets twice and lost both times to bigger sets. They have a promo in the morning, if your Aces or Kings are crack you win $50.00 and $25.00 respectively. We saw quite a few players win this.

    Wynn - This poker room is very nice. It is in the back of the casino, away from the noise. We did have to wait about 30 minutes for a table. I played one session of 3/6 limit and won $86.00 dollars. The chairs are very comfortable and the dealers are friendly. The waitress service was a little slow, so I would order a tea and water every time she came around.

    Luxor - We played one tournament at the Luxor. It was a cheapy buy-in of $32.00. The structure was the pits though. I knew it would be fast but they skipped whole levels. You started with 1500 in chips, 50/100 levels, and 20 min rounds. Then it was 100/200 and 200/500. I pushed all in with AJ at the 200/500 level. I only had 1800 in chips and ran into AK. It was worse than a turbo, I won't be playing that again.


    We didn't eat at any really fancy resturants but we did eat well.

    Orleans- We ate breakfast and lunch one day at the Courtyard cafe. It was your standard fair, like you get at a Denny's or Elias Brothers. One night we ate at T.G.I.F., they have good soup (broccoli). I had fish tacos, yum, yum.

    Grand Luxe Cafe- This one we ate at is in the Palazzo. We were seated in the back part of the restrurant and it was very nice and quiet. We had individual pizzas with salad and a large drink with lots of pineapple, mango, papya juice with sprite. It was simple but very tasty.

    In and Out Burger- On the last day of our trip we walked from the Orleans to get lunch here. It's about a mile away from the hotel. While waiting for our food, a group of high school students came in wearing really funky clothes. They looked like the type you would wear in the 20's. They said they were going to put on a "trashy fashion show" outside. We, ate our lunch outside and watched the "show", it was very funny.

    Jean Pillipe- This is a pastry shop in the Bellagio. I have eaten here many times and it is always fantastic. Nothing like eating a good pastry, while people watching at the Bellagio. We could also see the pool outside.

    Wolfgang Pucks- This is another place that I like to eat lunch at. It's at the MGM Grand. We had the club sandwich with a small side salad. It was very good.

    MexicoTacos- We walked to this place from the Orleans, its about a mile. They have the best tacos around, very authentic. I eat here at least once every time I come to Las Vegas.

    The Good:

    Getting out of Michigan for a few days
    Being able to see greenery and mountains
    Spending time with a great friend, who I don't get to see often enough
    Playing a Sigma Derby Game at the MGM Grand, we had a blast playing this old horse racing game. It still took quarters and paid you in quarters. We played this for hours with a great group of people
    Walking all over the place, the weather was nice, (not the 60's we hoped for but still sunny), seeing flowers
    The really cool bathroom at the Wynn, it had a lamp complete with shade in the stall and the door looked like a closet with a big old fashion door knob in the middle of it
    Walking the strip at night
    Not being too crowded anywhere we went
    Having an empty seat between us on the plane both ways


    Not winning every tournament I played
    Having to move seats on the the way out because Spirit charges so much for checked luggage that everyone brought their bags on and they had to shift the weight around. We ended up in seats over the wing that didn't move back
    Having to put up with a bunch of pre teen cheerleaders for two days, the National Championship was at the Orleans
    The Porn Slappers on the strip, I don't care what they are handing out, its the hogging of the sidewalk that is a pain, I picked up enough cards to make me a nice deck
    The red eye flight back to Detroit, man this is rough, it always throws off my sleep cycle no matter how much sleep I get


    Almost getting hit by two trucks that crashed right in front of us, when we were walking to the Luxor from the Orleans. Both drivers were okay and on their cellphones in seconds. Other than scaring the crap out of us, we were okay. Girlfriend took a couple of pictures.

    Seeing possible homeless person lying flat out on the sidewalk, with their head hanging off the curb. The police arrived in minutes. I know these things happen and have seen people pass out in casinos before but it is still nerve wracking seeing it. Part of being in a big city.

    Coming home to green grass that lasted half a day before it snowed again and covered it all up.

    Overall we had a fantastic time and it was a great break from the winter weather. I have some pictures that I will post later. My girlfriend took some good ones too, I will post them after she has a chance to send them to me.

    *Next trip Chicago PSO Tour

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    thasnk you for your post. Really enjoyed reading it. Cant wait to see the pics.



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      Enjoyed the read. Sounds like a good time had by all!
      2 Time Bracelet Winner


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        enjoyed reading about your vegas trip.



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          Sounds like you had a good time. I'm meeting a friend in Vegas, 2/19 to 2/23. Will try to keep notes and write up a trip report. Look forward to meeting you at Chicago PSO




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