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Caesars MegaStack Tournament

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  • Caesars MegaStack Tournament

    My girlfriend, bugged me all winter to make a trip to Las Vegas, so she could escape the cold weather and snow. Being a good friend I said yes. :wink: After, choosing the dates of February 8th-11th, I started looking for tournaments that we could play. Since, she is fairly new to poker we decided on tournaments in the 40-80 dollar range.

    While looking for places to play I came across the Mega Stack Tournament at Caesars Palace. It was a $225.00 buy-in with 10,000 in chips plus you got 2500 for an extra $10.00 that goes to the dealers. The blinds started at 25/50 and we had 50 minute levels. This sounded like my kind of tournament. It was at the buy-in level I am working at and the structure would give me lots of play. I asked my girlfriend if she minded if I played this tournament, since it would be all day. She said sure.

    Our flight out of Detroit was for Sunday at 8pm, we stayed at the Orleans Casino. The first night we got there and just checked in, ate, gambled a little and went to bed.

    Monday, Feb 9th, we got up early, ate breakfast and headed over to Caesars Poker Room to sign up for the tournament. Our transportation for the trip would be shuttles, cabs and our feet. The tournament started at noon and would play until 2:00 am, at that time if all players agreed to continue they could, otherwise they would come back Tuesday at 2:00pm. 99 players entered.

    First, win of the day started when I found out I would be sitting at the final table and all other tables would break first. I like to have time to get to know/observe the other players. I'm not as fast as some players when it comes to summing up their opponents and welcomed the extra time. I did not change my seat until we got down to the final table and I just switched seats with the guy next to me. :lol:

    Within the first quarter of the tournament I more then doubled up my starting stack when I hit two full houses. By the dinner break I had 4X my starting stack. I stayed 1.5X-2X above the average stack for the entire game. I had pocket aces and pocket kings zero times the whole night. When I did have a playable hand I usually hit the flop hard and won big pots with them. Just as important I dodged the bullets and kings several times. I have become much better at knowing when a player has a high probability of having aces or kings and can let go weaker hands.

    We paused for dinner at 7:00 pm, at this point I knew I had a really good chance of winning the whole thing. I continued to play good solid poker, I looked for opportunities to win pots. I did some stealing of the blinds, but not too much. For, most of the night I had two very loose aggressive players to my left, who defended their blinds. After, the blinds/antes started getting higher, I figured out that the guy two to the left of me, liked to call with any two cards and would out play everyone on the flop. He continually showed his "crap" cards when he would win a big pot. I knew it would be hard to steal from him unless I had a good hand and since I was getting a lot of junk myself on the button I decided to find another way to get chips out of him. The next time I was on the button I made a standard raise with Ace rag and he called. The flop came QQ8, normally I would make a continuation bet, but this time I checked it two him, he bet and then I CHECK RAISED him. He thought about it for a few seconds and then folded.

    I almost never check raise and through watching Al's Videos and getting a shadowing lesson from him, I decided to try to use that tool if the right situation presented itself. I used the check raise two other times against two other opponents and it was very successful. I won very large pots and did not have to show my hands. I was never the big stack or the short stack, I stayed in the orange zone (for those M nuts out there) for the majority of the tournaments.

    They paid out nine spots. When we got down to the final ten, everyone agreed to give the ten spot $20.00 each so that they got their buy-in back. We continued to play through out the night. With four players left, one very short stacked, we decided to play the last 50 minutes of the night and then decide if we wanted to continue or come back the next day.

    At the end of the level, we had one very short stack and the last three, including me were almost even in chips. We worked out a chop were the fourth player would get a little more than fourth place and the rest of use would get 4 THOUSAND DOLLARS. This was a few hundred more than second place for each of us. I got paid, tipped the dealer and then went back to my hotel room a very tired but happy woman.

    Notes: The structure is great, it could be a little shorter. I think 40 minutes would still provide all with lots of play while speeding up the game, so that it can be finished in one day.

    Ten out of the 99 players were women and three of them made it to the final table. The quality of play was better than I thought it would be. The tournament was well run, the dealers very knowledgeable and friendly. There were no major problems.

    ..........part II will be a shorter report on the rest of my trip. I will continue to play poker but no more big tournaments. So, just in case you don't decide to read the rest of the story I wanted to give a huge THANK YOU to AL, DAVE AND ALL OF THE PSO MEMBERS WHO HAVE HELPED ME IMPROVE MY GAME OVER THE PAST SIX MONTHS OR SO. I WILL CONTINUE TO WORK ON MY GAME AT PSO AND HOPE TO HAVE MORE WINS THIS YEAR. ONE OF MY MAJOR GOALS FOR 2009 WAS TO BECOME A CONSISTENT WINNING PLAYER AND WITH PSO'S HELP I KNOW I CAN DO IT.

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    Very Nice Job Lisa

    It's always nice to see PSOers winn but so much better when its some one you have seen improve there game so much

    Can't wait for the next trip report

    Congrats Champ


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      Caesars Win

      Great report and impressive win.You, of course, bought your friend any thing she wanted for talking you into the trip...right???


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        That away to go Lisa keep up the good work hope your next report is as good as this one.




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          I know first hand that Lisa "earned" every dollar she invested in her poker transformation and I salute her determination and resolve in "practicing" exactly what she had to do to hone her skills.

          Well done is an understatement, YOU ROCK THE HOUSE!


          • #6
            Great report and congrats on making the final table and the money. Sounds like you made a good deal with the chop.

            I love the tournaments and structure that Caesars have. I don't get out that direction alot but always play there when I do.

            Congrats again!
            2 Time Bracelet Winner


            • #7
              You, of course, bought your friend any thing she wanted for talking you into the trip...right???
              :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: I bought her dinner for the rest of the trip. She wouldn't let me give her any money.


              • #8
                Great report Lisa,and well done!!!!! 8)


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                  Very very Nice Lisa.. Well done.


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                    Very nice job!!


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                      What an inspirational post!

                      I have watched your dedication in Dave’s classes and it is really great to see you succeed! Your persistence and hard work is showing up BIG TIME!

                      FYI, as an aspiring poker student, you’re a role model and proof that hard work does pay off. 8)

                      GO Girl, you rock!




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