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Quapaw HPT trip report

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  • Quapaw HPT trip report

    The six hour ride on 2-3-09 from Tunica to the Downstream Casino at Quapaw Oklahoma for the HPT went smoothly. I checked into one of the nicest rooms I’ve ever stayed at. I made a decision not to play the first day after the drive up, but just to relax and check the Casino over and get a feel of the area.

    I got a call from Joe, “jayW” saying he was coming in on 2-4-09 so we made arrangements for me to pick him up at the Tulsa Airport.

    Jimmy, “AirBorneDaddy” lives in the area and is a dealer in a local Casino. We made arrangements to meet on Thursday and play some poker.

    Ran into Mark “gus201” and his Dad, “who I forgot his PSO name” at the restaurant when we went for breakfast. After breakfast it was time for some poker.

    I started out playing some $1-$2 NL Holdem and was up $152 in less than one hour when I quit and go play the $175 super satellite. With 82 players in the tournament 12 received a seat into the Main Event…. I finished 20th. 

    2-5-09 I started out again with the $1-$2 ring game. I dropped $100 early when my TT ran into 99 that hit a set on the river. Two or three hands later the $115 single table satellite was starting that I had bought into, so left the ring game down $113. 

    The Satellite didn’t end much better, as I finished on the bubble. I should have known by now how my day was going to go.

    I decided to play the $175 super satellite, and got seat no.3. In the HPT tournaments the button is always seat one, which put me in the big blind. Four players limp including the blinds. I have Q-9 with 99J rainbow on flop. I bet and get one caller. Turn is the Q of hearts, so we now have a straight & flush draw on board. No big deal as I am full 999QQ. The river is the T of hearts. I bet and get re raised all in. I call saying sure hope you have the flush. He does but it’s a straight flush when he shows the K-J of hearts. That was a tough one, but I think I took it with a smile.

    I talked to Carl later, “a really nice person” and invited him to join PSO.

    Welcome to PSO Carl, let me know you PSO name and I’ll stop by to say hi. 

    My next Tournament the same day was the $340 qualifier where the top 30% get into the Main Event. Jimmy and Joe also joined the tournament so we wished each other the best and joined our tables. I get seat no.4 so I’m first to act. I have junk and fold the first hand and tell the table I’ve made it further than I did the last tournament….everyone laughs. The next hand I’m in the big blind with 3-4 spades when 4 players limp. Blinds are 100-100 and the small blind makes it 300 to go. Ok, I call as does 3 of the 4 players. Flop comes 3-3-4, wow must be my day.  I check as does everyone else except the small blind who makes it $500 to go. I call and everyone else folds. The turn is a 5, putting a straight on board. I sure hope he raised with something like A-2. Small blind bets $1000 and I call. This is great as I sure he must have A-2 or an over pair. River is an 8 with no flush on board. Small blind bets $1000 again and I raise it to $3000 and he goes all-in. I say,
    “Flopped a full house and got to call” He says, “if you did you loose” and turns over 55 for a bigger full house. WOW, played three hands in two tournaments and out. Jimmy went on to win his seat in that tournament, with Joe just missing by a few players.

    2-6-09 I signed up for another $340 which is my second. After telling Joe I’ve never played more that two to win a seat into the Main Event, the pressure is on. This tournament went smoothly as I was one of the chip leaders when we got down to the players getting their entry into the Main Event.

    I decided to play a $115 single table satellite with Joe, and see if we could maybe win another seat to sell. I did finished in top three for a $340 entry, but lost in that tournament when my JJ ran into 88 all-in pre flop and they hit the 8 on the flop.

    After looking around the table I see Alanleach. He tells me he is in the area to play a tournament at another Casino but thought he would give it a shot here.

    I take 2-7-09 off from poker and try to rest up for the Main Event the next day. I do watch Joe get his entry, so now PSO has three playing the Main Event.

    The Main Event on 2-8-09 was a short one for me. With blinds at $200-$400 I make it $1200 to go with AA and get one limper to call. Flop comes 5-7-8- rainbow. The small blind limper bets $2000 and I make it $4000 and get re raised to $6000. He could have a set, but he has been playing very loose and is the chip leader at the table. After thinking about it, his range of hands is too large for me not to call. Hands like top pair with a straight draw ect. I push all-in and he calls and turns over 7-8 for two pair and I need help that didn’t come.

    I hear Jimmy is out an hour or so after me, so now it’s up to Joe.

    Joe played a great game and just missed the money by maybe a hand or so holding up, going out 68th or 69th. I forgot! 

    The drive to the St. Louis Airport to drop Joe off was all talk about what we did wrong or could of done better, with more thoughts about the next tournament coming up. 
    2 Time Bracelet Winner

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    Good to see Leon and Joe at Downstream. They did better than I. On to the seniors event at cherokee where I came in 13th and they paid 11th. The Heartland Poker tour is alot of fun and Downstream in nice. Also, the Oklahoma State Poker championship is fun and well run also.

    These events seem to make you feel wanted as opposed to the wsop events where Harrahs seems to try to squeeze every last dollar from you. Are you kidding me for the $10,000 main event they give you a $10 off coupon for the buffet. If that was a golf tournament you would be treated much better with probably a shirt or jacket, cap or other stuff to take home as a memory of you experience. Harrahs believes they are doing you a favor by allowing you in the building.

    May the river run smooth for you



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      Carl at HPT - Downstream

      Hi, Leon. Made it back home to Nebraska. Sure enjoyed meeting you at HPT - Downstream. Thanks for the invite to join PSO, and thanks for your kind remarks, too.

      I made it into the Main Event in the last qualifier on Sat night (it didn't end until 2 AM). Sure was tired on Sun. At the Main Event, I fought and scrapped for every chip I could get, but it wasn't enough - went out 189th. Looked for you to wish you well and say gook luck, but couldn't find you. Hope to see you again - maybe Meskwaki.

      By the way, I've watched you win the Heartland Poker Tour on TV. You accepted your victory with humility and dignity. Also, I had the straight flush that beat your full house at HPT - Downstream, and I was at your table when you lost the second one, too. You accepted those defeats with the same humility and dignity as your big win. For me, that's a sign of a true champion!

      I'm honored to know you.

      Carl (EarlsPearls)


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        Welcome aboard Earl!!! Hope to see you at the tables soon!!


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          Welcome to PSO Carl! I'm sure you'll find PSO even better than I told you.

          Was nice meeting and talking with you. Looking foward to seeing you here at PSO and maybe the next HPT Event.

          Send me a PM if need help here on PSO.
          2 Time Bracelet Winner


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            Another, great trip report.



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