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Tunica 1-29-09 Trip report

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  • Tunica 1-29-09 Trip report

    The trip to Tunica started out like any other trip. Packing and loading the car the day before for an early start the next day. The only warning I got was to make sure I had a full tank of gas before getting to Southern Missouri
    This turned out to be true with all the ice they had two days before. The last 100 miles in Southern Missouri the power & phone lines looked like a tornado had hit them. All the trees had limbs broken off, power line poles broken or laying on the ground, with ice still on the lines. One town the State Police were blocking the exits so no one could enter the town, as no power in the whole town. Saw several trucks with generators, “big & small” heading south and was told some would not get their power back for a month.

    Arriving early on the 29th to Sams Town where I was to receive six days free lodging. The only problem was, my wife signed up for the six days and they wouldn’t let me have them when I got there, even with my name on the list. 

    I decided to go to the Grand and figure out later what I was going to do for a room. The $230 7 P.M. tournament was just starting so I signed up, which was something I said I would never do. Driving for 10 hours, it’s hard to sit down and play your “A” game. I lasted about two hours before I busted. Guess I better find a room if I don’t want to sleep in the car. 
    On the way back to Sams Town to pick up my luggage I stopped by the Best Western, when I saw they had vacancies and got a room.

    Friday the 30th I played a $125 satellite which I chopped for $560, which gave me enough to play the $550 noon tournament. This tournament I played too tight, “if you can believe that.” I played it more like a sit& go, which blinded me out mid-way in the tournament.

    Saturday the 31st I played another $125 satellite which I chopped again for $560. This was enough for ½ of the $1080 tournament so I decided to play it. 321 players started, and to say I played it more aggressive may be an understatement. After “riding the wave” for the first few hours I manage to double the avg. stack and stayed that way until the final table, where I was about avg.

    The deal making started when we got down to seven, which every one wanted to do except me. I felt I had more experience than over half of the players left and had an advantage so said, “no deal.” After another player busted they wanted to talk again. At this point five of the six left were about even in chips and would be getting close to 2nd place money. With one player short, I turned down the deal again, thinking I could gain a few chips before the 6th player busted. As it turned out he busted just after I was in the big & small blind so I lost a few chips. With everyone still getting close to 2nd place money I caved in and took the deal, with a little something on the side for me. The mistake I think we made was not leaving maybe 10K in the pot to play for instead of just playing for a ring. After the chop there was nothing to play for except a ring and to be posted on line as finishing 1st, which may not be the best idea for tax reasons.

    The $37,321 minus 2% tip to dealers for $36,671 is just short of the 40,806 2nd placed paid and much better than 3rd place of $21,176 where I finished. (Note: I see it is posted as a $21,796 win due to no showing of any chop deals.) Will post it the same as they posted it in my profile to keep everything on the net the same. It will just be our little secret!

    Here is how the play is posted on the net:

    We were now down to three as blinds went up again, to 30,000-60,000. In immediate action, Morford and Truesdell tangled. The flop came 2-J-4. Morford, holding As-3s, tried an all-in move. Truesdell, holding 6h-4h, had flopped middle pair and called. A deuce and jack came, and Truesdell's paired 4 was enough as Morford went out in third place. Morford, 67, is a retired engineer from Rockford, Illinois. In 2007 he took home $233,000 for winning the Heartland Poker Tour championship. He also has a sixth in that event and a win at the Canterbury Park Fall Poker Classic.
    February 1st I decided to play the $550 super satellite for an entry into the Main Event. My Q-Q lost to A-K so I just bought into the Main Event with some of my winnings.

    154 players started this tournament and I started out “riding the waves” again. I doubled up on pro player Allen Kesler, when I hit a set with my 99 when the 9 came on the flop. Not sure what he had but guessing QQ or KK, as he called my 5k bet on the river.

    My next table I had pro player Gavin Smith two to my right and a young aggressive player to my left.

    This hand cost me 1/3 of my chips which made me a little below avg. I had A-T and raised and got called by the aggressive player to my left. Flop came 10 high but can’t remember other two cards for sure. I bet the flop about ½ of pot and got called. Another small card came on turn and I bet again just short of ½ pot, and got called. The river came another small card, if I remember correctly putting a straight possible on the board. I bet again, which was about ½ of what I had left and just short of ½ of pot, thinking the player would think I was pot committed. He pushed all-in! After thinking the hand thru I was sure he had two pair or better and felt I had to fold. I fold and he shows T-J and hand I had out kicked. I like to think, I didn’t tilt here but the play later looks different.

    Gavin Smith, always bet if everyone checked to him. This hand I believe eight players limped as I did on the button with 7-8 of diamonds. Flop comes 3-3-7 and everyone check to Gavin and he bets 1800 three times big blind making it 6900 in the pot if my math is correct. Knowing Gavin always bet and calls at times I pushed all in for about 28k. He calls and shows K-3 and I am drawing almost dead. I had chips left and being under avg. could have come back by making a smaller bet to see where I stood. A bad play by me for sure!

    Next day I’m off to Oklahoma,” a six hour drive” from Tunica to play the HPT events. A Heartland trip report to follow.
    2 Time Bracelet Winner

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    Great report leon. Just very unlucky on the hand with Gavin.

    The AT hand is a real gutwrencher; but you lived to fight another battle and I am sure you got a good note or 2 on the young aggressive guy who played like a limp noodle untill the river and overplayed top pair crappy kicker. I think the donkey really thought he was ahead and that you were bluffing lol.

    And congrats on the big chop!!


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      Great report as usual Sailor!Congrats on that very nice result in the $1080 tourney!



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