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The Bike and positive tilt

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  • The Bike and positive tilt

    I played at the Bicycle for the first time yesterday. They have a noon tournament with a $40 buy-in. And, for at least now, they are going with 4000 in chips as opposed to their regular 2000. They didn't adjust the levels though so you get a lot of play with blinds starting at 25-25.

    I had a good time. It's been a while since I've played any poker, let alone live. I do enjoy live poker so much more than online. The feel of the chips and cards in my hands. The vibe of 9 other people sitting at a table with me trying to outplay each other.

    The tourney started with 177 players and I made it to the last 50 or so. The players early on were quite loose and after several rounds of folding mediocre cards I opened up my game a little because of this. The loose players would either fold to a flop and turn bet or if they stuck around I knew that top pair, or two pair would usually be good enough to take the hand.

    After about 2 hours I had turned my 4000 into about 12000. It was than that I let positive tilt lead me to a bad play. I was dealt an unsuited QJ in late position. There were several limpers so I limped in too. The flop came Q-10-2 rainbow and was checked around to me so I raised (I forget the exact amount but it was about 2/3rds of the pot. Everyone folded except the man to my right. He and I had been involved in a few hands and I had won them. (The most recent was when I had two pair on the flop and kept betting only to see the third flush card come on the river. He checked and I checked fearing the flush. He turned over top pair and my two pair took the pot.) The turn card was the 9 of hearts putting two hearts on the board and giving me an open ended straight draw to go with top pair. The man checked and I bet the pot. he thought for a moment and then called. The river was another heart but a rag that didn't make my straight. He checked again. I thought for a moment and realized I should probably just check and see what happens. Instead positive tilt kicked in and I started to think that I was on a roll and making good choices and if he had two pair I could bet big on the river and win a hand I was otherwise going to lose. So with that I bet 5000 putting him almost all-in and still leaving me with over 4000. He insta-called and showed me the qj of hearts, making his flush. If I had been smart I could have bet half that and learned the same info. If he thought I had the flush he would have folded. Instead I made the bet that only a hand that beats me would call. Oops.

    I treaded water for about the next hour getting my stack up to about 7000 again but the blinds and antes(100/300-600) were starting to eat me up (and increasing on the next hand to 100/400-800) so I decided to play A10os from early position. I limped in hoping that someone would raise and then I would shove what i had left. Everyone folded to the big blind who had me more than covered. He looked at me and said all-in. I had planned on going all-in anyway so I figured against a BB that had me covered I had a good chance that he was just trying to force me out (side note, my table had broken a few hands before this so I didn't really have a read on this player) I called. He turned over AJ and it held up.

    That's that. I'm hoping to get back there sometime soon.

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