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vegas trip, a bit long

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  • vegas trip, a bit long

    So I just got back from a 3 day trip to vegas. The highlights of this trip, my first time playing in a b&m tourney, and a winning session at poker for the 3 days.

    Saturday was my first day there. Since I was there for my birthday, I spent most of the day going around vegas with my friends, playing blackjack, enjoying the city. Then, once everyone went off to sleep, it was my turn to go and play. I decided on the 2-6 spread limit hold'em game at Excalibur. I sat down to a game of 11 way hold'em (didn't know they played with this many people). I didn't really scout out the tables, since I wanted to get in there and play, so, I did. It turns out that pretty much everyone at the table was a regular. Talking to the dealer and amoungst themselves, about their families, what they had been doing that week, things of that sort, and they had eyes on me. I sat there for a few hands not getting much of anything, and just folding everything. When in early position I got AA. I came in raising. And I guess this is where the regulars thought they would test me. There were 2 raises after me which I called down. Flop came with Axx, and I checked. The 2 raisers from before came at me again, and I reraised. That took one of them off. So it was me and one regular. The last two cards were rags, and I came out raising on the river, the regular folded, and I took a nice sized pot. From then on I think I had their respect, as I was able to bluff down a few pots. I had an ok run of cards. I got dealt KK that stood up, and AK that stood, and then I made a huge mistake. I was dealt QJ :h: in late position. There were 6 limpers in the pot. The flop came AKT rainbow. And then, I messed up, I came out swinging. There was a call, a raise, and another raise in front of me, and I capped the raising. By this point, the table knew me to be fairly tight in the cards I played, and they all folded. I know I won, but I also realize that I should have been able to get a few more dollars in the pot. But whose complaining, I won, and walked away after 2 hours up $42.

    The next night I went back to the Excalibur for some more 11 way 2-6 hold'em. I wasn't getting any cards, but people were leaving left and right. Before I knew it we were 4 handed, and I was happy. I like playing shorthanded, I get to play a different game. I ended up taking 5 pots in a row, with pairs of A's or K's. I wasn't getting paid too much on the hands, but it was fun being able to be really aggressive and take down pots. After 1 hour we were down to 2 people, and they closed the table. There were no other hold'em games going, so I left that night up $36.

    Then it was monday. I had decided that I was going to play in the daily noon $25 hold'em tourney at Luxor. I chose this tourney because of the low buy in. I realized that with such a low buy in I might see some crazy play, but I just wanted some experience at a real life tournament. So, I paid my $25 with a $2 add-on to get my $300 in tourney chips, and started in my first tournament. And, it was a huge dissappointment. The blinds started at 5-10 and went up every 10 minutes. I couldn't catch a hand. Any drawing hands I stayed in with missed the flop entirely. So there I was just bleeding chips. I did win one pot with a pair of A's, but it was a small pot, and didn't help much. So with the blinds now at $15-$30, I catch 99 UTG. I raise in trying to bluff out as many as I can. And it sort of works. Only 2 people stay in with me, but the guy on the button raises me, forcing me all in. So I was left to sit there while the 2 guys bet it out. I don't remember all the cards that came out, but none of them were 9's, and the guy who raised me all in had pocket kings, and I was out 22 of 27. A dissappointment, until I sat down in the 1-4-8-8 hold'em game that started with the other busted out players.

    I bought in for $100, and decided to just play my game, which wasn't hard since the deck just kinda hit me in the face. I was getting good hands in good position and winning pots here and there. Nothing to memorable, until I got AJ :d: in late position. There were 5 limpers, so I just limped in with them. The flop was a T97 with 2 :d: . There was a $4 bet in early position, with everyone just calling it. Now, I don't know if I had right odds to call, but I did. I figured there were few ways I could make a good hand, so I called. The turn was a 3 :d: and the guy in early position came out with an $8 bet. Everyone folded to me. I figured he just made a flush and was happy with his hand, so I raised another $8. The guy to the left of me raises another $8, and me and the other guy call. So by now, I have figured out that these 2 made their flush along with me, but, knowing I had the best of it, I was going to get bets out of them. The river was no help for anyone, and the betting started all over again, with each of us raising until we capped it. The guy in early position had the 54 :d:, the guy to the left of me had Q6 :d:, and then I turned over my AJ :d:. That was a great feeling taking down a pot like that. After about 45 minutes my friends told me it was time to head home. So I cashed out $110 up. I doubled up in under an hour. What a great feeling that was. Now I can't wait to play more poker, this trip just reinvigorated my poker playing.

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    Good report, good results, and good play. Well done.



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