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Golden Nugget Classic

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  • Golden Nugget Classic

    Cheers everyone,

    I had a trip report all typed out and my computer crashed so you are going to get the short version. Which, I'm sure some of you will be glad to see as I tend to talk too much. I forgot to add a link for a picture of me at the final table. I know there are more out there but no has posted them yet. I am the one in the bright blue shirt.

    I went to Las Vegas from Monday, November 24 to Thursday, November 27, to play in the Golden Nugget Classic Poker Tournament. My plan was to play in the Women's tournament, H.O.R.S.E. and the Pot Limit Hi/Lo. I prepared myself for this trip by playing in Al's training tournaments, practicing the sitngoes for HORSE (only games available) and reading Al's power point presentation a couple of times titled "Preparing to Play". My goal was to win every tournament and failing that to do my best.


    1. Early flight out of Detroit, no problems, surprised that the flight was sold out though.
    2. Stayed at the Golden Nugget, had a good rate of $60.00/night, saved money on cab/car fares. The room was okay, I was in the South Tower, on the opposite side of Freemont Street, very quiet. The beds/pillows are that foam stuff, I can not sleep on it, so I was more tired than I wanted to be for the whole trip.
    3. Took a tour of the casino, found out where the tournament was being held. I registered for the tournament and then relaxed until it started at noon.
    4. 55 players for this tournament, I was expecting at least a hundred but that's okay, this was a bigger buy-in at $240.00. I really liked the starting structure. We had 10,000 in starting chips and the levels were 40 mins. with 25/50 blinds. This gave everyone lots of time to play.
    5. I played well, I didn't get any big cards for the whole tournament but I did pick up a couple of large pots at the right time.
    6. At one point in the tournament I had Linda Johnson, Susie Issac and Jan Fisher at my table, talk about some power poker.
    7. When we got down to six players we agreed to a chop, each remaining player would get 1300 and we would play on for an extra 960 and the trophy. I ended up going out 5th and Susie Issacs won the tournament.
    8. I was very please with my play, I had to fight my way all the way to the end. I didn't make any major mistakes and pushed when I felt I needed to.


    This will be a short poker day for me. I didn't get to bed until 12:30 am yesterday because of the tournament, so I slept in until 9:00 am. I know it's Vegas but this poker player needs some sleep. Anyway, I ate breakfast at Bininon's and then registered for the HORSE tournament. My plan for this tournament was to take each game one at a time and if I was struggling in any particular game to play as little as possible. This tournament had the same structure as the first one with one minor difference, we would switch games every 20 mins, but still keep the 40 min levels. I thought this was a great structure for this game. 81 players registered for the HORSE, I thought this was a pretty good turnout.

    I was very card dead this whole game. I played very little. I was moved to another table around the 400/800 level and we were playing limit hold em. I won a huge pot with trip sevens to his pair and then was moved back to my original table. That was the one and only good pot I won. I lost half my stack to a better made lo on the river during Stud hi/lo and the rest to a boat on the river during Stud Hi when I had trip nines and he had trip eights and he paired his two on the end. I was very disappointed not in my game but in the fact that I never felt I was ever really in the game. I had very little to play with. I will say that I didn't complain or show frustration. I did try to steal when I could to keep me in the game.


    Okay, another day, time for the Omaha hi/lo pot limit game. Same structure as the other tournaments. 61 players this time, which I thought was low. I thought the younger players loved this game?

    I started off with a bang, I won pot after pot, scooping left and right until the first break. After, that I continued to play just about every hand and that is when things when south very quickly. I got myself tangled up in a hand with two other players. On the flop I hit a flush and a low but not the nuts for either hand, but I also had a straight flush draw. Well, I got blinded by what could be versus what was and chased that straight flush all the way to the end. It cost me a lot of chips and the tournament. A very short time later I went all-in with a flopped straight and second nut low and lost to a higher straight and better low on the river. Out I went, I was not happy with my play at all.

    In my defense I'm not used to accumulating chips so fast in the beginning of a tournament, but I see players do what I did all the time and should have known. I should have played my game that got me the chips in the first place, and folded when I knew I was beat, instead of thinking what the heck it won't cost me that much to chase to the end and if I get my card I win another huge pot.


    I headed home early, no problems on the flight home. It was the fastest I have seen a plane load in a long time. I think everyone wanted to get home. I think the pilot must have had Turkey waiting for him in Detroit because he got us home almost 30 mins early. My hubby said that at one point we were going 600 miles an hours. I made it home just in time to sit down and have a fantastic home made Thanksgiving Dinner.


    Overall I had a great trip. It was a last minute type of trip that was suggested by my husband because he knew I needed a break. I played in three poker tournaments. I played with some great women poker players and brought home more than I took.

    The tournaments were well run and I think the Golden Nugget did a very good job. I loved the structure and the poker room where the tournaments were held was large, roomy and very nice. John the tournament director did a wonderful job. I will definitely be back.

    Even, with mixed results on my play I think that the $200-250 level of buy-in is right for me and plan to play many more of those tournaments in 2009.

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    That's wonderful. I hope that one day I get the nerve to play in a tournament.

    That said I have a question - how do you count how many chips are in the pot? What I mean is, online you're told how many chips are in the pot so you can bet half or all of the pot, how do you do it live? Do you ask the dealer for a count, do you keep a running total, do you estimate?


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      good job

      Lisa you had a great trip and did the best you could do when you had no cards. Keep up the good work. Plug those leaks no chasing especially nin high low omaha.



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        That said I have a question - how do you count how many chips are in the pot? What I mean is, online you're told how many chips are in the pot so you can bet half or all of the pot, how do you do it live? Do you ask the dealer for a count, do you keep a running total, do you estimate?
        In the pot games, the dealers will stack the chips so that you can get a rough idea of how much is in there. You can ask the dealer how much is in the pot and they will count it out for you. I try not to do this every time because it can hold up the game, but if it is important to know exactly how much is in the pot I will ask.

        If you have a rough idea, you can just say pot and the dealer will tell you how much. I did ask the dealer to spread the pot for me in the no limit game so that I could see how many large chips were in it. I wanted to get the odds for making a call on the river.

        The dealers are aware that a large number of players play on the computer and maybe playing live for the first time so they are very helpful. If you ever have problems with a dealer not answering your questions as a floorman to intervene.


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          Plug those leaks no chasing especially nin high low omaha.
          Point taken. :lol: I will do my best to listen. :wink:


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            Thanks for sharing with us Lisa

            Sounds like over all you had a great time and did well in the Game I think you play best NLHE, with a table full of Sharks!!

            Best of luck in the future I can not wait to read your next trip report and see the Trophy :wink:



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              Nothing but success, I love it, well done Lisa!


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                little slow on the uptake after the holidays and some
                family stuff....
                well done Lisa.
                I loved your tourney descriptions.

                Last spring before I moved out east, I played a tournament with Linda Johnson, Susie Issacs and Jan Fisher.
                What got me NOT so starry eyed was that right before the tournament began, the three of them were eating breakfast
                at the table adjacent to me. With about 3 minutes to starting time,
                Jan gets up from the table and sais,
                "Well, I'm no Phil Helmuth, I need to get there right at the start!"
                I felt like any other player at that point. So no fear about
                playing with the big dogs!

                Good luck this year. Keep us posted.



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