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Bicycle Big Poker Oktober

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  • Bicycle Big Poker Oktober

    The tournaments were all deep stack and the event I entered was 2 day and very well structured. Starting stacks were $20,000 with 40 minute rounds. 612 entered with half on the main floor as the ballroom area only has 31 tables.

    I never had a big hand so was not very far above average the entire tournament and most of the time was below average. I picked up a few big pairs that I reraised the pot from late position that kept me about average. I was card dead for a couple of rounds with my only late steal attempt reraised by the blind.

    I got very short and shoved with Ac9c and did not get called. The very next hand I shoved with AhJd and was called by pocket sixes but flopped a full house. The very next hand I raised with AsJs, was called by the blind, made a continuation bet to take the pot. I did not go all in again the first day and ended about average with $75,000 and 13 tables remaining.

    The second day I got short and shoved with sevens and won then I picked up aces and took out a player who shoved with nines. The table broke and I was moved to the left of Men "the master" Nguyen, who had taken second in the previous tourney, as we got near the money with 8 tables remaining. Men was not very active but raised with his big stack when I had my only two marginal raising hands so I folded rather than taking a race with no fold equity.

    A table broke and we were in the money and I was again short stacked waiting for a hand to shove in with. Another table broke and with the blinds 10,000 and 20,000 I only had 65,000 left when Men raised to 55,000 under the gun and I went all in. The player behind me went all in for nearly 300,000 and everyone folded to Men. The dealer counted out the chips of the raiser, Men counted out his chips, Men then had the dealer count out the raisers chips again, then Men recounted his chips. Men would have to go all in to call. He finally folded pocket tens. The raiser turned over 99 and my aces held up. The turn card was a ten and Men became so upset that he had to take a walk for 15 minutes.

    When the table broke we were down to 3 tables but the blinds went up to $15,000 and $30,000. With $175,000 I had less than 6 times the big blind. The very first hand I picked up AQ in 6th position and shoved in when it was folded to me. I was called by QQ and did not hit an ace.

    I went out in 27th place which paid $1,485.

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    Congratulations on your win.


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      Congrats Steve on a nice payday.



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        Awesome showing steve!!! Congrats!



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