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PLHE, Leeds, Grosvenor Casino

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  • PLHE, Leeds, Grosvenor Casino

    Pot Limit Holdem Tourney @ Grosvenor Casino, Leeds, Uk.

    Well, as I mentioned previously, I was near the time of playing my first live tournament. Now despite me being 18, in the UK, the legal age for playing in a casino is 18, and i loved every moment of it!
    It was exactly what I thought I would be...
    I was extremely nervous to start, I knew the basics but was still unsure with what I was doing.
    The buy-in was £10 which is about $15, and you could re-buy for the 1st 2 hours. I started with 1000 points, and the tournament operated with 2 antes e.g. 50,50...100,100 etc. unlike the BB, SB structure which we normally play here. About 35 People started
    I was so excited about this though and wanted to give it my best effort, after all ive learned in my 1st week at PSO...

    Anyway, into the game, i started in seat 9, which i was happy about, would give me sometime to familiarise myself with the atmosphere before I had to make a move other than fold. After the 2nd hand was dealt it felt so natural, and the nerves had gone...

    The first 2 hours with re-buys was outrageously full of maniacs, they wud throw their stack in the middle as soon as the pot woudl allow them to, but i stood by my stack, protected it until I got a decent hand...I mean these ppl were goin all-in with 35o, tryin to catch a lucky hand and get a "good start", if they failed, they'd simply re-buy.
    So i waited and waited, and didnt play a hand until just before the cut off for re-buys, 1hr45mins without a hand, then i was 1010...
    I had 650 left of a 1000, and i adamant not to have a re-buy, but i actually bet pot pre-flop in fairly late position, with a coupel of callers...the flop was perfect, no card higher than a 10, but still had to be careful cos of all these damn maniacs lol...
    the turn was dealt, then the 10s appeared to be the top pair possible, luckily i guess....but i suppose patience pays??

    I was now upto about 3400.

    The re-buy period ended, and the antes went upto 100, so now at least i could take my tight aggressive play into the "better" stages of the tournament, and it was easy to notice that the players took more care in these stages of the tournament.

    I went yet another spell without a decent hand...and to be honest i was disappointed how the cards were treating me on my 1st day

    I was folding KJ in early position etc. and to be honest the amount of times where i used to play these types of hands and lose was amazing, since ive become more selective, ive been watchin and saying to myself, "i wud have lost with that", and its a great feeling.

    Time went on and the antes were upto 600 and i still had only played 1 hand, I was in late position with 1 early caller, and the guy to my right calling so I raised all-in with 1800 with AJo...The early caller folded and I was heads up agaisnt A6s, I won high card ace with the better kicker which replenished my stack to the stage where i was coping ok.
    We got to the final table, luckily without me having to move seat thruout the tourney, and Id played 2 hands.
    The 3rd hand we played, i was dealt AA, and i had the lowest amount of chips at this stage.
    I was on the ante next to the button with 3 limpers and of course the ante on the button. The guy on the button to my right had 2nd lowest stack, with a couple more K than myself...
    I raised all-in, everyone folded except the guy to my right, who had A9s...I left the table I had myself a nice stack of about 10-12K which i was happy with, cos i was just going to sit tight for my hand to come, but at the same time the antes were increasing every 15 mins, 600 to 800, to 1000, to 2000...
    I stole the antes a few times, but that was all the action i saw really.

    We were down to 6 players, and 6th got £50, but i wanted to try and go all the way, at the same time my stack was deteriorating with antes of 1000. Shortly after the antes increased to 2000, sum1 departed in 6th place and there were 5 of us, and i was thrilled to have made it this far...
    The antes increasted to 4000, and I had 12K left.In the final hand i played (yes, sadly i didnt win) I was heads up with the ante on the button (who was a maniac early on, he just got lucky and was chip-leader) and he raised me 4K, so i re-raised all-in with A7s...It turned out he had QJs, and i suspected a Jack wud appear cos i hadnt seen one for quite sometime, and it did....
    I lost to a pair of jacks on the flop, but i did win £100, which is about $175, so i on the whole i was really pleased, and i shall be going every week now if i can get the transportation.
    5th on my first time? I was ecstatic!! Especially cos i was amongst older, more experienced players and i cud single out the better players so easily with their whole body language, but i must say, sumthin i found remarkable which i didnt think was possible...

    The amount of respect I got whilst playing was great, players were actually telling the other players to keep an eye on me lol, and "they hate it wen ive got that look on my face"...I dont know if this is good, but it seemed so at the time. I actually felt as though I'd left my mark which made it even more special.
    Did I play the last hand correctly? I hope so, but please feel free to comment.
    Im still excited after a nites sleep, so sorry if i seem a bit crazy

    Thanks for readin, Kind Regards,

    Mike O'Connor UKMikeWakey

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    The Goddess is BEAMING with joy for you Mike!!!!!!
    I'm so happy for you and sooooooooooo proud of the job you did. You did everything just right, and had fun at the same time, it just don't get much better than that!!!!



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      great report, and congratulations on your excellent finish!!!!!!!!


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        Re: PLHE, Leeds, Grosvenor Casino

        Congratulations on your fine finish, and on an excellent report. Having said that, I want to pick at a small nit......

        Originally posted by UKMikeWakey
        The buy-in was £10 which is about $15....
        but i did win £100, which is about $175
        A lot of us get into trouble by understating our losses and overstating our wins. False weighting of bankroll is a trap that many players use to play over their heads and get broke. I hope you are not falling into this trap.

        Please do not think that I am downplaying your excellent finish, and I know that conversion factors are sometimes tough. 90 pounds is a nice profit, but it would look even better in lira :lol:

        Thanks again for the fine report.



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          leeds casino

          Well played mike, patience's paid off. You were mistake free and got to the money woohooie!...I read somewhere a long time ago to buy yourself something when you book a win : )...daisy777


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            Thanks very much you guys

            It can be tough bill especially with the exchange rates etc., its very tempting to just round up and round down to try and maximise my winnings but as you said its something to be cautious of
            It certainly wont happen I hope :!:
            And daisy, u mean like buying sum sort of poker book?
            That wud be a great idea, didnt think of that tyvm
            Thanks again for your kind messages
            Take Care



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              Nice one

              Nice one Mike

              You should come to Hull one time
              sounds similar sort of game to leeds :lol:

              Well done



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                Good game bud. It's fun isn't it?



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