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My Borgata Trip PT_3(long)End

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  • My Borgata Trip PT_3(long)End

    September 10th, I played so late in yesterday's event I was exhausted. I slept until 9:00am. I missed the continental breakfast. I get to the casino about 10:15am and get a egg, saugage, and OJ breakfast at RISI in the retail mall while walking in from the parking garage. I get to the poker room a little b4 11:00am and they have just started a new NLHE 1/2 game and have an open seat, that I take. I'm still a little tired so I start very slow and don't play any hands for about 45 minutes but I spend the time studying the players. I'm down about $65.00 before I get pass the flop. I open middle late position a few times with [AK] and miss the flops but make a cBet and pick up some small pots when no one calls. I play until 4:25pm just picking up small pots, but I cash out +$290.00 for the day. I don't have any memorable hands to list. Small bet/small pot poker works for this day. I meet my friend Jeremy when he's on break from the Event#10 ($2500+150). He's not been catching any cards and is sliding backwards. Short stack on his table. After break I go up and sweat him for a few hands. He plays and pushes from late position. He's called b/c he's short (3 places). He wins the main pot and is back with some chips but not out of trouble. I go around and watch some of the event #9 FT and see two of the players I played with for most of the afternoon playing. Andre Boyer (who was on my left at table #1) and Nick Frangos (who was two to my left on table #1). Both these players played solid aggressive poker and they caught more than their share of good hands to make the final table.

    I went to the Panda Express (oriental entres), pretty good if I say so myself, and got a small meal since I hadn't eat since 10:00am. I went back to the poker room and sat on the lounge chairs trying to gather some energy to re-enter the !/2 NLHE games, but I could not get a good feeling about my situation. I elected to call it an early night and headed to the parking area, but stopped off and purchased a couple almond cresents at the Bread & Butter shop. If you like some good pastries, you aught to check this place out the next time you visit the Borgata.

    I am up early on the 11th, and get down to the continental breakfast and read the paper until 8:00am b4 I head over to the casino. I head up to the events center and use my sponsorship money and buy-in to the days $560 event. I go to the poker room and take a seat in the first available 1/2 NLHE table and play until 10:30am. I cash out +$20 and head to the events center.

    I'm at table #27-seat 4. All the players at the table look like internet wize kids except Chris Tisparilis, seat 10, (I might have spelled his name wrong). I recognze him as a poker pro b/c I have played with and watched his play in Tunica and Vegas. Like on many of my cash games, my day starts rather slow b/c I'm not getting any cards. About 45 minutes in I finally pick up [AK]o, and I waiting for my turn so I can raise. B4 it get to me there is a raise and a re-raise. What would you do? I think about how the first player has played: he's been solid and not made any loose plays. The re-raiser is on my immediate right and he's played only two hands and won both with big pairs. Well, I think I'm either beat or drawing to tie for the pot with another [AK] type hand. The main thing is I don't want to be caught in the middle when a raising war breaks out. I think I'm drawing thin if not almost dead. I fold the first playable hand I see in the tournament. The original opener folds [JJ] face up and the re-raiser open folds [AA] as he's stacking the chips. I get caught up in the revelations and mention that I took so much time to fold because I folded [AK]. The [AA] guy chuckles a bit and ask the dealer if he can get a table change. He cannot believe two players have folded pre-flop with such big hands. He just doesn't see any way to make chips at this table. He wonders (out loud) if he has a tell that reveals the strength of his hand. Several of us have a laugh at how tight this table might play. We play on for a couple rounds b4 our table breaks. It's about 3 hours and the loosest player is Chris T. in seat ten. I have picked up a couple walk overs and a few un-called pre-flop raises to stay around with chips. I get involved with two hands though. The first one, I'm FTA in MLP with [7h,8h] and open raise to 3*bb. I get one caller from the bb. The flop comes down [Ah,8c,4h] the bb (T525 chips) checks over to me and I make a PSB and figure to take it down, but the bb pushes his last few chips in. I only have to call about 100 so it's an automatic call with a big draw and great P.O. Of course he turns up [A,8] for top two pair. I don't have to wait long b/c the next card is a heart and I make the flush. I just have to sweat the [A,8] catching a full house and he misses the river. Later in the bb I get to see a free flop with and pick up a pair of 7's and a spade draw on [Ts,7x,4s] high board. I semi-bluff about 1/2 PSB (T400) since I connected so well and I get called from the button. a blank comes on the turn. I make one more semi-bluff (T1100) and the button calls again. A blank comes on the river and I check b/c I'm basically done with the hand (unless the button makes a strange kind of bet). I might check-raise bluff if he looks weak. He checks behind and shows [J,T] for top pair and I fold my semi-bluff hand. I'm down to about T4400 in chips when I move tables. I get to table 8, seat 4. I don't know any of these players but most everyone has more chips than I do. I'm not getting any cards, so I study the table while I wait & fold. I pick up a [JJ] and re-raise a player on my right that opens the pot and everyone folds so I pick up a small pot to maintain some presents. This table is quite active and there is an oriental guy (maybe Japanese) and he's by far the loose canon at the table. When he's not raising, he's calling to see flops. He's involved pre-flop about 80% and in to the river 50% of those hands. There will be no easy pick-ups (steals) b/c this guy is in the bb when I'm in the Hi-jack position. This leaves me to playing with better than average starting hands. Unfortunately, I get a long series of hands that have [2]'s, [3]'s, or [4]'s with out connectors or suits until just b4 the dinner break. I pick up [Ah,Th] in the cut-off and plan to raise pre-flop and push the flop if no more than one broadway hits on the flop. If I make a strandard raise pre-flop, I'll have almost a PSB let to represent the board on the flop. The table calling station is my only opponent in the hand. What does that mean? It means exactly: "he has two cards." There is a good chance I'll have the best hand if we both miss the board. By playing this way I have a chance to pick up the pot (slim as it is) with [A] high if I don't get outflopped. The plan goes accordingly when the flop comes [Q,2,3]rb. It's checked and I push in but the CS calls and turns over [KQ]. I don't improve and I'm out.

    Well, that's not a good result but I have been card dead all day. My buddy told me that Noodles of the World (NOW) is a good alternate to the buffet so I go for a light meal. I select Udon noodles with Spicy shrimp. If you get a chance at the Borgata, check out NOW. The food is great. After the meal I play Asian-Pai Gow. It's like regullar pai gow poker, but you have to make three hands. Hi with four cards. Middle with 2 cards. And low with one card. This is such a good house game, they don't rake when you win a hand. I put up a $100.00 and play for about 1.5 hours b4 I loose my buy-in. That the total of the house games I played for Sept 7 through Sept 12th. I was up about $40 the first six hands b4 the cards went cold. That's all I'm gonna say about playing house games. I'm ready to hit the 1/2 NLHE games and get a seat quickly when I get to the poker room. This is a different type of table from my prior games. This game is more aggressive and also has more CS seeing flops with a variety of hands. Pot's a re larger but there is very little chance of buying a pot on the river. I play for about 2.5 hours and cash out at 10:00pm down $60.00. I was down almost $200.00 for a while but picked up a few pots late with 2 pair and a flush to get close to even. This was a good result for this table and circumstanses. I didn't think I had the stamina for a long night after playing the tournament earlier.

    I get up and do the SSS b4 going to the continental breakfast. I've had a successful trip so far and it would be good to top off my trip with a good final day. All my play has been at the Borgata and it's been a very good experience. I get to the poker room about 9:15am and get into the games immediately. When I get in the game, seat 1, there are several big stacks on the table to my left. Two to my left is a drunk (REDneck) guy with about 700.00 and two to his left is a sleepy, Italian, guy with 1200.00 who reminds everyone ever other hand that he's been playiing since 10:00am the previous day. Both these guys have friends at the adjacent table and every time they are in a hand, they do a play by play for their friends. There are several players on 500.00 to 700.00 chip stacks (this is a $300 cap game). There is money to be made here. After about 3 hours the drunk is drunker and has about $1000.00 in front but he's out of hand and the PR manager ask him to leave the game because he's disrupotive to outr table and several other games b/c he keeps going to visit with players every where. The sleepy Italian has lost most of his chips and decides to cash out when he has about 450.00 left in front. I take the slow start approach and I'm at the table for 30 minutes, after the drunk and italian leave, when I find [AK]o in the hi-jack seat behind two limpers. I make it $15 to go and the bb is my only caller. This is a 30 something chinese guy, he sat down when the italin guy left . The flop comes down [T,3,6] and it's checked to me. Since we H2H I elect to cBet for $20 and the caller puts in a $45 c-r. I sit for a moment and fold b/c I don't want to pay over $65.00 to find out if I improve. I might be drawing nearly dead if he has a set or a [K] or [A] with his probable pairing card. He's played rather passively up until this point, making calls or small cBets when he has the lead. I sit and wait for another good hand to play. In two orbits I get the same situation [AK]o in the HJ. Same scenario. I miss the flop and cBet into the same guy. He does the same c-r move and I fold. We play on and I pick up a few small pots to stay around 250.00. Then I pick up [JJ] in the HJ behind 3 limpers and raise it to $20 again. This time my chinese friend doesn't wait until the flop to raise me. He makes it an additional $45 (65 to go). Then it's folded back to me. He's seen me fold twice to his raises. My thoughts: I guess he thinks he has control over me and I have the ability to fold if I don't have anything. What should I do? I announce: "Let's play a big pot." I organize my chips and shove all in. I know he might have something or nothing, but I have to establish I'M NOT GOING TO BE RUN OVER. He's got about $200.00 behind and sets there for a few minutes. He looks at me and I don't make eye connect as I stare at the chip on the table motionless. He counts his chips and finally folds. I have recovered most of the chips he bet me off earlier. Apparently this episode ruins his confidence and his table image. Over the next couple hours he goes on tilt and dumps 700 to 800 into a 1/2 game. Later I pick up in late middle position after a UTG+1 guy open raises for $20. He's played pretty snug but he's showed a few bluffs and been called down when he held TPTK. He has shown pretty good hand reading ability also as he's made a few thin calls to win a few pots. He has about 500.00 to start the hand but has lost about $165.00 on a hand the previous orbit. The only hand I've shown is when I was called by a short stack when I pushed a set on the flop. I push one other hand when I had a set but wasn't called. On this hand I put his range at (AQ+, 77+, some suited KQ,KJ type hands maybe JTs). I sooth call waiting on the flop and two other players come along behind me. We see the flop 4-ways. Pot 83.00. Flop: [K, T, 7]rb. The opener is first to act and bets $40 (1/2PSB). Looks like he likes the [K] and is searching for info are trying to take it down with little resistance. It's on me and I don't want the players behind me to come along. I decide to play a little fancey and mini-raise to $80 to go. If one of the players behind me comes in, I can revise my play-plan with out much damage. It folds back to the opener and he mini-reraises to 120 to go. But as he's doing this he's watching me carefully. I'm now sure he's has the same hand I have. I really don't want to share this pot at show down. The $200 from the pre-flop and the 120 he contributed would be a nice addition to my stack. I sit there and count my chips. I stack what I'll have if I smooth call his bet. Less than a PSB (no power on the next street & no fold equity for a big pot). I re-stack all my chips and announce all-in. I set motionless. It get back to the opener. He starts talking himself through the hand. He says he has TPTK. He ask me: you flopped a set on me didn't you? I continue to be motionless and don't answer. He contemplats some more. He still has near $185 behind. He folds and ask again, what did you have? I continue stacking chips. I don't wish to reveal that he made a bad fold for 1/2 the pot. I don't have any more memorable hands to report. I cashed out about 5:00pm up about $200.00.

    I go to the cashier and have them check my comp points. I have $41.00 in comps for the week left. I'm leaviing tomorrow. I call my friend Jeremy to see if he's around to go for something to eat. He answers that he didn't come in today. Today was family time for him. I express my appreciation for his help at the Borgata and wish him well for the remainder of the tournament. He gives me a recommendation for eating at 'Wofgang Puck.' I decide that's my besty option to use most of my comp dollars. I go in as they are opening for the Friday evening meal and take a seat at the bar. I have finished playing poker for the week. I treat myself to a guiness on draft and order Crushed almonds on Salmon resting on potatoe puree' with red wine reduction. I can recommend this as an excellent dining selection the next time you go to the Borgata.

    That's a wrap, folks. My September Borgata Adventure.

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