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GCPC - Biloxi Mississippi

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  • GCPC - Biloxi Mississippi

    I finally have enough sp's to use some so I promptly request AND get $550 to play an event in Biloxi. You have heard of Hurricane Katrina. It tore up the Gulf coast of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana in 2005. The govenor tied up housing money ($600 mil.) to rebuild the port of Gulfport so you know the people aren't getting their houses rebuilt. I think rebuilding the port is very good idea, but not with money Congress put up to put people in live-able housing.

    Turns out that might be good because as I was going to Biloxi, tropical depression Gustave became a hurricane and is headed to the Mississippi-Louisiana coast, again. They were talking about evacuations on the radio while I was driving into Biloxi. It's a category 4 and expected to be category 5 when it hit land on the gulf shores.

    BTW, this is a tournament trip report. I left home August 28, 9:41am and arrived in Biloxi about 2:55pm (and 300 miles of interstate highway). I checked into my motel and headed to the Beau Rivage Casino. I went to the cage and claimed my front money (550 sp's).

    Off to the tournament room to play a little poker. The tournament was in the convention center upstairs.

    I got my name on a list to play O8b 10/20 with 1/2 kill. They say they will be starting the game in ten minutes (12 players on the list). I also put my name on the 1/2 and 2/5 NLHE list (long) but it's doubtful I'll get a seat soon. I wait about 30 minutes to get the O8b seat but they never call the list. They are calling a table FCFS for $120 buy-in NLHE STT, two seats awarded and you get 2500 chips to play. Sounds good so I get in the STT. They call the O8b table about mid-way through the first round of the STT. It takes about an hour to get down to 4 players and one guy just busted two and has over 1/2 the chips in play and we're playing 400/800 blinds and three of us have 4K to 6K stacks. It's push fold time for us short stacks b/c a standard raise is over 50% of out stack. The guy with 6K suggest a deal the big stack takes about 440 and the others get 220 each. We deal, so I'm up $100 in my first hour of play.

    I go back to get on the games list and a seat opens on a 1/2 NLHE table and I take it and buy-in for 200 bb. I play until 8:30pm and cash out +$145. Made some small hands to keep up with the blinds and straddles. We were routinely straddling $5 to get the action going. The game was playing 1/2/5 (on all but a couple hands and those pots (Non-S) were rather small). One hand of note for me. I called a small raise to $10 with [TT] in middle position. We see the flop 6 handed. It's close to 8:00pm and I'm ready to go get something to eat and get some sleep. The flop comes down [5s,6h,Th]. The big blind (very loose player pre-flop & he goes after most flush draws aggressively) leads for 1/2 PSB. It's folded around to my RH opponent and he makes it 3X the loose players bet ($90) to go. I started the hand with $230 so I have 220 behind. With all this action I feel they must have some big hands or draws. The pot is now (60+30+90). I'm not folding and I only have one PSB bet. I push. Both players fold. MY RH opponent says he's noticed loose player action and was trying to push him off his draw (or whatever). He was totally surprised at my push. He says he laid down [AK]os. I play another 30 minutes and take my leave to rest for tomorrow's tournament. This game was very active with lots of action. It was usually a small raise and several calls pre-flop or a squeezer would shut out action with a big pair. Over the course of the 3 hours I played 4 players came and dropped a buy-in and left. The minimum was $100 and no cap was ever mentioned. They dropped time of $6 per dealer change, so pot sizes were not compromised by rake. They were not raking for jackpots in the convention center, but were in the poker room.

    I got a good nights sleep and returned to the convention center and purchased my T-buy-in about 8:30am. The tournament room didn't have any games going so I went to the PR. I took a seat in the 1/2 NLHE game. Same action as last night. Played 1/2/5 on most hands (5 straddle) and $6 drop with $1 per hand for jackpot. There were two players that played any [A,x] and any [pp] & most [SC]. Both were running well and had 400 or 500+ stack by the time I had been in the games for and hour. This table had lots of action, so money was moving around. I picked up a few small pots but couldn't keep my stack up. I squeezed with [AA], [KK], & laid down [JJ] & [QQ] post flop a couple times. About 10:45am I was ready to go prepare for the tournament and I was down to $55 & in middle position. I called an early raise to $10 with figuring this would be my last hand for the morning. A late position player made it $40 to go. I was preparing to fold but he got two callers before it got back to me. Pot odds were (10*4 + 40 + 2*30 = 140). I like the odds on my money and decided to gamble. I was sure I would get called for my last $15 also. We go to the flop 4 handed. The flop comes down [4,8,Q] and it's checked around. When a [K] comes off, I'm pretty sure I was good on the flop, but I concerned on the turn, but it's checked around again. The river rages off and the original re-raiser bets about $50, turning his hand into a bluff [TT]. Everyone folds. I win the pot and cash out a small winner after about 30 minutes. The pocket[TT] guy goes on and on about my play with [Qd,8d]. My RH opponent asking him if he likes the call with [Q,8] versus his [TT] since it obvious he had the best hand. He finally quiets down when he thinks it through. He made no attempt to build a side pot post flop, so it's his decision to accept that he lost the minimum b/c I was out of money to bet.

    I started to play the tournament about 12:15pm as it was a late start. The first hand I play is from the small blind with [3,3] after there are 4 callers. The flop comes . It's a drawy board but I want to get a little something for my set. I elect to check raise b/c I sure someone has caught something with this many players and they will either bet their draw or attempt to protect against the draws. I check the bb checks and a middle position player donks for 100 into 300 pot. The next player raises to 600 to go. It's folded back to me. I decide to play a big pot/big hand situation. I make it 1800 to go (3X600 bet). The donk bettor folds quickly. The raiser sits for about 2 minutes and counts out a call and stares at me to get a read. I sit motionless looking at a spot on the table. He eventually folds. Many of the players are giving away information because they want respect, so they are showing good hands that aren't called. I don't show bluffs or good hands (no information from me). I maintained my starting stack of 6K through the first break with a few steals. At the end of the second break I'm up to 6600 still maintaining. During the next couple rounds I get up to 12K by 3bet squeezing a few pots in late position with [99], [TT], & [AK] a few times from the blinds. These pots would usually have two or three players trying to see flops with [SC] and small pairs. I wasn't playing many pots so I was getting respect on my squeezes. Getting close to the third break I was down to 8700 with blinds at 300/600/50. A middle position player sits there for about 2 minutes and finally raises to 1500 with 5200 behind. He's call by a player that also sits for about 2 minutes before calling & he has 8000 behind. They both have enough to fold, but the short stack might feel pot committed. With their reluctance (long thought) to put money into the pot I'm sure they don't have big pair hands. I'm sure I have the best hand. The pot will give me at least 20% increase if I take it down. If I'm called and my hand holds up, I'll have a decent stack to play with after the blinds go to 400/800/100. If I fold the best hand pre-flop here, I'll only have 10bb when we get back from break. If I make a standard 3X 3bet it will pot commit me on most flops. I elect to attempt to maximize my FE. I push in with [TT]. One player turns up [KQ] and the other [AQ]. My read is correct, but a queen comes off and I'm out.

    Next, I go over and get into a 2/5 PLO game that has a $5 drop but they are playing First $200 pot each round pays drop. Minimum buy-in $100 but most players buy for 300+ (the serious players buy in for $500+). There is no cap mentioned. Several players had 1K+ stacks when I got there. Most hands are being played with a $10 straddle on the button. Two players at the table aren't doing the straddle and are seen to be playing weak-tight. I am up and down a 100 +/- for about three hours. Getting a few hands good enough to see flops and a few hands good enough to make the second raise pre-flop. I have one hand of note during the session. I have about $500 and get dealt [AhKh,3,6] on the button after posting the straddle. The under the gun player makes it $25 to go. This doesn't signal any strength as it's routinely $25 to $40 to see a flop, but it's usually with 4 or 5 way action so the pot odds are good. This is another very good game if you can catch a few good hands. We are 5 hands to the flop with a pot of (130). The flop comes down [2h,4,5h]. I flop the nuts with a the nut re-draw in hearts. The UTG bets $80 and he's called by the next player. Guess what I do? I push all-in. The original bettor pushes over the top to get it heads up. He has the same str8 and a weak heart draw with a higher str8 draw. The caller that was pushed out acknowledges he laid down the same str8 [6,3]. Unfortunately my flush didn't come in and the other player draw a better str8.

    Hold'em Simulation
    1,370,754 trials (Exhaustive)
    Hand Pot equity
    TcTs 45.19%
    AdQc 34.14%
    KhQd 20.67%

    I take my leave to get rested for the drive back to Greenville. There are indications that an evacuation order will come down sometime on the weekend b/c of Gustav. I want to get out before the traffic backs up on roads out of town.

    Pretty good trip even though I didn't win any money. I would've stayed longer to play some more poker, but I have lived through 10 or so hurricanes in my years on the South Carolina coastal plains and the Gulfport-Biloxi area in the 70's. Don't care to again if I can help it.

    Hope to see several of you at the Borgata Open from 09/07 - 09/12. I'll be playing on 09/09 and 09/11. I'm going to make an effort to be at the meet-up for PSO'ers on Sunday also.

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    Nice trip report. Thanks for sharing.


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      I really like reading trip reports. Keep em coming.



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