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last hpt note

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  • last hpt note

    Got in last night and checked my email. found and earlier note from Sailormoe about hooking up. OOPs I had hoped to hook up with PSO peeps but am leaving this AM. I should read my emails more often.

    Played live poker agin at 1-2 table. Had $550 stack by 11am.
    at 6pm had $500 stack, chips dropped to $350. Just couldn't put a hand together for most of the aternoon. I had been watching the 9 seat for an opportunity(table is 9 seats). she had $600 in chips at noon and were down to $150. I think everyone at the table who had been seated for a while had her in their sights.

    She was getting involved in too many hands and overvalued/overbet them. I am in the 2 seat and under the gun
    I look down at KQs... I have the large stack at the table and an avg of playing 1 hand in 20 ( I have table respect). I limp in.

    BTW I have limped twice before UTG once with cowboys and once with AK . I took down both pots in showdowns and peeps at table watching know I check/limp/raise with heavy hands.

    3 seat has been a "walker" is an hyper aggressive player and
    has lost a lot of chips in last 15 min since he has sat back down to play.

    3 seat raises to $15 .. fold to small blind (my target) and SB calls $15.. BB folds. I raise to $30. 3 seat calls and 9 seat pushes all in. I have seen her make this move with poor hands and get called by short stack and show down middle pair.
    1st time preflop tho......I work my chips count em out and watch her. she is sitting leaning away from table.. normally she has been a crowder crouching over chips like a mother hen. she flinches slightly when i amcounting chips..her hands are not protecting cards...I am sure she is not hollywooding .. I am also sure she doesn't want a call....
    I am not worried about 3 seat ... he has only $50 left to call and I pretty sure he has garbage...

    I have been trying to get up and go out for dinner for lat hour.. it's 7pm and I think this would be a nice pot to grab and go to dinner. I call.

    OOPs... 3 seat calls with 5 2 unsuited... 9 seat turns over AK yes she was nervous .. only because she thought I had a much stronger hand... My KQ is dominated ....I lose.... The 5 2 unsuited takes the side pot of $240 with a pair of 5's on the river .. 9 seat takes the rest with A high.. I take my remaining $350 in chips and decide it's time for dinner and a break.

    I figure i played hand badly.. If I had just called preflop.. the flop or turn would have allowed me an opportunity to steal the pot.

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