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My 2008 WSOP experience in a nut shell!

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  • My 2008 WSOP experience in a nut shell!

    Saturday (05 July), I met Aaron, thehazyone, for the first time. He showed me around the place, but had to work for a period of time. (He is part of the media covering the WSOP.) While he worked, I wandered the Gaming Life Expo, where I received lots of free tid-bits, picked up several autographs, and purchased my card capper.

    I wandered into the Amazon room. There was a quiet hush about the place, despite there being nearly 2000 people in that room. What you heard, though, was all of these people riffling their chips. It almost sounded like crickets. It was amazing.

    In a corner of the room, ESPN had set up the feature table, where several pros and amateurs were playing. I watched that for a while.

    Then, Aaron and I connected for dinner. He gave me some pointers & reminders, in anticipation of Sunday's play.

    First things first, I didn't last nearly as long as I had wanted to, but for the most part I'm pleased with how I played.

    I was seated at a table with pro/commentator, Matt Savage. As I was the only female at the table, he regularly targeted me/my BB (From 2-3 seats to my left). But as another player put it, I really put the screws to Savage and gave him a run for his money.

    When this other player was complimenting my play against Savage, I stupidly let it slip that I didn't have the goods when I was pushing Savage around. I regretted letting this slip, until it worked to my advantage. This particular player didn't think I had the goods, and ended up giving me the majority of his stack when in fact I did have the goods.

    Later that day, one of the guys said, "For being such a nice lady, you really have a nasty glare." It was then, that I realized not wearing sunglasses can be just as powerful as wearing them. I stared those guys down till they wiggled in their seats.

    Some time along the way, an ESPN spokesperson came over and asked me for an interview. They filmed me playing for a while, then brought the camera over for a few questions.

    Here's the interview.

    Then, PokerPages came over for an interview and a photo.

    I had a good read on the table and was doing quite well. I built my stack from 20,000 up to 34,000. Until... a young Brit arrived at the table. I didn't know he was an awful player until the damage was already done.

    He raised in late position, and I reraised from the small blind w/AK. He called. Flop came and he bet, I check raised. He called. By that point, I had to shut down the betting, as I hadn't hit. He made a significant bet on the river when a 3rd heart hit the table, and I had to fold. A similar hand happened later, but I was able to see his cards. He had AT (I had AK, again.) & had hit the ten. Later, against other opponents, I saw him raise with rubbish (T6) from early position, then called an all-in w/2nd pair medium kicker.

    After that, I tightened up considerably. In fact, I folded for a solid 45 minutes or so. I just wasn't getting anything respectable, and the Brit was playing a lot of hands. Thankfully, he was to my right.

    My final hand, I was in the big blind w/AJ. Savage once again fired on my big blind, another player called, as did I. The flop came xJT. I bet out with top pair. The pro reraised me, but after some thinking I knew I was ahead. So, I reraised all-in. He called w/QJ. He hit his second pair on the turn, to send me home.

    I'm not pleased with how I played the two hands against the Brit. In fact, this happened after the dinner break, and I had come back feeling overly confident. That was really my downfall.

    We started at noon, and I busted about 10 minutes before midnight. The day was scheduled to end at about 1am. I was sooo close to reaching one of my goals.

    My favourite pro, Gus Hansen, had rescheduled his book signing to take place on 04 July, but I was traveling that day. So, I missed it. He came by to see Matt Savage, but I was too chicken to ask him for his autograph. :roll:

    The rest of this year, will be focused on improving my game and winning a seat into next year's Main Event! I'm going to make this happen!!

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    Christina, sounds like it was a great experience for you. Thank you for the report. And good luck on your venture of getting back there next year, you can do it.



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      You just had bad luck with that QJ call by the pro... bad call by him.

      Keep up the work, you'll have better luck next time.



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        Sounds like a great time, a great experience, a wonderful trip (except the cards), and I hope the Rio wasn't too cold...

        Winning again will be tough here at PSO with our wonderful field of players, however, having lofty goals is what drives excellent play.

        Good luck again!


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          I have no doubt that you have only one way to go and this is UP!!! You'll be there next year, better than ever, and I hope I'll get a chance to be there, too

          Matt Savage is a Fat Toad - LOL!



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            Do you realize that only 6800 out of millions of active poker players had a chance to play in the WSOP Main Event. Yes not cashing or making it to day two can be disappointing. But your attitude is great as you realize it was a dream many folks have that they will never expereince in a lifetime.
            Those memories of the days leading up to the event, the tourney itself, will last a lifetime.

            And yes you now have a taste of it.. and want it again. Good Luck on that journey to the 2009 WSOP ME




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