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  • Vegas

    Vegas Report

    I arrived in Vegas on the 26th for a two week stay. I played so many tournaments that I am just going to give you the general outline.

    Day one: played $80 Omaha Orleans

    Day two: $175 single table sat RIO. Chopped for $800,
    Played $340 tournament at Caesars & finished 11th for $1796

    Day three: played the Orleans $105 NL…..up $1500

    Day four: $175 single table sat RIO. Chopped for $800.
    $325 single table sat. lost.
    $550 super sat for the Main Event and lost with a set of 6’s to KK. 

    Day five: $105 Orleans Tournament, finished 36th out of the money.

    Day six:: $1500 WSOP RIO. I had Barry Greenstein at my table who busted before me. I played 77 with the 8-9-10 on flop and lost to KK when I didn’t improve.

    Day seven: $330 Super Sat. at the RIO for the Main Event. My 99 lost to AQ all in when I was short. 
    Played $80 tournament at the Orleans where my K-9 lost to AA with a K on the flop.

    Day eight: lost $200 playing $1-$3 ring game at Caesars.
    Played the $235 Caesars tournament with no luck.

    Day nine: $550 Super Sat. at the RIO, which had 520 players. I busted out a little over half way at about 200.
    Played a $325 single table sat., busted out 8th. 

    Day ten: Played the $80 tournament at the Orleans and busted early when my A-K lost to A-T.
    Played the $550 super sat at the RIO with 390 players. Out again mid way in tournament. 
    Played the $1060 Super sat for the Main Event. Finished 140 out of 270 players when my 33 lost to A-Q all in when short stacked.

    Day eleven: $120 PSO Event. This event we chopped three ways for $1385 each and played for the $500 left and the trophy, which I won.
    $275 single table sat, at the RIO…..busted early.
    Played in the $210 tournament at the Orleans with 120 players. Finished 14th just missing the money.

    Day twelve: Played the $210 tournament at the Orleans……busted early.
    Played the $1060 super sat at the RIO with 296 players. Busted out 180th when my A-T ran into A-J

    Day thirteen: $560 tournament at Caesars with 561 players, where I busted out 310 when my KK flopped a set and loose to AK with a straight on river.

    Day fourteen: $1060 super sat at Caesars. Had 22 in bb with 6 limpers so made the over pot bet to take the hand down. First to act goes all in and I call. He shows JJ which puts me in big trouble. Got out played for sure on that hand.
    Played the late $210 tournament at the Orleans with no luck.

    Day fifteen: $120 PSO Event where GameFace got the bounty on me, when he busted me.
    Played the $330 Orleans Tournament and busted out the first 1/3. I picked up a cold if you can believe that in 100 plus degrees weather, so gave up poker for the last day before heading home.

    If my math is correct that makes me a looser for about $2429, not counting the room, car, and food. In total I spent about $3000, had a great time but no big pay day.

    Most of the money I lost was trying to win a WSOP seat. It’s a lot harder than one might think! The last $1160 Super Sat. I played I thought at least seven of the players at my table were very good. At least two of the players I know had the money to buy in, as the own a rake back service on line, and both were talking about setting up a service on Poker Stars and else where to take the place of e-passport.

    All in all I thought I played my game, but as everyone knows we can’t win every time. I’m still looking forward to playing in my first Main Event, and hope to make the best of it when I do.
    2 Time Bracelet Winner

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    Thanks for the post Leon.

    I found it very interesting to see the log.




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      Hi Leon -

      Thanks for the summary of your trip to Vegas - a reminder to all of us that it is difficult to get to the money, even for a great player like you!

      Better luck to you!

      Cheers, Gail "Snailarina"


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        Hi Leon,

        Thanks for posting.

        I could not help notice however that you spent somewhere around over $4000 on super sats for the main event. If you added this to your ealier winnings you would have been very close to just buying a seat - ok you needed to add some more but not a great deal considering - was there a reason you went via the super sat route instead of your buying your seat and preparing for the event?

        Thanks, Steve


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          Steve, I really thought I could & would win a Main Event seat. After spending what I did trying I had to much invested to just buy in.

          The old saying, "if you can't win a seat mabe you don't belong" stuck in my mind. We all feel we are better than we are at times. I did have what some call, "bad beats" playing for the seat, but all in all I felt I played at the same level as most of the better players at the table. Guess it just wasn't ment to be.

          If I hadn't spent the money on trying to win a seat, I would have come home a winner.

          I'm now back to studying and working on my game, with the hope of making it next year and doing well.
          2 Time Bracelet Winner


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            That's a lot of poker in short amount of time! Thanks for the run down, Leon.



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