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WSOP Main Event Recap

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  • WSOP Main Event Recap

    OK - Attempt #4

    First day I showed up and kind of recognized 2 players at my table, but no one that anyone had heard of. Just 2 guys I've seen around. I was in the 2 seat, I thought the player to my left I thought was an idiot after about an hour, later I changed that to just being in his first live tourney, no more idiot status. He had at least 3 hands mucked by the dealer because he never protected his hand, but he turned out to be OK, just not experienced live. The players I recognized were in the 5 and 8 seats. To my left were 2 pretty weak players, so I thought, and in the 6 and 7 seats were really tight players. 9 seat was a good young player, he wasn't out-of-line aggressive so that was fine. I thought the table looked pretty good for me.

    1st level is 50/100, I showed up 30 minutes late and didn't really play much. Had 18,400 at the 1st break.

    Went to 100/200 the second level and started raising first in, in late position. Was working pretty well. I had a really good thing happen. The 9 seat raised my blind on the button and, having just read Gus Hansen's book, I defend with 23d. Flop comes K 9 2 rainbow, I check and he checks behind. Turn is a 2 and makes a flush draw, I lead 700, he calls. River is a blank, I put him on a flush draw, KK or 10's thru Q's, Now that I'm writing this I should have eliminated the KK because he would have popped the turn with the flush draw up, but heat of battle you know. I really thought he had the draw though, so I checked to induce a bluff and bet 600 and I called and he had KQd. I'm sure he thought I had complete air and would bet the turn and was hoping for a payoff with 600. I should have raised him. BAH. BUT, I just showed that I defend with 23s and no one really raised my blind the rest of the day. Who says table image is underrated? No one really played otherwise and I finished level 2 at 24,100.

    Level 3 is 150/300 - We still haven't lost a player and I continue to raise, some people pick up hands behind me and I win some/lose some with continuation bets. Got re-raised twice and released. Added some up front raises with 10 9s and 5 4s. Got the blinds both times. But a stagnant level. Have 24,700.

    Level 4 - antes kick in 150/300 + 25. I continue the same stuff. Take a couple of orbits off and lose a hand where I had one. Same old, same old. No one busts, same line-up of 9. Finish at 25,100

    Level 5 - Last level of the day 200/400, Avg. stack at our table is still 20K as we've lost no one and the chip leader are creeping up on our tables entire net worth, great. I raise a few and win few, lose a few. I have about 27/28K and the 8 seat moves in for 2950, I know he's in desprate mode and I look my first card and see and A and tell him I think that's enough to call and call him - he has 97s and I see my kicker is a lovely 2. He flops the 9 and wins. Old guy next to me tricked me with AA and I lose 4K, sneaky bastard and the guy to my right had me notched in another hand late and I finish the day at 16,525. Funny thing was that I raised the woman in the 6 seats blind about 5 times staright and she's not liking it. Finally the player in the 5 seat calls me from the SB and I had J8o. flop came 845r and he checks and I bet 1800, he starts yacking how he should call, that he thinks he has the best hand. I tell him he doesn't and he asks if I'll show and I agree, there's 15 minutes left in the day. He had A3o and I show J8 and the woman next to him comes unglues "I knew he was raising with nothing all day, I knew it, I knew it" - Kind of funny, she re-raised me once....with KK .

    Day 2 - this part will be short, verrrrry short.

    Blinds are 250/500 + 50. Better than I hoped, I thought it was going to be 3/600. Rolf Slotboom is in the 6 seat, I'm in the 4. Young gun in the 7 seat likes to raise. Rolf raises hand 1 and 4, seat 7 raises hand 2 and 3. Rolf got called by the BB with AK and he had JJ. 2 other hands were raised and no flop. Now Rolf has the button and I'm CO-1. First 3 fold and the player to my right raises to 1350 (standard raise for the table) and I find 10's. I flat call, CO folds, Rolf folds on the button and the aggressive kid raises to 4750. Now. THe first thing I think about is a squeeze play, it's a great spot for it with my only having 15-16K left. Plus I'm middle-aged and he probably thinks tight, I didn't re-raise, if he gets past the initial raiser I'll fold for sure. It would be a good play. My thoughts were that if the initial raiser plays, that I have to fold. If he mucks, I'm pushing, if he snap calls I'm in big trouble and not so smart. The initial raiser folds and I him ha around for a couple of seconds thinking about what odds this guy is getting (he's in the SB, I can't stop and go) and he's probably going to call me unless he has complete crap because it will be 10,600 to win 20,900. So I shove and he doesn't like it, so I was right. He thinks for a while and checks out the pot and calls. He shows me A6d, I immediately turn to player on my right and ask if he mucked an A and he says "yes, nice hand". Flop comes Q A 8 and I'm out. Sure wish I win that hand and get to 31K, not only do I chip up, but it shuts that kid down for a while too, I'm sure. Plus, I think the knowledgable players would recognize that I realized what was going on there and give me a little respect, or think I'm an idiot and just said I have 10's screw it - never mind that thought then .

    But, for the first time, in the 4 times I've played this thing, I have no regrets, I think I played really well, just wasn't meant to be.

    Went over to the Orleans for some PSO poker, that's another story.

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    So now you know that 2 outs before the flop is still too much of an edge to give your opponents. You need to cut it down to just one, or maybe none.

    That's my ME tip for the day.


    You'll go deep next time, Jerry. You got game.


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      GG Jerry! :P


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        TC Jerry


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          Hey Jerry I know the feeling at times.

          I got knocked out at the main event when I got my hand in "worse" and it "held up" to lose !!!!!!!

          Well get em next year !



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