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Las Vegas non-WSOP Report

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    As you probably see on Al's post, Sailor_Moe took first place in the PSO NLHE event. For me, I managed to luck into the final table on a truly lucky hand.

    Sorry I can't remember who was on my left, so I'll just call her SB for this post. I'll edit this later if someone can fill in the name for me.

    Here is the hand I really lucked into.... Late in tournament with about 30 people left. I'm on the button. Pirates is -2 off the button. SB is in the Small Blind.

    I think the blinds were 1000/2000. (could be wrong but they were high and there were Antes also at this point)

    All fold to Pirates who limps into the pot.
    All fold to me.
    I look down and see 44.
    I have about same amount of chips as Pirates and SB, decent stack about average for the tourney, so I decide to try to steal and push the limper off of his hand by going all in with my 44.

    But my plan failed when the SB also went all in and Pirates also went all in. So three way showdown.

    Pirates had AA, SB had KK and I had 44.

    Flop came 235 and the table lets out a groan.
    Blank Turn and Ace river gives me the unlikely Wheel Straight, A2345.

    SB is knocked out and Pirates is down to very short stack and I triple up.

    It helped me get to the final table where I lost, in 4th place, to Sailor_Moe, very late with 4000/2000 blinds, and I had to go for it in the BB with K3 offsuit. Leon called me with 9 10 and got a 9 on the turn to knock me out.

    Had a blast playing with the PSO members. Great people, good sports and also great Poker players. Congrads to the final table and to the money winners.



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      7 p.m. NLHE at Orleans had about 4 or 5 PSO members playing. I saw for sure xxPiratexx and Joybell and Bhat and I played it also. 63 players $4000 first prize. Paid to 5th. I went out in 15th after about 4 hours of play with a short stack desperation all in with A9suited. Got called by AQo and lost when nothing hit.

      xxPiratexx was still playing when I left. I saw Joybell on my table go all in earlier with QQ, got called by an AJ and lost when those three outs hit with an Ace. (I hate those).

      I saw Bhat at my table go all in with about 22 people left and lose. Can't remember the details.

      xxPirate was short stacked when I left.

      A story...I was desperately trying to get into a hand with a drunk at my table. He was calling people with 20,000 chips who went all in, with cards like 4s6s and 7s8h, and somehow winning with them. He was one of the chip leaders and sat directly to my right.

      But it failed, he always seemed to fold when I had a hand to play. UTG once I had KK and raised hoping he would call like all the other times, but he did not.

      When I left he was drinking his 10th Jack and Coke while playing next to me, probably a lot more before I got to that table. I'm sure someone will take him down, hopefully xxPiratexx who joined my table shortly before I went out.

      After I went out I went over to the poker room ring game area and saw lots of PSO players there. I watched OAKZ play in a Satellite for the 7cs high game tomorrow afternoon. He was in the lead with two players left. but got caught with a straight against his high two pair, and went out a couple of hands later for 2nd place. But 2nd place payed pretty well so I'm sure he will play the 7cs tournament.

      That's all for now, Horse PSO tournament in the morning.



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        Originally posted by Jeff85257

        xxPirate was short stacked when I left.

        Congrads to xxPirate who managed to win this tournament via a chop between top two. Not sure the amount, but it was nice.

        As for today, PSO NLHE at 9 a.m. today ended around 3 p.m. I took second and Schwarze took First. $1600, $1000, were the prizes. No chops today.

        3rd place to Pirates
        4th to eddietheritz

        Heads up play started with Schwarze with a bit more than 1/3 of the chips and I had 2/3rds. Key hand was 9T versus KK. I had the KK and Schwarze had the 9T and won with a river straight. I went out shortly after that when my Ace rag ran into his Ace Queen and held up.

        Tonight there are ring games and some SNG's for PSO members. Lot's of people leaving Las Vegas tonight and/or on Thursday.



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          Thx for the updates Jeff!

          This year sounded like it was a blast. Glad everyone did well and had fun. Hope to see everyone next year


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            We finished off the tour with some ring games tonight, one NLHE and one PLO/PLO8 mixed game. I sat on the PLO/PLO8 table and had a blast. Win or lose doesn't matter, we played socially (with some serious moments) and a lot of talk.

            Thanks all, see you next time!



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              Jeff played great during the PSO event. I was a luckbox. When it was three handed, he had 2/3 of the chips. Jeff kept the pressure on me and Pirates, raising 2 out of every 3 hands. I was able to double up with A8s after Jeff raised and was priced in to call my all-in (he had QJ). Then I knocked out Pirates when I pushed with KQ and he called with AJ. King on the flop. Jeff kept the pressure on me and soon re-gained his 2-to-1 chip lead. And I was going card dead. Finally, I had had enough... After what seemed like his 8th raise in 10 hands, I finally repopped all-in with T9s. Ooops, bad timing. He turns over KK. J9x on flop, 9 on turn. I guess the str8 made on the river, but I was so stunned after the turn, I didn't even see the river card. Two hands later, Jeff pushed with an ace and I got lucky to find AQ.

              Jeff deserved to win, but was a pure gentlemen about the suckout. We had drinks later (with Eddie and JayW and others). I did give Jeff a little bit back during the cash games that night.

              It was a great time.


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                All I can say about the PSO 1/2 NL cash game we played last night is that if I bet $5 into an $8 pot on a 9h 8d 5h flop, don't check/raise me $25 to go. I might push $230 all-in on you.


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                  The NEW PERRY... he dont take crap from anyone LOLOLOL


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                    Originally posted by game_face
                    All I can say about the PSO 1/2 NL cash game we played last night is that if I bet $5 into an $8 pot on a 9h 8d 5h flop, don't check/raise me $25 to go. I might push $230 all-in on you.
                    Hey, I would have bet the flop but I hadn't looked at my hand yet. But the $230 into a $32 pot made me look at the second card. Animal.

                    As for the tourney on Monday, we both got $3,250.



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