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PLHE in Hull, UK

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  • PLHE in Hull, UK

    Pot Limit Texas Holdem at Napoleon's Casino, Hull

    After almost a year of learning the ropes here at PSO I finally took the plunge and visited a B&M casino in November last year. My first couple fo visits were nothing to write home about. I played too tight and too passive. I found the whole casino experience a little daunting at first. It was all so different to playing online. I was worried about people seeing my cards, making sure I didn't break any rules.....hell I spent the first half an hour looking for the post and fold button. Although I didn't get anywhere near the money on those two early visits I did begin to get a feel for B&M play, and certainly enjoyed myself.

    Over the course of the next few weeks I made my pilgrimage to the casino and was rewarded with a couple of money finishes to compensate for two bubble finishes. Last Thursday was my 8th visit.

    The tournament I play is a very cheap £5 buy in (for 1000TC), with unlimited rebuys for the first two hours (rebuys again 1000TC). For the entire rebuy period the blinds are pegged at 100/100, after which the blinds go up in pretty logical fashion every twenty minutes.

    There were thirty players in Thursday's game, which is about average from what I've seen.

    The tournament started and after one hand shouts of "Chips Please" were heard from all three tables. The buy in is so small that in the rebuy period a number of players play every hand to the river. At least it puts money in the prize fund.

    Third hand I was dealt KK in early position. I raised the pot confident that I would have at least three or four callers. I got five. The flop came JJ4 and I knew I was probably beat, but was pot committed and threw my remaining chips in. I was called by two players, one who had a four, the other JJ.

    "Chips Please!"

    The rest of the rebuy period is pretty much a blur. I got very few playable hands. I made a set of fours on the flop only to be rivered by someone making a runner runner straight. I rebought for a third time.

    15 minutes before the end of the rebuy period I got JJ utg and raised the pot. I got three callers and was pleased to see a Jack on the flop. I pushed my remaining 400 chips in, and got three callers. My Jacks held up and I now had a big enough stack to have a decent chance in the freeze out stage.

    As soon as the rebuy period ended, play tightened up considerably. People started to fold to bets, and I started to enjoy myself more. I picked up another couple of pots and started to relax. Maybe too much. I bet out of turn on a couple of occasions when I had hit the flop, but I've seen too many mess ups by other players to worry about it.

    We are down to 14 players and my confidence is sky high. I have around 15,000 chips,I am playing well, and have a good table image. Every hand I've shown down has been a goodie, and people are folding to my bets. And I use that to my advantage to steal a few more pots. Then everyone folds to me in sb. The blinds are at 1000 and I have 88 and raise the pot. bb thinks for a moment or two, then flat calls. Alarm bells are ringing in my head. He could have anything. Any ace is enough for him to call with. From his previous play I figure him to reraise me if he'd had a big pair, so Ax is my guess.

    The flop comes rag, rag K. I'm first to act and want to take the pot down now. His ace has missed, so I push 3000 TC into the pot. Straight away he pushes my 3000 and another 5000 into the middle. I've seen him bluff with nothing before, and look longingly at the huge pot in the middle. If I call and win I am set up for a very good finish. But the longer i think, the more I start to come round to thinking the x of his Ax is a K. Everyone is expecting me to call. In fact the dealer even started to deal the turn, before the table shouted at him to stop. "He hasn't called yet" someone says. "And I don't think I'm going to" I respond. OK I have around half my stack in the middle, but know I'm behind. I have 6000 or so left. I can play with that. I fold. The other player was gracious enough to turn over his AK for me to admire. At least that made me feel a little better.

    It was my turn for AK a few hands later, and I ended up all in when an A came on the flop. My kicker beat the crap out of the A2 I was up against and I was suddenly back up around the 15k mark. Not for the last time of the evening I looked back at that fold of 88 and smiled inside.

    With the blinds at 1000 the eleventh finisher was eliminated and the final table was formed. I had 18500 chips, making me fourth biggest stack. The big stack had more than double what I had, and the lowest only enough for two rounds.

    We were now in the money. This place gives everyone on the final table a few quid back. I didn't find anything on the first couple of circuits of the table but found my finishing position improving as three lower stacks were eliminated. I was now really looking for a hand. The blinds were up to 1500/1500 and I was down to around 12000.

    My hand came. I was dealt AK in bb. The chip leader, two seats to my right raised the pot. I'd never played with this guy before tonight, and I hadn't seen enough of him on this final table to have a clue what he was raising with. I did the only thing I could. I pushed all my chips into the middle and hid behind my hair.

    He didn't think long. He said something like "I have a good hand, but I'm not donating to your pair of Kings or Aces" and folded. I tossed my cars at the dealer face down and tried to look like I was sorry he didn't call.

    This pot really rejuvenated my stack and a pot or two later I was chip leader. I became aware at how tight things were. More often than not the only two players seeing the flop were the two blinds. So I started stealing the odd pot.

    We were now down to 5 players and I was dealer with TJ. Time for a steal methinks. I push another six thousand into the pot of 4000 (blinds 2000) and sit back and wait for the blinds to fold. When the bb came back at me I should have thrown my hand away there. He didn't have to make a move without a hand. He may have been fourth placed in chips, but he had enough chips to raise me another 10k. I heard myself saying "call" despite knowing I really didn't want to. His pp Aces held up, and I was down to equal low chips.

    The other chip loser was eliminated after his two pair were rivered, and I found myself loking at three pretty equal stacks. A pp of tens were enough for me to pick up a decent pot when I needed it, and I now had roughly the same amount of chips as the guy who had AA'd me, and around half what the other two guys had.

    Then I got lucky. Very lucky. I was dealt 9Js in bb. The other shorter stack was utg. He called the 4000 blinds and the sb and I both checked to see the flop.

    It came 8 T Q rainbow. Oh my. I had made a straight on the flop. Now all I needed was some action. sb checked, I checked thinking "raise the pot please" in my head, but trying to look calm outwardly. Utg announced "Raise the pot" and pushed 12000 lovely chips into the centre. sb folded (shame!) and I took a deep breath and reraised all-in. This cost utg another 10k to see me. He called pretty sharpish and looked quite pleased when he turned over QK. At least until I showed my straight. He needed to hit the turn and the river to beat me. When a six came on the turn I knew I was ok, and gathered up my loot. Utg looked distraught. I almost felt sorry for the guy.


    Next hand he was all-in and out. Three of us left, all with very similar stacks. I should have felt good, but I didn't. My guts were churning. Not with nerves. It was my mom's chilli. her hand slipped when she put the chillis in, and I was really suffering now the little bu99ers had worked their way down into my lower intestine. We had 90 minutes left before the casino closed to decide a winner, but there was no way my mom's cooking would wait that long. It was time to offer a deal. The other two guys weren't bothered either way, but were quite happy to go along with my suggestion. We divvied the winnings up equally after we'd taken $75 out for the drinks girls (no tipping the dealers. Not allowed), and I ended up with $350 or so as my cut. OK I can't give up the day job, but the winnings was enough to pay a few bills. Certainly a decent return on my three £5 buy-ins.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. I'll be back next Thursday for more of the same. But no chilli.

    So that's eight tournaments I've played there now. Three money finishes, two bubble finishes and one bubble+1. I think/hope I'm doing something right.

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    Great post. Outstanding play and payout.

    Makes you wanna say, "CHIPS!"


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      You've done us proud !!!!! Great job, and thanks for making the post. Only question I have, is what the hell is a quid???? lmao
      Keep up the good work!! Skip the chili!!



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        This is my first post in this forum, but I must say it was a pleasure to read your entry, u should be a writer, i was on the edge of my seat reading this lol, like the part about the chilli too!!
        I also intend to play my first live game in the coming months, and am so looking forward to it. It will more than likely be at Grovesnor in Leeds for now. I shall report as you have done
        I've only been a member on here for 1 week and have only played poker for a year quite seriously, but I shall be here and in alot of tourneys in the future, trying to improve, and get rid of those mistakes I am making at the moment.
        Hope to see more stories like this in future
        Mike (UKMikeWakey)


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          What a wonderful, enjoyable story. Thank You for posting.

          And congrats on the 88 laydown, and good play!!!

          Shane aka Jeff


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            Great post. For those of us who do not get to play many 'real' tournaments, the play by play telling of the adventure brings experience to us through you. Congratulations on your great play and I'm looking forward to your next adventure into the highly charged world of "Tournament Poker".

            Thanks again.



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              Nice one matey

              Well done jim

              next time ill see you at that final table

              your a great poker player but your a lightweight when i comes to the chilli :P :P :mrgreen:

              "Chips Please"


              P.S. PokerGoddess a quid is slang for £1 as in a buck


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                Ok, I am still waiting... Did the chili make it home???

                Nice report, enjoyed it.

                Sir Randall:
                A recent graduate of Serpico's School of International Diplomacy


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                  My 9th visit tonight ended up with a very very disappointing fifth place finish. I endured two hours of dreadful cards during the rebuy period, before coming to life in the freeze out period.

                  I was very aggressive whenever I entered a hand, and whenever I was called I turned over quality hands. I got some very nice hands on the final table and soon became the chip leader. But then as quickly as the cards ran hot, they suddenly turned icy.

                  I elected to wait for good hands and let the smaller stacks take themselves out. But they didn't. They just kept passing the chips around, and the antes and the odd call dropped me down to average stack size.

                  Then I was dealt 8 2 off suit in the sb position. One mid position poor player limped and the bb and I checked to see the flop. The flop came 4 6 8 rainbow. The limper raised the pot, which would have cost me around half of my stack to call. I felt I had to fold or raise. I really didn't believe his bet. He had raised the pot regularly when he sensed weakness, and I wasn't in the mood to give this pot up. So I raised him all in. I wanted to give him a reason to fold. My table image was great. So he'd fold wouldn't he?

                  He called for his last chip, and turned over 4 5 off suit. I was ahead. The turn was another 5 making us both two pair. Now for the river. Any card other than one of the two fours or the 4 sevens in the deck and I win. Surely it was time for a face card to hit the board?

                  No, a seven. A bloody seven. And I'm out in fifth.

                  Now when I look back at it, 8 2 is a pretty bloody chitty hand. But I knew I was ahead. So I called. Big mistake, or was I right to go with my feelings/read?



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