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Vegas trip part 1

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  • Vegas trip part 1

    Well my wife and I are back from Vegas. Her WSOP experience was brief. She busted out of the $1500 NLHE event aftre just an hour and a half. She got her money in good - As with a K kicker vs. a flush draw with only the river to go. She was low on chips after her set ran into a straight (the hand I would probably have gone out on) so she pushed her last $1300 after the turn. Oh well.

    As for myself the first night of the trip was my bad read but still turn a profit night. We stay at Sunset Station which is way off the strip but nice. The poker room is small but they do get 2-3 $1/2 NLHE tables going at night. They also have some $4/8 Limit. It is a locals casino but there are a lot of active players. Usually four or more to the flop even if you raise it up to $12 pre-flop. The two hands worth talking about are these - neither of which make me proud.

    Hand 1.

    I'm up about $50 and have about $250 right now. I'm in the SB when I'm dealt 7s. There are a few limpers when it comes around to me so I just call (as I said raising up to $12 will still bring probably 3-4 players to the flop with me). The flop comes 7-6-8 rainbow. I bet out $10 it folds to a player 3 from the button and he pops it to $20. He's raised me and a few other players a few times and had people fold to him. The button calls. I think for a split second (bad idea) and decide he's trying a semi-bluff with a straight draw so I need to RR him off his hand. Impulsively I move $100 into the pot (not smart). He goes all-in and the button folds. At this point I've committed over half my stack so I've screwed myself. I should have RR him half that amount and I would have been able to fold it. So I make the call. He of course shows the 9-10 for the flopped straight. Fortune favoring the stupid a 6 comes on the turn and my boat takes the pot. I win money but realize that I AM AN IDIOT.

    Hand 2

    I'm in the SB and have come to grips with my bad play and also started to admire my large stack of chips. I'm dealt Ks. As usual there are a few limpers but this time I raise it up to $12. The tight player in the BB RR to $42. Right here I know that I should toss it (and did much earlier when I had a smaller stack against a woman who RR all-in after I RR her). The button calls so I convince myself that the $100+ pot is worth me calling an extra $30. The flop comes rainbow Q high. I check and tight player pushes all-in for $129. The button tanks for about 2 minutes. As he debates I tell myself that the only way I should call is if he does (he'll be all-in for about $100). If he folds I should fold too. Well he folds. So then I tank for a minute or two. In this time frame I manage to very stupidly convince myself that tight BB is holding AQ. I talk myself out of the fact that he's holding As. I fear he might be holding Ks and if I fold I'll look and feel stupid (like calling his As won't?). And finally I just throw the idea that he's holding Qs out the window. Because he's too tight to raise to $42 with just Qs (but loose enough to go all-in with tptk? ops: ) So I call he flips over his As and they hold up. ONCE AGAIN I'M AN IDIOT!. I stay for about another hour and the table dips to about 5 players so I call it a night. I go upstairs up $195 but feeling really stupid.

    I'll finish my trip story in a future post. Preview is that I wasn't nearly as stupid the rest of the trip.

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    Great report thanks for sharing 8)
    I think we all have made those calls,just not all get lucky :wink:
    Glad you enjoyed.



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