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Deep Stacks HORSE event

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  • Deep Stacks HORSE event

    Well I survived Day 1. And am heading into Day 2 of the Venetian Deep Stack HORSE tourney with 28 players remaining and 18 being the cashout spot.

    Most of the event consisted of playing solid limit poker, avoiding the maniacs that like to splash around alot and build a solid stack while limiting my variance early on.

    Well low and behold after dinner break I get moved to another table with Dr. Max Stern to my left. This would of bothered me more at the time if I had known who he was ;-) .

    3 major hands have defined where I am right now:

    Stud-8 (Edit: I should have made this clear, this is a three way pot with myself, Max Stern, and another player I am calling the villian as is done in many of the online hand analysis tools)
    I start with a2|3 with the bring in. Max has rolled kings and and our villian has a 7 showing, I bring in max raises the 7 calls, and I pop it to put the 7 to the test if he really wants to play, Max of course pops it again, and the villian calls. next card off for me is a2|32 Max leads(with K7), the villian has xx|79 calls and I pop it again (last time before I hit the brakes) max pops it on top of that and the villian calls. Next card is A2|32A Ok, my hand to me is dying a slow paingful death...but it has to look strong to the rest of the table, so I lead out, Max pops it with xx|k79 the villian calls and I decided to slow down because flushes and other possibilities are starting to form...I call. Next card A2|32AA well needless to say I drive this one to the end getting called all the way down.....Max shows his rolled kings no lo...and the villian chasing the bad bad low missed.....scooparooni! This put me over $100k in chips. Yes, I probably out kicked my coverage[football reference] early in this hand, but you have to get lucky once or twice in these things to make the later stages....I think I used most of mine here. Max was upset at our villian in the hand because if he folds like he should have the distribution would have been totally different on the I guess in that sense he's my hero and not villian :-)

    The other two hands I dont remember the exact play down because they were closer to 2am but

    Started A2|34 pair pair king->down alot of chips
    Max's Revenge
    I made a Q high str8 in 5, drive all the way with Max heads up and he hits an Ace on the river for Aces full->I'm down more chips.

    I'm at 70k with antes 1k, bring in 1k, and 2500-5000 bets so I havent hit panic mode, but its coming soon.

    Playing next to Max has been great. I've learned alot watching how he plays his hands.

    Anybody in town is welcome to come on over(Venetian) today, Sunday at 4PM will be the start of Day 2. I'll be the guy at the table that sounds like Doc Holiday from the movie Tombstone....i.e. I'm still hacking and coughing from my cold last week.

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    Sam just text messaged me. He is in the money, 12 people left and has enough chips to be in about 6th place. I don't know what it pays, but my best guess is first place is $25,000 to $30,000. Buy in was $540.

    I'd expect a chop at the final table so Sam should do very well when he makes final 9.

    Keep it going Sam!



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      Nice going sir. I hope you take down a nice payday in a tough game. Keep it up!


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        Well, Day 2 and the tournament is complete. I would like to thank PSO for the opportunity to play in this event via the sponsorship points. I will try to give key hand details later. I picked my spots and let the big stacks beat on each other. Even though I was playing a much tighter game than the rest of the players, my completions and raises were getting no respect due to the huge chip disadvantage I started the day at. I wasnt in panic mode with regards to antes and blinds, so I had to tighten up and make sure I made the players willing to call the raises pay.

        I built up a stack to 630k at the final table when we were down to 4 players. 1st had ~700k, 2nd 650k, 3rd(me) 630k, and 4th 220k.

        We decided on a 4 way chop based on chip stacks which put 1,2,3 at about 17k each. Otherwise we would have been till 6am or later finishing this tourney. I was playing extremely well and I had the chip leaders nervous, but my poor back couldn't take another 14hr day.

        The thing I learned the most in this tourney is I need some help on my limit holdem game. Thats my weakest game and it was obvious to the other players. I hate to splash around in pots where I have trouble knowing close to where I am in the hand, and I frequently find myself in those positions in the holdem section, so the other players would just pound on my blinds, and in order to control my chip fluctuations, I let them.

        Thanks again PSO!


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          Thanks for the update,and congrats on a great game.
          Well done sir.


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            Congrats on game well played & a nice pay day!

            Belonging to PSO does pay off folks!
            2 Time Bracelet Winner


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                Well done! Very nice payday.

                Who says you can't win money playing Razz?



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