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Cracker Boy's Vegas Trip

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  • Cracker Boy's Vegas Trip

    Greetings All,

    Made it to Vegas safe and sound. Got up at an ungodly hour of 430 to make my early morning flight. Was getting picked up by a buddy who recently made the move to Vegas. First snafu was when I had turned off my cell on the plane I accidently locked it and I didnt know the code. Got lucky and he was at the luggage claim and I later figured out my code.

    Got checked in and then realized my IPOD and headphones were still on the plane. God my head is somewhere else.

    Now to poker. I was playing the Binnys Poker Classic O8 event today. Buy in $210 for 6K in chips. My buddy and Quackpot were also playing and ofcourse I run into another PSOer as well. PocketRocket is also in. I start well and am moderately building my stack. By the end of level 5 Im up to 10600. Level 6 I get quartered on the river after my nut flush and nut low goes south when the bottom flopped set hits his boat. We put 4 bets on the flop and 3 on the turn. Yuck.

    After level 6 im down to 6300 and during level 7 (blinds 300/600) Im all in for the first time but I triple up to 8700. During level 8 I take a hit in another hand against a chaser of the boat who had 2 pair against a str8ed and flushed board. At this point blinds are 400/800 playing 800/1600 limit.

    I get involved in a hand from the BB with AK33 with a suited ace. I has started the hand with only 3300 so I decided I was going all the way with the hand no matter what. I three bet pre after a mid position raiser and three of us see the flop. Flop is 993. Bingo flop a boat which is good and I know everyone else missed. 800 of my last 900 go in and ofcourse the turn is the third 9. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. Last 100 goes in and I get two callers.

    The case 9 hits the river and the other two guys check. One of the guys says he has a boat and ofcourse I reply "no shit".
    He had A277 and took it down with 99977 nothing like getting 4 outed on a pot that probably wont have a low and that would have put me back up to 10K.

    Oh well. The only one left is pocketrocket and when I leave binnys he has about 14K. Hope he did well. Let us know sir.

    Next its on to the RIO and we get into a 175 single table sat.
    We get to the final two and we do a save. 1st gets 1000 and 2nd gets 620. I win and take the grand. The wsop pays you in 500 tourny buy in chips which can not be traded in for cash but you ofcourse can sell them to anyone else. But since im buying into the O8 event on Sunday Im going to use them myself.

    Oh by the way Southwest found my IPOD so now I just have to figure out how to get it back. So the day ended well.



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    Sounds like you are having fun! Despite the bad beats.

    Good luck in the WSOP!



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      Best of luck to you Eddie, wish i was there.



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        that's it! Get all the bad luck out of the way and WIN a big ONE!

        Good luck! Love the reports - Keep em coming...


        I think Dr. Tricia is playing today or tomorrow - Look out for her - FEMALE EVENT I BELIEVE.

        Tell her I said LUCK please - if you see her.




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