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HPT Detroit Main Qualifier Sun

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  • HPT Detroit Main Qualifier Sun

    Arrived 8:30 am to sign up for the morning 10am event. Surprisingly I was only 31st entry. I have to say the sign in process was a bit scattered in my opinion. Stop at the first desk to sign a tv release form. Go to the cage to get a voucher and pay. Go to a 3rd table to sign up for the event and draw for a seat.

    Heard the first day events both were sold out so I'm thinking it would be close again. Didn't happen, started with 98 players with 20 getting a seat.

    Sit down at Table 5 Seat 6 and watch the players for awhile. Blinds started out 100/100 with 30 minute rounds. Think I played a whole 3 hands the first level. Second level, 100/200, get KK from late position and get two callers. Flop comes Ad Kd 3s. Action comes to me and I bet half pot and both players fold and I show Ks. I thought about checking however with the flush draw not to slow play.

    In the first two hours of play I get priced in with 33 and AJ and miss the flop. Get KK two more times however don't get any action more than a flop. At break sitting at 9600 with blinds 300/600 with 100 ante and about a 1/3 of the field gone. I was a tough position with a LAG person on my cutoff and halfway through the session before break I get an LAG on my left then another one beside him. Cutoff has 25k and the other two around 40k each. With little to no chance of stealing I knew selective aggressive would be my only chance in building chips. Cards never come and I'm finally having to race for my tournament life at the 100/400/800 level with A rag vs J9o and the flop comes 99x and I'm done like dinner.

    Decide to play the 5pm event as well. Same process and my seat draw is Table 5 Seat 6. The same seat I never moved from in the first one!!! This time I open up my game a bit more, not giving out as much respect as in the first event. 8th hand I get JJ and raised to 600 to try and get the limpers out. Get 3 callers. Flop comes Q rag rag, no connectors with two spade. Small bet outs his continuation bet like he's done each hand he's been in which might have been all of them lol. I just call his flop bet looking to see the turn. Heads up he bets out on turn, I think for awhile and call. River brings a 3rd spade which I was representing and I decide to check because I want to see his cards. Without thinking he paused and I turn over my cards and he mucks. However I knew I had a solid read on him now and could trap him later.

    Get 22 and flop a set. Again flush draw is out there so I have to fire and not slow play. Slowly building my stack with KK, AJ, and releasing with 55, and AK on flops I am sitting with 16k after the first two levels. Then it happens I get to trap continuation betting player in seat 10. Get 44 and just limp on his button. He raise the limpers in the hand with blinds at 200/400, making it 1200 to go. One other caller besides myself and the flop comes 6 10 4 with two clubs. 2nd to act I decide to slow play into him and just check. He fires out 2K and I re-raise him 4K and sit back just a bit in my chair like I don't want him to call. He decides to, I thinking putting me on the flush draw. Turn is a blank and I fire out 6K quickly. He thinks for a bit and goes in for another 1500. I call and he turns over Q10o and drawing dead.

    25Kish now and about 30 minutes left in the 300/600 before break I proceed to moved to Table 7 Seat 10, Table 6 Seat 9 and then back to Table 5 Seat 2. Had a some playable hands in that time made some and lost some so at break sitting with 21,100 in chips. Make a little bit of chips Sitting around 26K when Table 5 breaks because we are down to 40 players. Now at Table 2 Seat 10. Get KK 2nd hand there and UTG and make it 2500 to go with blinds at 100/400/800. Get one caller. Flop comes Q high with two diamonds so I fire out 3200 and player re-raises it to 9200. I look at him for a minute from behind my shades and I say all in and he squirms in his chair. I was a little bit afraid of the flush draw however his actions say he's got AQ. Takes some time a saids, he must have run into an overpair but is pot commited and callers. I have him covered by 5kish and he doesn't hit the A or Q and I win on the river with a K for a set for a bit of overkill. Now sitting around 45K I'm almost where I want to be to just coast into my seat so I sit back.

    My mistake of the tourney is my trouble hand JJ. Older woman pushes from UTG for 17K with blinds at 200/500/1000. She'd been raising with AK, AQ and calling with mid pocket pairs in the earlier levels. My first thought was she wouldn't be pushing with AA, would she? I rule it down to 77-99 and decided to caller leaving me with 25K. She turns over AA and I'm amazed she done that move. flop comes 7 9 10, turn is a Q and I'm at 10 outs now with a blank on the river.

    Play a couple of other hands KJh and AQs missing the flop both times so now I'm sitting back waiting for a hand. Last hand before break and blinds are at 300/1000/2000 I get KJ. I decide to raise from cutoff using my tight image to take down the blinds. I make it 6K to go leaving my with 20K. Small blind moves in with for another 6500 leaving my to call for 23300. I see no way in folding this down and call. She turns over 66 and flop comes 5 7 8 and my heart just sinks. Turn comes 9 and now I'm drawing to only a 10 and miss. At break I'm at 16Kish and blinds will be 300/1500/3000. Not looking good. The only hand I could've raised after the break was from Under the gun and I'm looking at 106c. Just about getting ready to push and I notice the woman who had 66 is looking like she wants to raise so I fold. Sure enough she raises however the big stack moves all in and action moves back to her she thinks about it for a long time and she folds. She said he JJ must not have be good and folds. As she's mucking she lofts them I bit and I see two paint and bottom one for sure a Jack. Big stack shows QQ and the only raise I've seen him make since being at the table.

    Big blind get K10 off and the action folds to the button and he limps. Small blinds calls. I have 12kish left and both of them have over 40K and the button looks like he wanted to push so I check. Flop comes 3 Q 3 and small blinds fires out and I fold. At this point there are 27 players left and I need to get to 17. Small blind I get A2 and everyone knows at the table I need to push here so they better have something. They all fold and I move all in for another 6500 and the big blind wants to fold but she's priced in and turns over 72o. I say come on dealer on 7 and it hits the turn and I'm out 27th place.

    I have to admit the second event hurt a lot more than the first because I lost sight of the ball so to speak. I fold that JJ and I have a much better chance making a seat. I didn't need to play to win, I needed to play to survive. Only other thing is I didn't try to steal enough blinds when the blinds after the AA hand before they got really big.

    So no main event at the HPT in Detroit for this guppy this year. Like to wish Leon and anyone else going to play in the event. The one nice thing is out of the 1 out of the 3 of us that went got a seat.

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