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CHAPS at the Blue Chip

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  • CHAPS at the Blue Chip

    The usual suspects (the muzzeys, Debonair, Stricky and myself) plus some new faces (Hardtimes, 2hot4you and stricky's brother Mark, whos PSO name I knew but cant think of now) hit the Blue Chip for the Sunday evening tourney. Some stuff happened. Someone cashed. Fun was had. Unlike last time, I had ID.

    Oh. Should I give more details? Just this once, I guess I will.

    8 PSO'ers, 71 starters at 7 tables. So why did my table feature both Muzzeys AND 2hot? (And she is pretty hot, but married to Hardtimes) 4 PSO'ers 6 civilians. Cards in the air. I caught a few nice raising hands early and quickly went from my 1k starting stack to about 2k. Not busting anyone, just raising pot pre-flop getting a caller or two, and betting pot post flop and everyone folding. Most of the time they were legit bets 8) The bigger pots I wasnt involved in. Several players (including Jay) rebuy early and bang heads, moving chips back and forth. Of the 6 civilians only 1 is playing respectable hands, the rest seem fairly weak. Natuarally one of the weak guys busts Jay early by making a ridiculous call (all together now.... "But they were sooted") Jen is playing solid poker. 2hot is playing tight and respectable. I am not out of line, but seem to have everyone's respect, (how little these civilians know :lol: ) and my raises/bets are holding up. One of the civilians has taken a beat and goes all in for his 6-800 chips about 3 out of 4 hands, everyone has folded. The last hand before the break, he does it again, in my small blind and I call with 66 (my call was based on the fact that it was under 25%of my stack, I hadnt rebought and I figured to be ahead of the ace high I was sure he had. 2 hot in the big blind also called (for about 1/2 her stack and she had rebought already) Flop came J 6 2 with 2 hearts and I bet out with my set. I bet more than her remaining stack, and she called with AQ. when the 4th 6 came on the turn, I busted out 2 players (the civilian actually had a real hand, TT) I'm a little sorry that I busted out a CHAP here, she later explained that she thought I was betting an Ace high into the dry pot. I hope I explained how silly a move that would have been on my part and that 2 overcards cant call for all her chips here. Oh well, into the break and I make my rebuy giving me just under 8k and am amongst the leaders. Jen has a pretty good stack, all the Remaining CHAPS are close to average and life is looking good.

    My first misplay of the night occurs shortly after the break, I am in the 400 big blind, when there is a mid position raise (to 800), Jen calls! and I look down to see AA. I should have put a lot of chips in here, but I only raised to 2000 (thinking of the lovely trap I have them in) the raiser calls and Jen folds her QJ sooted. Thanks for folding Jen, as I really gave you good odds, and the call wouldnt have hurt your stack a lot. Flop is KQJ and I did trap the AK who HAD called for the rest of his chips. I'm glad Jen got off her QJ, as I dont think anyone else at the table would have Another J turned so a full house would have gotten most of my chips.

    Somewhere around here Stricky and Debonair bust out (Bad beats both) And I move to a table with no other CHAPS. I have around 20k but am card dead and go the 2 rounds before the second break without playing a hand. I am in the top 5 of the 30 remaining with about 18k, Jen is not far behind, and Stricky's brother and Hardtimes have average stacks.

    Down to 20 players. I get moved to the table with Jen and Hardtimes (yes out of 2 tables all three CHAPS get to play at the same one) and I make my second mistake. I am 2nd or 3rd chip position at the table and Hardtimes from early position raises about 3x BB I look down and see AJ sooted (diamonds). My choices here are raise (If I put him on a medium pair or Ace big kicker type hand) or fold (if I think he has a big hand) so I call. I think I love the flop which comes AArag (2 spades) and he bets the rest of his chips. Not even thinking of the spade draw, I think for a few seconds, put him on a medium pair and call. I was correct in thinking he had no ace, but he did have KJ spades and natuarally turn and river where both spades giving him the nut 6 card flush. Great chip position to a stack that was 2.5x BB and I am hard tilted. 2 hands later I go all in with a sooted ace, and the pocket queens who called sent me to the rail 17th. Hardtimes now has the big stack, and Jen Muzzey is card dead. Blinds eat her up and she busts on the bubble : (10 players paid)

    Hardtimes finished 7th due to slightly timid play and a semi bad beat. The hand that busted him had a lesson though. The semi bad beat had literally left him with a chip and a chair. Thats right. 1 chip. In middle position after a raise and a 2 calls (one of which was all-in) he put his chip in with JJ. I think the correct move would have been to fold JJ here and attempt to make a ladder move for 60 more bucks. Face it, 4 chips is the same as one chip (less than the BB) and 60 bucks is 60 bucks. It turns out the point was moot, as despite catching a jack on the flop, the other all-in guy rivered a flush. But hey, he cashed, I didnt. He did something right anyhow :lol:

    I hope to see a good discussion of this situation and I think Steve should post this in the Advanced forum.

    Of course the post tourney discussion in the bar was a highlight. We pretty much closed the place down by analyzing every hand that any of us had played. Talking to Jay Muzzey about no limit tourney play is a learning experience. Even if he took my usual place as the first CHAPS'er eliminated. It took a real bad beat to get him.


    Congrats to Hardtimes. Cashing in his first live tourney! Congrats to his lovely wife 2hotforu for playing well in her first live tourney despite having to sit next to, and listen to me run my mouth. Congrats to Jen Muzzey for being such a good sport about being the bubble girl. Thanks again Debonair (or should I just say, Mr Malony)for the ride.


    Me for two misplays. You cannot win a no-limit tourney by making mistakes plural.

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    Excellent post Bill. Thank you for taking the time to post. Your posts are allways fun to read, especially since I have met you and several of the "suspects". I can usually picture you with a cold beer, and casually shoving in 10K in chips while you check-raise someone. 8)

    Shane. aka Jeff
    Keep em coming.


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      Wildbill CheckRaise?? NOO don't believe it :wink: Thxs 4 the post Bill Congrats Hardtimes Sorry Jen must try that Tourney one day.

      Tony D


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        Your reports always make me smile. I sure hope we can all go to a tourney this summer sometime when I come to Chicago!!

        CONGRATS to the newbies who did such a good job.



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