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Atlantic City Adventure

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  • Atlantic City Adventure

    Well my wife, and I left for AC on friday afternoon after i got off work. No major problems to start with until we hit I-95 in rush hour. I was close to Dean Spaths house so i called him for traffic info, and he told me that it should'nt be too long before i was in the clear, and as usual he was correct. As soon as things are going smooth, i take a wrong turn after crossing the Delaware Bridge ( i missed my wing man Johnny_Bravo ), and i went 16 miles out of the way, before i got on the right track. The Taj Majal Poker Room Mgr. keeps me in limbo ( my fault not the Poker Room Managers ) about whether im going to be able to get the Poker Room Rate for Friday, and Saturday. Our rooms were comped for Sunday, and Monday so no worries there. About an hour out of AC the Taj Poker Room Manager finally tells me no availability, due to too many high rollers coming into town for the weekend. So we finally get into a room about 5 miles away from the strip at about 10pm, 2 hours later than i expected. My boss, and his wife were going to go with us, but they changed their minds at the last minute. I mention this because there is a story to it, coming soon. I was wore out from the trip so i decided no poker on friday night.

    Saturday morning i roll into the Taj, and get my name on the 5-10 Omaha hi/lo list, there is only 1 table going for 5-10 O8, and i was about the 9th player on the waiting list, and they told me they had no intentions on starting a 2nd table, i also got my name on a 2-4 O8 interest list, but was also told that there probably wouldnt be no 2-4 O8 game starting anytime soon, due to not having a dealer. I wait for about an hour, and my name only moves up 1 spot, so i decided to sit down at a 1-2 NL table while im waiting. I don't play a hand for the first 15 minutes, just trying to get a feel for the table. Theres a lot of jawing going on at the table, about 6 to 7 players seeing every flop, and to my amazement two 75 to 80 year old women sitting at my table, and im not over exaggerating. So the first hand i play, i pick up 22 in the small blind with 6 limpers. Flop comes Jh2h4s, the table has been very aggressive, and im positive someone will bet so i check, the UTG limper bets 7$, the other limpers fold to the button who raises 11$, i reraise 24$, the UTG bettor folds and the loud mouth button states that he just calls. The 7h falls on the turn, i bet 40$, and the button says to me "You check raise on a f-ing flush draw, and he folds, and throws over Jc10c, but says he will get me back soon. Well he didnt get another chance, my name was called for the 5-10 O8 game, after several names were called, and no one responded. I gathered my chips up, and told the loud mouth button player deuce deuce, and moved on to my 5-10 O8 game. Let me say first that on my way to AC, i called Eddie (eddie_the_ritz) to get some info on O8 cash games at the Taj. I have never played live O8, and didnt want to look stupid. He informed me that i was going to see some very loose play, and he also went over kill pots with me. I had no idea what a kill pot was, so if you get a chance to read this Eddie, thanks. To make a long story short, the table conditions were just as Eddie said they would be, the best player at my table was Al Spaths twin that hes never met, and there were a lot of lessons being given at the table, by players i would never take a lesson from. After 9 hours, the table finally broke up, and i was 300$ up, should have been more, but i wasnt complaining.

    Now for the first round of excitement lol! My poker playing for the day was over, the wife was up about 500$ on the slots, and we decided to head back to the room away from the strip, and call it a day. She had accumulated about 60 bucks in comps, so we decided to get something to eat on the convention floor. While eating, i call my daughter to make sure everything is OK on the home front, and she tells me everything is fine, but i need to call my boss immediately, that it's an emergency. She doesnt tell me what the emergency is, just that i need to call him now. So i call him, and hes not a drinker, but he sounds like hes about half lit. He tells me that him, and his wife are at a bar in our hometown celebrating their 7th anniversary. He ask if im having any luck, and what was i doing right now. He has been there with me before, so i start explaining to him that i am eating at the pizza place, close to the burger place that him, and i had ate at before. I ask him what the emergency was, and he tells me there was none, he just wanted to see how i was doing. The phone call was short, and i was in no way suspicious about anything. I go on eating, and 2 minutes later i look to my left, and i about fell out of my chair. Him, and his wife were both standing in the Sbarros Pizza Eatery. I was in shock. They had been on the road all evening, and were tired so we headed back to the room. Lucky for them, our room had 2 beds.

    Sunday morning we pack up our belongings, and head to the Taj where we also have a room with 2 beds, the room was comped so lucky for my boss, and his wife they had a free room for their whole 3 day stay. We get checked in then the boss, and i sign up for the 85$ + 15$ at the Showboat. Once again like when i played here last year the play was very loose, and the tight players were very predictable. We started with 10k in chips and at 1st break i had 18k, the boss had 6800, and the blinds were at 400/800. We went out to the boardwalk so i could satisfy my nasty smoking habit, and discussed some strategy. After returning i pick up AA, and im in the BB, and a guy who has been criticizing everyones loose play, but who had went all in with 9k from mid position with A8 off when the blinds were 100/200, pushes all in again. He has KK, and flops a King, and now im down to 7k. I dont play another hand until it gets back to me in the BB, the SB is the only limper, i push all in with 1010, he shows AK, flops a King, and im out. I check on the boss before i head back to the Taj, and hes very short stacked, so i expect him to be over at the Taj soon. Three hours go by, and no signs of the boss, so i head back over to the Boat, and low and behold hes at the final table, but very short stacked. The pay spot is 6th, and i never saw him play a hand at the final table, he bubbled 7th, but at the Boat its tradition to collect 20$ from everyone for the bubble player, and sometimes double bubble, as was the case the next day for me. So the boss picked up 140$ for his efforts. Was never able to get a 5-10 O8 game at the Taj, so my day of poker was over.

    Monday was a very eventful day for me in the 11am at the Showboat. The buy-in was 53$ + 12$, once again the boss, and i both signed up, and today we started at the same table. The table started a little tighter today, and i was feeling a little wild so i started a little loose. I limped with 10h9h in the mid position with an early position limper and the flop comes AdKhJd, the BB checks as does the EP limper, i overbet the pot, the BB folds, and the EP contemplates, then just calls, a 2c falls on the turn, he checks, i check, another diamond falls on the river he checks again and i fire 3500 out with nothing. He never looks at me for a read, and reaches to toss his cards away twice then says call, and shows K10 off for just a pair of Kings, and i toss my cards to the muck. Everyone at the table is mumbling, trying to figure out what i had. I am sitting there with 2400 with the blinds at 100/200, 4 people limp into my BB and i look down at AcKc, and decide to push. The only person that calls is the guy who beat me with his K10, and this time he shows 8d6d, and doubles me up. By first break im back to my original starting stack of 10k. I get moved to a new table, and with the blinds at 400/800, and my stack now sitting at 8800 i look down at 88 on the button with 2 limpers, and i push, both limpers folded, and one guy stated that he would put his life on it that it was AA, KK due to my nervousness. So i told myself to stay nervous anytime i got aggressive, and maybe they would think i had AA everytime. I build my stack up to about 20k, and then things got blurry. No i wasnt drinking, i wear reading glasses while playing, but dont think im to the point where i need prescription eyewear yet, but i may want to rethink that after this days play. I could barely tell what the flops were anymore, and wasnt even seeing my 2 hole cards good anymore. I am UTG, and think that i have 44, and raise to 3200 with the blinds at 800/1600, and get called by the guy directly to my left. The flop came with what i thought was J64 rainbow so i check, and the guy bets out 6000, i check the flop again to make sure i have the set, and see that the board is Jh4h4s, and realize that i have quads, or so i think i do, so i put on my little act and just call, the turn comes with a Kc, i check again, and sure enough he bets out 10k, and only call again with all intentions of pushing on the river FTA with my last 20k in chips. The river comes with 3rd heart, and i push just hoping he hit his flush, and he calls, and i flip over what i thought was 44 and see that it was 4c3s, and he throws his hand to the muck, and the whole table says 34 off. I start thinking to myself Jim have you gone blind, the vision never got any better but i made sure i knew what the board was from there on out, and made sure of what my hole cards were also. With 14 players to go, and a stack of 102k (one of the top 3 stacks) i make a crucial mistake. There is an EP limper with about 70k in chips, and the blinds are at 3000/6000 i look down at JJ, and raise 18k, and he calls. The flop comes K42 rainbow, he checks, and without thinking i push, he insta calls and shows KQ off, i never help, and now im sitting with about 28k. A few hands later im in the BB with 33, the blinds have moved to 4000/8000, and there is an UTG min raise, and the SB pushes all of her 56k in chips, and i quickly call, the UTG player shakes his head and says he cant call with his 99. The SB shows AK, never helps, and im back in it. I make the final table with about 70k in chips. The pay spot for the tourney is 6th, the same as the day before when the boss bubbled. When we got down to 8 we decided to put up 20$ apiece for a double bubble. The blinds are at 6000/12000 i push KQ off UTG and get called by AK, and take one of the double bubble spots for 8th, and 70$.

    That was it for the poker playing, then it was time for the eventful ride home today. Things are going smooth, we are warned not to go through Philly due to some problems on I-95, so with the boss following me we come back Atlantic City Expressway, to the New Jersey Turnpike. When we get on the Turnpike at the toll we are given a ticket that we will have to pay before we get to the Delaware Memorial Bridge, well somehow i get in an empty line that i think says cash only, put my ticket out the window, and there is no one in the booth. The sign says unpaid GO, the boss calls my cell and says he saw what happened and tried to pay my dollar when he paid his, but they wouldnt allow him without my ticket. After crossing the bridge there is another toll, and i pay the 3 bucks there, and ask the lady if i can pay the dollar that missed at the other toll, and she said no, but when i got the fine notice in the mail to write them, and tell them what happened. Once again everything is smooth i roll past Als hometown, and im getting ready to get on 695 when i notice what looks like drywall in the road, and attempt to dodge it, when i hit it i knew it wasnt drywall, the boss pulls up beside me and tells me that the tire is going flat. I get off the first exit on 695 and luckily there is a tire distributor there. When i get there i notice that both drivers side tires are flat, they take them off, and discover that both rims are cracked beyond repair. They tell me they will have to get 2 new rims (very expensive ones lol) or get the factory rims and tires put back on. So i have safely made it home thanks to the boss, and in the morning i have to travel 2 hours back to Baltimore with my factory tires.

    What an eventful Atlantic City trip!


  • #2
    Thanks for a great trip report Jim 8)
    Thank goodness you did well in cash games,that will help pay for the rims,and tires :
    Sounds like your trip was very successful,inspite of the journey to get there :wink:
    Wtg on your great play!


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      Ok, i can no longer complain about snow in Ohio.

      Sounds like you did pretty good, jimbob. Very, very cool report too. I was enthralled.

      Next time, make sure you plan your trip better to meet me in AC! That way i can hit the drywall before you and take one for the team



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