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Vegas FEB 2008

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  • Vegas FEB 2008

    Vegas Trip Report
    2/23 – 3/1

    Poker Rooms:
    I played almost all 1-2 NL

    South Point (where a season of High Stakes Poker and Poker After Dark were filmed):
    They really only had 3-4 active tables. 1-2 NL and 2-4 Limit HE. My guess is that 50% of the players were regulars living nearby. They run a high hand bonus for quads or better. It is progressive and most were in the 100 range for quads and 1500 for Royals.
    There are not likely any real sharks swimming here, as there was not enough money being splashed around. Although a few younger dealers seem to play and like their straddles and loose play, so there is some money to be picked up. Just not enough tables for significant options. I saw one ‘player’ go through about $300 in an hour. Once spread around, that makes a profitable session for the tabke.

    They are starting a promotion for a $50,000 free roll in July. You need 100 hours in MAR/APR/MAY. Also starting an Aces-Cracked bonus (spin a wheel).

    The room is bigger but has a lot of limit poker going. There was only 1 to 3 NL tables going. I was fried the one night, I had been on the waitlist for an hour when the bad beat was hit. Since the whole room shares, I would have gotten a $300 share. (The loser of the hand got $27,000 and the winner for $14,000) -- 10 Minutes later they started a new table and I was seated. Grrrr. I really think this is a local grinders casino. Over ½ the table was filled with locals for each of my three sessions at the Orleans.

    Golden Nugget:
    The room here was hoping. There were a variety of games going on, but only one 1-2 NLHE when I was there (midday weekday). However, there was some serious money on the table. My guess is that the average stack was nearly $5k on the table with stacks ranging from $100 to $1500 (note that 100s play and some people have a few laid flat under their chips). It appeared to be one local dealer and at least 6 tourists. I would not classify any as novices or real donkeys. All were paying attention.

    Again, I was here midday, so it was slow. There were 2 NLHE tables going and 1 LHE going. There were more local players here, but there were also a few people that were more clueless and wanted ‘gamble it up.’

    This is the biggest/busiest room I was in. There were lots of NL, LHE and Omaha games going. They had 1-3 NL, 2-5 and even a 5-10NL game going. You need to be careful here. There are some pretty decent players circling the novices here. Between the drinks, poker room menu, and the in seat massages, you hardly need to leave the room. They are running a frequent player tournament. Two months to get 160 hours and it is a pretty decent freeroll ($65k, I think) and there will be 200 runners chasing it.

    They have a small room that had 2 NL tables going. One smoking, one non-smoking. I lucked out and had a guy so drunk that he could not lift his cards. It took 15 seconds for any action, but he donated 250 to the table in the hour I was there.

    I played here my last day to check it out. They have the best room management system I’ve seen. Each table has a builtin display (and shuffler) that lists the players by name (if player card) and the dealers use it to signal seat openings etc. So no shouting around the room for open seats etc. At one point mid afternoon on Saturday, there were 12 1-2 NLHE games going. My guess is that it was 80% visitors and 20% local. There are no bonuses (so no rake for the bonus either). My first table had 3 ‘guests’ that did not even have a player card to get the $1/hr comp.

    The Good:
    1) 2-4 LIM at Southpoint, playing with a friend here at a tight LIM table. There were generally only 7 to a flop at the 9-handed table. I was on the button with 77. Preflop it got capped with about 5 people seeing the flop (I kid you not). Flop was 7 high no flush draws. Blind bets, EP raises a few fold, so I raise. And EP raises so we get capped again (damn and I only have top set). Turn is a 9 or something. Bet, call, raise, call call. River was Q. check, check, I bet, call call. They turn over AA and KK respectively and I scoop a huge pot.
    2) 1-2NL, first orbit at table, I get QQ. Flop is AQJ. Not the best flop for a QQ, but good enough. I bet it. AJ reraises me. I get my chips in pot before him. Turn is J and he cheers and I cringe, seeing his boat. But OH, QQQJJ beats his JJJAA. So I an + 100 in less than an orbit, I was waiting on a show to start, so just playing for 75-90 minutes and ended up +160 in that time
    3) 88 in NL and flop is 822. I had raised preflop to mix it up and had it heads up with the BB. He bets, I call the flop. The turn brings a 3rd Heart, and I hope he had the suited cards he’d been playing all day. The river brings a 3rd 2. damn. He bets, I raise, he calls. He had the nut flush, but I had his stack 

    The Bad:
    1) Second hand at NL table and am dealt KQ in the SB. No preflop raises, so I enter the pot. Flop is KKx. I bet it, everyone folds until cutoff. Turn is a blank, I bet and get called again. River I bet, get reraised. I push, and insta-called. She shows AK for the better trip Kings. Not sure I could have gotten away, no preflop raise from AK in late position. I was down $170 from my 200 buyin…work my way back to nearly even before clocking out.
    2) Late at Caesars. Somewhat tilty. I’d lost a pot to 34s who had called my preflop raise. I decide to steal the 5 x $3 limps by raising to 15. All fold but BB. There is a K on the flop and he bets about pot size, I push. As he’d been betting first to act. He instacalls. I had KXs, he shows KQ. And it hold up. Dropped me down $90 on my last hand of the night.

    The Ugly:
    1) I was not in the hand, or I would have been homicidal.
    Preflop raise by cutoff, BB calls. Flop is Axx … check check. Turn is 2 BB bets, cutoff raises with AA, BB pushes with 22. So all money in set over set. The river brings the case 2. Yep, 1 outer for quads over Aces full. No bad beat at Caesars. So the quads gets an extra $82 to add insult to injury.

    2) Watching the National Heads Up Championship (Spade bracket) they get all money in early. TT v 44, board comes x,x,x,x and 4. yepper. Must be using the same RNG in the shufflemasters as the online sites use.

    My only 2 limit holdem sessions were both heavy winners. Straight ABC poker, you know you are going to showdown, so you need to hit it or bail. I don’t think I showed down a losing hand in either session.

    Wednesday at Binions:

    I got invited to the WED pm poker discussion group at Binions. There were about 20 people there, 17 of which are deriving the majority of their income from playing poker in town. Some LE and some NL players. The LHE players ranged from 3-6 (said Mirage and MGM are the places to fish). To 16-32 range. This was fun, they discussed hand histories and actions. But they also discussed the games and textures of games at the different casinos.

    National Heads Up:

    I was fortunate enough to time it properly and get a seat for the first round, Spade quarter of the draw. This consisted of more WSOP belts than I could count. Schrieber(won WSOP HU last summer), Cloutier, Scotty, Moneymaker, Yang, Ivey, Laak, Duke, Chan, Williams, and Hansen were playing. Gavin, Tilley, and Ferguson were watching in the small room. Ivey drew an on-line qualifier that gave him fits for 2 hours. Finally when he was down about 3:1 in chips he gets AA to her KK and they get it all in. His AA holds and they are now even, he pretty much steam-roller her from there forward.

    Cloutier was down in chips too, but doubled up and then finished off the 22 year old to advance. Most of the games ended on races. Small pair v. 2 overs or Ax versus 2 paint type hands.
    It was neat to watch. Look for me on NBC when it airs. I was straight above Scotty and TJ.
    Scotty shook everyones hand at least once. He even had to get paged back to the tables from mingling with the crowd.

    A little disappointing that TJ was wearing DoylesRoom gear and not a thing about PSO on him.

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      thanks PSUMike.. this was very interesting.




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