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March 1-5 Las Vegas

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  • March 1-5 Las Vegas

    What a wonderful wife I have to drive me to the airport as I'm off for four days alone in Las Vegas.

    This is my trip to attack tournament play. I have always done well in LL ring play. I have had some success in online tournament play but I have never felt completely comfortable in live tournament play. I can tell you after this trip, I do.

    Arrived Saturday midday and went straight from the airport to Albertsons to stock up on groceries. My wife and I have a condo on West Tropicana. I dumped the groceries in the condo and got the water and furnace set properly.

    I check out the Orleans room and find the usual group of grubby locals. I run over to the Mirage and scope their room for awhile. Same group of well dressed locals. I have always done well at the Mirage. The locals that play there are well heeled and have some gambool in them. They are also much better behaved then typical locals.

    It's getting close to 7:00PM and I run over to Sam's Town to enter the NL tourney. I made a few mistakes here and never gave myself a chance for a money finish.

    On Sunday I meet Payshints at the Orleans for the noon NL tourney.
    I think we started with $500 and after the first hour and a $500 add on I have about $1,400. One guy at our table has been making major stabs at any pot where there is no interest. It is working and I decide to look for a trap situation. It never seems to come up but I do get AKs in early position. With the blinds at 150/300 I make it 900 to go. This is 1/3rd of my stack. This same guy comes over the top all in. For some reason I am sure I am not facing AA or KK. I put him on a good pair trying to intimidate a tight player. Damn. I'm not laying down AKs. Call. He shows QQ. I don't help and say goodnight to all. I've debated this call and feel it is a toss up. If I take down this hand I am probably in the money for sure. If I lay it down, I've given up 1/3 of my stack and not seen a flop.

    On Monday we both play the $20/$10 unlimited rebuy at the Orleans. What a fiasco. People buying chips every hand. I won't play this one again.

    On Tuesday I enter the Madalay Bay freezeout. 20 players. I get heads up my $350 stack vs a $6,000 stack. I keep going all in and get to about $1500 to his $4500 when I notice the Luxor tournament is due to start in 15 minutes. This topurney pays $200 first and $100 second. I cut a quick deal, giving him $175 and taking $125 and jump on the tram.

    At the Luxor they have 30 players and I hold on for 7th which pays $25. Entry was $25. So is this a money finish lol. Funny thing happened here. I have about $50 left and there are 9 players left 7 will be paid. 2 players ahead of me have enough to see the blinds. BUT if the blinds go up they will both be all in at the same time. For three hands before the blinds get to them I take extra time looking at my hands. I timed it perfectly. As the blinds move from $75/$150 to $100/$200 they have exactly that left and have to go all in. I sit with my $50 and pass. No one else plays and I guarantee a money finish unless they tie. One is eliminated. LOL.

    Tuesday night is the one I have been waiting for. The Mirage $60/$40. There are always a lot of pros here. I get seated with Susie Issacs and this guy named Ron I have played before. Some of you must know him. He looks like a young Chris Ferguson. I have the two of them, another four unrecognizable pros and 3 tourists. We have 100 starters so 1st will pay around $6,000 considering the rebuys. After 3 hours I am about average in chips when I reraise with QQ all in and get a call behind me and a call from the original raiser. We turn over and I'm up against AJ and 88 and for once the better hand wins. This puts me in great chip position with about 40 left. Then I go totally chip dead for 2 hours. I mean NOTHING. I manage to steal blinds with K9s and A4 but everything else is total rags. With the blinds going up I'm forced to raise all in on garbage or wait for a premium hand. I decide to wait since less than half the preflop raises are going unanswered. I wait until a few hands before my final blind and answer a raise with A8. The raiser had AJ and Im out 18th. I have never felt better about a tournament. I played for 5 hours with very good competition and cannot recall a single mistake. I did win something here. I won the confidence to know I can play with these people.

    Wednesday comes too soon and I pack up for the trip home. As I walk out of the airport in Chicago, there's Kathy to pick me up. What a gal.

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    Great report Debosuckoutnair!!!!
    Sounds like you played your "A" game and that's the best you can ask for. Well you can ask for more, but doesn't mean you're gonna get it! Guess we're gonna hear a lot more successful trip reports from you! Thanks for sharing!



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      Great report. All we need is a confident Debonair. Any live play?



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        Congrats. Excellent post. I have the same thoughts about the Orleans and Mirage as you do. I allways try to work my schedule and play the Tuesday nite Mirage tourney when I am in Las Vegas.

        Shane aka Jeff



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