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Oklahoma State Tournament

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  • Oklahoma State Tournament

    I drove in from NM today to Tulsa. Arrived 1 hr before the NL holdem tourney started. Registered as the 94th alternate out of a total of 204 alternates. Over 700 people played. They added alternates in groups of 10 as tables became available.
    I started with a 4k stack deep into 3rd round.

    I played pretty tight and seemed to be short stacked most of the tourney. I was patient and recieved several "nick of Time" hands. Ended up cashing in 33rd place.

    I had never heard of this .... but when we reached the bubble number (45 payouts total) all 5 tables played a full round of the BB and all the all in losers split the payouts equally including the bubble (46th place).

    BTW Scotty Nguyen was here and was very gracious . He took time to circuit all the tables , shake hands and wish everyone well.

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    Thanks for letting us know how you did and we certainly are glad you cashed, that's for certain.

    What did you think of the overall play, and did you get to play any cash games?


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      Overall play

      I arrived at 5pm and played till 2 pm.. Didn't get a chance to see any cash game action. Will play some today.

      As far as the caliber of play, I felt like a large grouper...too big for the sharks to attack and too slow to catch the tasty fish.
      I played at a total of 3 tables. The first and the last were dominated by aggressive play. Very few hands went to the river, unless they were all in and those were mostly coin flips
      ak over jj and all in preflop.

      On the sidelines I watched the first hand played out at a table.
      3rd position called, sb and bb called and checked. flop was 2 56 rainbow, (sb)check (bb)check (3)bet 200 (SB)fold (BB)call. turn was 9 (bb)bet 600 (3)call, river was 2 (bb)bet 1200 (3)raise all in (bb)call. BB had straight 3rd position had quad dueces.


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        cash game play and 2nd day

        Played in the limit holdem tournay today. 230 entries i busted out at 90. payout was top 27.Overall play seemed to be much poorer, very loose and agressive with very poor hand selection.

        Cash Games: I sat down at a 4 8 omaha h/l tables and dropped $200. Couldn't match a hand to a flop or catch a massive draw on the turn or river. This was before tourney.

        After busting out in tourney , I gritted my teeth and sat down at the 10/20 kill h/l omaha table. I sat out a few hands watching play and hit nut/nut with a flush first hand in. This calmed me a bit. Play at this table was actually worse than at the 4/6 and about even with the 6/12 kill I am used too. 2 or 3 good cautious players, 2 avg players 2 or 3 gold diggers and 1 "i'll play any 4 cards to the river" luckbox. I bought in with 300 topped out at $1200 Lost $300 and cashed out $900.


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          Omaha H/l limit

          I expected this to be my best showing....Think I was first out.
          Level ofplay was very good and I kept getting counterfeited or rivered. Example: my hand A47k. double suited in BB. flop comes a47. turn is an A river an 8 .. I bet the full house and got raised I called when only 2 of us left.. got quartered when other hand had the same full house and a better low.

          lost in cash games as well... played a pl omaha 125 game .Big hand had 3 players , 2 all in on the turn. $1500 in pot won by a full house on river.... I decided I better get back to the 10/20 limit..I was glad I had folded preflop. Don't know how I would have handled being called in that pot and getting rivered by a full house.


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            Didn't do well in the seniors nl tourney Monday. made it to about 90 of 170.

            Played Pl omaha and buiult 300 to 900 lost it all in pot with aakk double suited and the flush draw on flop.

            Played 10/20 omaha h/l and got nailed with my set of aces on the flop. the river filled a flush and low.

            Pot limit holdem... 170 entries.... paid 18 and they players agreed to pay the bubble at 19.

            Playing very tight I only saw cowboys once and won, ak 3 times and won, pocket aces once and SPLIT with another pocket aces. Went out at 20 when my aj suited got called all in preflop by pocket 10's. Table was 6 handed and I had been folding hands to aggressive player on my left when he reraised me one too many times.

            BTW part of tournament i sat next to (Sherry?) Williams,
            David Williams mom, She played well and was very nice..couldn't believe she had qualified for the senior's tournament the night before... she looks 35 tops.



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