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Tunica 2008

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  • Tunica 2008

    I have been waiting with bated breath (that DOES mean my breath smells like worms, right?) for someone, ANYONE, to post a trip report from the extravaganza that was the PSO get together in Tunica. Since no one has slaked my thrist for all the prurient details I may have missed, I guess it falls to me to "dish the dirt" on what did, and did NOT happen on this awesome occasion...

    First, I got in saturday around midnight tunica time, just in time for BLACK JACK! Remebering my room debacle from Vegas this past May, I pre-paid for my entire stay IN CASH, simply because I didn't want to hear NewJane tsk-tsk'ing me in my blog (plus I didn't want to have to sleep on any more floors!).
    From the far corner of the Hollywood's museum-like collection of memoribilia, there issued a small whiser from the Forrest Gump exhibit- "JimmyDean, stupid is, as stupid does...", but of course, who listens to Forrest Gump??? $450 later, I think I should have!

    I DID catch a late 3/6 game, with lotsa callers and very passive play, and with a florish and a splash, I dumped off 155$ (indluding the first "little" 55$ win I took at black jack). It was too bad I didn't just head back to the room then, but I went back to the tables when the 3/6 got short handed, and dropped that 450$.

    I simply cannot take FULL responsibility for my intial blackjack loss though, because the single flaw in the otherwise great time was the lack of late night poker games at Hollywood. You see, the room is tucked in a cozy little corner on the opposite side of the casino from the hotel check in, right where the old Indiana Jones exhibit used to be. So the room has sort of Egyptian tomb-type walls on one side, high ceilings, and just not enough players to fill all the tables- hence, blackjack!

    On Sunday, I awoke rather late, like 430 pm, and most of the PSO'ers had already vamoosed from the poker room for points elsewhere. I sat in for a few hours at the 3/6, and dropped ANOTHER 80$, got my dinner comp, then ran off to play some table games. Stupid is, as stupid does Forrest, and Caribbean Stud is NOT as sweet as a box of chocolates! I went to bed poorer, again, and little wiser (since I would do it again the next day!)

    So after absorbing my losses like a true man (I only boo-hoo'ed AFTER I got back to my room!), I slept. The next morning, Monday for those of you who have lost track already, I ambled down to the decent (some food was cold, and you had to make your own toast, but the omelets were good) breakfast buffet. As I entered, who should I spy but Springfield's own ex-lawyer, Res Ipsa! Res and I sat thru breakfast, talking a bit of my awful play- including a nice suck out versus a flopped straight by me making a runner runner full house with K6, and a terrible beat I suffered versus a gut shot 6 high straight made on the river versus my flopped set of 7s- we talked a bit about Res's adventures at Stud (poker ladies, not what I'm sure you all were HOPING for), and John Grisham books. By the time we were thru, it was time to hit the poker room.

    It gets fuzzy about who was there on Monday, as I don't remember all the faces I met before the game- I'm sorry for that folks! Al was around though, getting things into order and generally being his awesome Dean-like self. And New Jane of course, making the poker room safe for boob talk. CansecoFan (Karen), Firestarters (Cyndy), and WherestheFire (Duane) were there representing the SOUTHSIDE (of Illinois that is!). I saw Moleebo in my magic mirror too, with his cheshire cat grin, upright posture, and chubby cheeks. Dagenham, and Shunga had already found a beer truck somewhere and were half way through it on Monday. JayW, standing like a smiley faced, overly tall Texas road gambler, was there, and IndyBob (absolutely FABULOUS in his cowboy hat and pony tail!) and Rudie (as cute as ever, if not more so!) too. Of course our very own POKER STAR, Leon aka SailorMoe, was seated and raking chips from the stunned locals!

    The meet and greet in the poker room was great as always, meeting new folks, and catching up with the old faces met before. I got to meet Leeman, now known to me as "Mr Camera", because I didn't see him play at all, but DID see him snapping photoes like a hyper-active playboy photog, let loos on a bunny farm! I got to meet Tropitan101 as well, oh she of the Darth Vader voice, the whole body laugh- who woulda thought she was a "flasher"? (in the tourney she accidentally showed her cards guys, you pervs!).

    I started day one seated to the left of Tropitan, the flasher, but got moved before the 3rd level started. I then got to sit harshly on Cyndy's big blind, got to stare across the felt at Shunga (good thing I didn't eat a big breakfast!), and had the pleasure of getting my 3rd hand (QQ) cracked when I raise UTG, got called by the new to the table Emgeell (however it is spelled, sorry), holding QTo. When I bet half pot on the 889 flop, she called. When I bet a bet UNDER half pot on the 9 turn, she called off the rest of the 2/3rds of her stack I had in there. When the J fell on the river, OF COURSE she called when I put her in for her last 1500 or so chips! DOH! It's ok though, she was sweet about it, and had EVERY reason to think I was fulla beans as I had just gotten down telling everyone what a donk I am, and that I got my chips by playing hands like 93o! Besides, if I am gunna complain about her "beat", Dagenham gets to complain about the one I put on him in the day 3 tourney, and we CAN'T have that! :-) Emgeell didn't quite cripple me, taking just a bit over half my 8900 stack, but with the blinds doubling every 20 minutes, the rise to 300/600 put me in danger. Emgeell did finish the job on me though, but I don't really remember how she did it- by then I was under 5x bb and was going in with anything resembling a hand! Fior her efforts in busting me, my gift to Emgeell was a single Camel cigarette...afterall, since she screwed me out of my tounrement, she may as well have a smoke afterwards, right? :-)

    I remember my ring game play after the tourney though- it was bad (I dropped 100$ in a 1/2 nl game, and 80 more in 3/6). I hobbled off for the night, again poorer, but at least refreshed by seeing so many faces of people who share my love of poker. It was so good to see you all that first night, it ALMOST made what came next worth it all!!!

    but THAT's another story I'll save for the Next installment...

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