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day o' poker in MN

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  • day o' poker in MN

    To day was a day of poker for me. A littel quick trip report for all who care.
    I was going to meet Aaron at 2:30 for the NLHE tourny at 3pm, and I figuerd to play all day.
    So I worked the overnight at my hotel because of a lack of competent staff. I am suposed to get done at 7am and my staff was late. Ended up geting out at 8:30. Drove to the card club and got there at 9.

    I got on a 2/4 table and bought a rack. And signed up for the "shoot-out" tourny for $12
    Played 2/4 for an HR and was up $20. I colored up and and ate brakefast.

    The shoot out was just like it sounds BINGO. You get 500 chips and play at 15/30 for an HR largest stack at the end of the hour goes to the finale table. prise pool is $2000. (most of the time a deal is cut 200 for everyone the extra 200 to the winner.) Played very well was chip leader untill the end. I missed the final table by 75 chips.

    The 2/4 tables were full so I moved up to 3/6. Not a good game there ended up loosing a rack there. the last hand I played was 78 spades from the button. 6 limpers in front of me and I call so do the blinds. flop was 3 6h 5s the 4 seat bets an one other player called and me. Turn was 9s. Made my st8 and have a gut shot st8 flush. 4 seat bets 6 seat folds I raise and the four calls river was 5h. Four seat checks I bet he raises and I called he has 56off for the full house. Oh well.

    Its 1:30 so I have an hour 'till Aaron will show up I grab a snack and play Pai Gow While Im waiting.

    Hazy shows up at 15 min to 3. we quick say hi And grab our seats.
    The event is a 50+10 event with one add on for $50 I cant remember starting chips but the rebuy is for 2000chips. there was a turn out of 120 ppl witch is very large for this event. The final 9 get paid first ends up being around 3,600

    First rounds do not go well for me. I need to do me rebuy early and am at the break with 2000. chips the blinds are at 200/400 when I get back to my seat. Im in the bb when I get KQc and go all in. get one caller. Two kings on the flop and I double up. Stole two blinds. Just befor the second break Im in the later MP with one limper ahead of me I have TT and bet 2X the bb all fold to me. I go Into the second brake with 7000. down to five tables.

    First hand after the brake Im under the gun with AJs The blinds are at 300/600 I go all-in get called by a KQo nothing for him on the board and I double up with a pair of Jacks. I steal a few more blinds and am up to 25,000.

    Then I look around there are only two tables of seven left! and soon we are down to ten. The blinds are at 5000/10000 I am the second shortest stack with my 20000 chips. the shortest stack only has 6000. we draw for seats and the luky bastard gets the button and Im UTG. I say to my self "self, you are only going to play PP, A big Axs or two paints in the next three hands. If the do not come you will fold and hope the blinds will take care of the other short stack." And that is what I did I got no hands and let the rest to luck. The short stack ended up going all-in two spots left of the BB with 88, the BB checked and Had AJ , jack on flop, and Matt is in the money!! Next hand I have AK and go all-in for 5000. Called by QJ. Jack on flop and Queen on river, I am done at 9th I get $362 subtract the buyin and the rack I lost and Im up 140 bucks. Not bad for me.


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    Good Stuff. Thanks.



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