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Thanksgiving@Hollywood Tunica

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  • Thanksgiving@Hollywood Tunica

    I have received many invitations from Bob & Rudy to visit them and play a few hands of poker at the Hollywood Casino in Tunica.

    I'm going to be there for Jan 3 thru Jan 10, 2008. I needed the chance to get back into live action poker and practice playing with a table of calling stations.

    I finally left home on Wednesday and arrived there about 10:00am just in time to help open a new game. We played LHE-3/6 limits. Bob was still at work, but arrived about noon. Rudy was the dealer that opened our game. We started 4-handed and the table filled up about the time Bob arrived. Just as I expected we had 5 to 8 players seeing the flop each hand. I think I was the only player that folded more than 6 of the ten hands dealt each round. I managed to get down $45.00 in the first hour. Yuck! At that point I started to catch a few good hands and they were holding up. I played my hands much more aggressively than the calling stations, so I tended to get more value when I won some pots. Wednesday was [AA] cracked day. When you were dealt [AA] with $30 in the pot and lost you were paid a consolation prize of $50.00. Most winning pots totaled about $35 to $60 dollars. Everyone who got [AA] tended to slow-play them until it was obvious they couldn't be beat. I caught [AA] 3 times in 7 hours and never lost. I think we had 3 or 4 players that got beat with [AA] while I was in the game. We got close to hitting the badbeat jackpot a couple times. I made [8888] on a board of [T,9,8,9,8]. We we were ready to show down for the pot , I told the other player, "I hope you win this hand." He got a rather sad look on his face when he turned up [A,9] for [9,9,9,8,8]. Their badbeat qualifying hands are any four of a kind beat playing both cards in your hand with at least $30 in the pot. I was very tired and stopped about 7:00pm and cashed out a profit of $230.00. They let me stay with a poker rated room for three nights and the bill was $100 taxes included.

    I had a restful nights sleep and returned to the poker room after eating breakfast in the Hollywood Diner. It the restaurant for the budget minded. I helped start up the game on thanksgiving morning about 11:00am. We had several regulars and a few new suspects. The profiles were the same, mostly calling stations. I managed to get down $35 in the first hour again. This days bonus promotion was a high hand each hour. To qualify: $30 pot and at least a full-house to win the bonus of $50.00. No one had a qualifying hand for the first three hours. They opened a second table about 1:00pm. I didn't have but one full-house all day and it was about the time I was tired and ready to go to my room. I made [JJJTT] at 6:05pm. My stack was up to about $125.00. All I had to do was play tight and hope my hand held up. Well, you can guess what happened? About 6:57pm a player makes [KKKK] and my high hand goes down in flames. I play until my blind comes around and don't win any more pots and cash out up $7.00 for the day.
    On Friday, there is no bonus promotion. I get to the poker room about 10:00am and the games start about 10:25am and we get another limit holdem game and a $1/$2 NLHE game going by 1:00pm. I manage to get a little ahead (about $20) in the first 1 1/2 hours. I folded a lot on Friday. I made very few hands but managed to cash out only down $70 after 7.5 hours of playing time.

    I was pleased to make near $160 profit for 22 hours of playing time. It was a pleasant visit to the Hollywood for Thanksgiving. I recommend this casino if you want to play in an soft/easy game, but you have to understand you will take some pretty horrible beats and you just can't bluff the calling stations. They will not fold a pair. You can get paid on the good hands but you will loose all your bluffs.

    On Saturday morning I checked out and went to thank Dominic for my stay at the Hollywood. There were no players there yet so I decided to take my leave.

    On the way down Casino Boulevard, I had to drive by Samstown Casino. For some reason my pick=up truck had a mind of its own. Before I knew it my truck stopped and parked in the parking garage and I went to their poker room. I helped start up a LHE $4/$8 game. I played for 3 hours. I [icked up [AA] three times in the first 45 minutes. First time I loose a big pot of about $80+ when one of the players chases me down to catch a gut shot straight. The next time I get [AA] the is one caller and a raise ahead of me, so I three bet and we see the flop 6 handed. The flop is [K] high and two spades. The OR bets and I raise and we go to the turn 4-handed. the board runs [K,T,7,5,5], and they check to me on the turn and river where I continue betting my over pair and get called all the way. The OR and I both turn up [AA] and split the pot. I fluxuate between being up $40 to being down $65. I catch a few small pots and manage to get even at 12:30pm and decide its time to head home. I cash out $1.00 profit for my 3 hours play at Samstown.

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    TY for the heads up Busch tc



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