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  • US Poker Open

    I'll tell you, I have been running into some tough beats lately.

    In the second level I get dealt K 10 in middle position. OK, I normally lay this down realizing that it is a trap hand, but I thought I could get in cheap (which I did). And besides, I have lost a couple big hands to people comming in with holdings not usually played in certain positions. I guess this is how you catch people.

    Well TA-DA, I the flop comes 9-J-Q I flop a pretty secure straight. The Jack and Queen were both spades so I do have to watch out for flushes. Guy on my right comes in for 500, I call, button raises to 1600, guy on my right calls. I raise it up to 3200. Button folds, guy on right calls. No problem, I have him crushed.

    4th street is a 3 of clubs, nice card for me. He checks, I need to take down this pot. I come in for 4500. He has to call 4500 to win a pot of 8000. He calls. River brings a Jack, no flush. He checks, I push in my last 1100, he calls and turn over a Queen and a Jack, FULL HOUSE ON THE RIVER!!!!

    He was only 8% to win with one card to go(4 outs)!
    If you read my earlier Borgata Open entries I pulled an isolation play for over half my stack and had this short-stacke domintated (A-10suited vs 10-6 off suit) Of course he paird his 6 and it held up. DARN POKER!

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    Repeat after me.... "The Odds are on my side" "The Odds are on my side"...

    But it still hurts. A couple of people at PSO know about my bad beat streak that happened a few months ago, I went through about 6 weeks of constant bad beats. (Runner Runner, oh no!)

    I posted my laments on this forum, and a couple of responses helped me get through that streak.
    1. Play ABC Poker for a while, let the odds work for you.
    2. Bad Beats happen, but we like people who play poker with bad cards, they keep good poker players renumerated regularly.

    I did just that, the bad beats stopped, (at least at that abnormal rate) and things are much better.

    Good luck in getting through your streak, hope it doesn't last.


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      Here's something for your consideration:



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        Machine Gun,

        Keep track of your good beats and this tends to put your bad beats in perspective. Meaning - remember the times that you "sucked" out on someone to stay alive in a tourney. By remembering these times (and we all suck out on others at times), it puts the bad beats you take in perspective.

        Case in point. When you won all of those Sponsorship Points at the May convention "Live Tournament". Early in the tournament when you were "all in", you were drawing dead on the turn to only one card (two outer) to help you from getting knocked out. And you caught that one card to make trips and win the hand. Then you went on to play excellent poker to win 15,000 PSO sponsorship points the rest of the way.

        But had your 20-1 (approx) longshot not come in to make trips on the turn/river, then you are knocked out early and do not get a chance to play/use your sponsorship points at the Borgata Open and US Poker Championship.

        So by thinking about it this way.. so what if someone sucked out on you. It's tough. But it happens both for the worse and also at times for the good. (like the May convention tourney for you).

        Now does anyone want to guess who lost that hand to Machine Gun in May... yup.. it was nvflag that crybaby !.... I should take my own advice it seems since I am bringing this up still :-)



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