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Vegas Trip

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  • Vegas Trip

    Last week my brother , who used to play at PSO , had a business trip to Las Vegas. He had a room at the Tropicana paid for 3 nights. Having never been I decided to tag along ,see the sights and play some poker . We arrived Monday afternoon and while we were checking in I heard an announcement in the casino for a $50 buyin tourney starting at 7 PM . Since he had to attend a reception at 7 I decided to go check it out . I think poker is new to the tropicana . The small ten table room had 1 table going of $1/2 NL . I ask the desk how many were signed up for the tourney . He told me he was working on a second table and there would probably be 3 tables by start time . My first day in town and already getting hustled . BY start time they had only ten players and we played a sit and go for a winner take all $400 prize pool . I made it to the last two and we chopped at $200 each . By that time my brother had returned and he only plays cash games so we walked across the street to the Excalibur and sat in a $3/6 limit game . I cashed out for $30 more than I started for a net profit of $180 for the day.
    Tuesday we spent the afternoon riding the monorail and checking out places on the strip . I stopped in so many casino cardrooms that it got to be a blur . I picked up tournament schedules in all of them and decided on a $135 buy w/ 1 $50 rebuy at the Venetian that night. Their poker room was by far the most impressive of the ones I saw . Beautiful tables , high back comfortable chairs . The last player to join our table sat down talking in a loud voice and didn't shut up for the rest of the night . He was undoubtedly the most obnoxious jerk I have ever played with either online or live . He started telling the dealer to hurry up and get the cards in the air . He was seated on my left and it was the only time I ever wished I had headphones . He started to reach toward my chips and when I pushed his hand away he said " you're big blind , fifty ". When the game started he began needling everyone at the table .
    The british player to his left called him a bloody bas tard . The soft spoken good old boy from Georgia told him he was the most discourteous player he had ever seen . The guy laughed at both of them and kept saying " I'm not doing anything against the rules . " When a hand was over he would tell everyone involved what he "knew" they had . At a showdown just before the dealer would say turn em over he would shout out what he thought each player was holding . It was really annoying . During hands he wasn't in he would try talking to another player that wasn't in the hand about something besides poker in his loud voice . Someone asked him to be quiet so they could concentrate and he replied " I'm not talking to you ,I'm talking to this gentleman over here and I can say anything I want as long as I'm not talking about the hand in play . He was right. He knew the rules and what was worse he was a good player . Since he was sitting in the next seat to my left I had to be very careful . I played tight all night and he told me " dude aces only come every 220 hands you got to mix it up some times ". It's a shame that there are people like this playing and ruining what should be a fun evening for everyone. The tourney started with 54 players . There was around half that number left when I busted well short of cashing . I have a question about my last hand that I will put in another thread since most people heve probably quit reading this one by now .

    Wendsday we went downtown . I got into a 40 player tourney at the Golden Nugget . I made to the final table but went out 6th. Only top 4 cashed . :evil: We played 2/4 limit the rest of the day . I played crazy , had a lot of fun and ended up $20
    Thursday was the highlight of my trip . $65 freezeout at the MGM Grand . 99 players started . Top 8 got paid .The final 6 chopped the prizepool . Since I was one of the 2 big stacks we got a little extra . My share ended up being just under $1000 .
    The key hand for me came when we were down to 18 players . I had been trying to be patient thru a run of cold cards but now found myself the short stack at our table . The combined blinds of 1800 had just passed me leaving me with 5K . I looked at K10 os on the button . The next shortest stack with 7500 was UTG + 2 and fta made it 3K to go . It was folded to me and after thinking a while I moved all in . The blinds folded and he began playing with his chips and staring at me , even asked me what I had . I sat perfectly still and stared at my chips . I was relieved when he didn't call right away . He did call eventually . I turned over my cards and he jumped out of his seat and proudly slapped down his A9 os . He sat back down when a king came on the flop . I actually made a straight on the river but didn't need it . I was wearing my PSO hat. The guy that doubled me up said sarcasticly " Jeezus man King ten and you're pushing , did they teach you that at poker school online ?" I just said " They did teach me not to just call for over half my chips ".
    During the final table I gave my brother my camera and told him to take a break from his 3/6 game and get a picture of me so I could use it on my profile . He stepped outside the rail and took a picture of the whole table . I meant for him to get a close up. When he started to return to his seat the floor supervisor ,who had been hovering around our final table, stopped and told him he couldn't be taking pictures of the tables . My brother explained who he was and why he did it . The floor said if you want to come in and take a close up of 1 person OK but some others at the table might not want their picture taken . He was rather embarrassed and asked the floor if he should erase it . He was told no and returned to his table. After we chopped the prizepool the floor said " Rich ,will you stick around for a second ?" I thought he was going to hassle me about the picture . Instead he had me sit at a table next to our dealer and then went to my brothers table and had the dealer pause the 3/6 game between hands for a moment . He had my brother bring the camera over and the results are in the pictures below . I love Vegas .

    Speaking of the pictures they may be touristy ( is that a word ) to those that have been before . But if you haven't been you might enjoy them . Just click on the link below to view them

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    Great trip report Rich! Glad you had a great time! The details about the loud guy was awesome! And I love the comment about calling off all your chips! lol

    Glad you had a good time!



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      I enjoyed your report and your pics. Congrats on a nice finish!



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        Nice job, but I missed the photo of the apt you might have scoped out (in case you move), wink...

        Good press for the MGM cardroom manager as well, it pays to be gracious.

        When's the next trip, how about AC...?


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          Great report enjoyed it 8)
          Your pictures are great,was really nice of card room manager to let you get those shots :wink:
          Good job on poker too 8)


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            trip report

            Great trip report and pics Really enjoyed it.




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