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PSO vs the Real World

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  • PSO vs the Real World

    I've read many posts by PSOers complaining about how casino players play wildly and all of the skills and techniques used here were worthless in the "Real World" because of the unpredictable and "insane" play encountered there. I don't have that much casino experience, but these complaints always seemed odd, and a recent trip to Atlantic City seemed to prove the opposite to me.

    It was a one day trip and my plan was to play a couple low buy-in tournaments and put $100 on a 1/2 NL table and see what happened. I've played in casinos maybe 10 times before, never losing more than $100 and winning as much as $900, so I wasn't too worried about getting my butt kicked. One thing I'm good at is knowing when to walk away.

    I was staying at the Hilton with a friend from PSO and we arrived in the middle of the night, checked-in, and got a couple hours sleep. I got to the poker room at 10am and there was a freeroll for frequent players going on. I sat down at a 1/2 NL table and waited until enough players got knock out of the tourney to start up a cash game. This was a dream situation because I was playing against the worst players from the freeroll. I soon realized that these were not only the worst players from the freeroll, but the worst players I had ever seen before. The level of play was shocking! There was a tiny Asian woman who was quite possibly the worst player to ever play the game. She constantly miss read her hands, had the worst tell I've ever seen(when going for a straight, she would count the cards on her fingers), she would show her cards to the players beside her, call you down with absolutely nothing and be surprised when the dealer told her that "no dear, your ten high didn't win". Even so, this little terror managed to compile a pretty decent stack by making terrible calls and sucking-out. She even inadvertently pulled off the most incredible Jedi Mind Trick play I've ever seen: When a 3 hit on the river, she flipped over her pocket 3s and yelled, "I've got boat! I've got boat!". The player she was against mucked his cards before noticing there was no pair on the board. "No, you've got a set. I've got the straight." But it was too late. His cards were in the muck. I guess that show that the other players at the table weren't much better than her. over the next hour, her stack melted away and she slunk off in to the afternoon.

    The point is, if there weren't players like this out there, poker would be a lot less profitable, and if players like this didn't ocassionally suck-out on good players, they would quickly give up the game. So don't get too upset about those bad beats to "insane" players. Think of it as an investment that will pay back ten fold if you sick to your guns.

    As for the rest of my day, I won the first tournament in the afternoon($50 buy-in, 30 entrants) and took 5th and cashed in the evening tournament(also $50 with 30 players), and I won a couple hundred dollars in the cash game. I would have won another $800, but I made that bad beat investment to the game of poker on 2 big hands. I just played the same solid game that I play here and let the craziness rage around me without taking part in it.

    I have found live poker to be a lot easier than internet poker an PSO has given me the knowledge and confidence to exploit it.

    aka BalSac the Jaws 'o Death

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    Well written essay. I love your attitude. "you can't win without losers in the game."

    Congratulations on your tournaments and the cash game.

    You sound like you might be a Jedi Master at Poker.

    /s/ Marion


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      How did your "wingman" do?

      Thanks for detailing above, and if you get a chance, are you going back for more? If not there, while you are touring?

      I'm so glad you had both a good time and prosperous one.


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        Great job! Glad you were so successful! Thanks for the post!



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          Originally posted by ALSpath
          How did your "wingman" do?

          Thanks for detailing above, and if you get a chance, are you going back for more? If not there, while you are touring?

          I'm so glad you had both a good time and prosperous one.
          As for my "wingman" (many of you may know him as MidgetsRFunny, the 2nd ranked player at PSO), he battled valiantly against extreme lack of sleep (he flew in from Chicago, then we spent the day drinking, eating wings and watching football, before we drove 5 hours through the night to Atlantic City) but was knocked out of both tournaments. He lost an $800 pot where he flopped the nut straight but was call by a J/8 that made the flush on the river("it was soooooted"), won all of that back, and then got crushed on two hands when he woke up early and left the Hilton to go to the Tropicana before we left the next day. All in all, he ended up winning about $400, I think.


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            about me doing it again.... F yeah! I will be playing every chance I get while I am on tour the next 2 months. I will be at the card room at the Hard Rock Vegas Oct 9th, I'd like to go play in LA on the 12th(but probably won't have time because of press), St Louis River boats on the 19th, the Magestic in Gary IN the 23rd. In November, Calgary, Reno, and wherever I can find a game.
            And of course, I will see you all on PSO every free minute I have.


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              The competition here is better than the online sites with the play money. In fact, it is just as good as the live tourneys that I play in. It's a good mix. Great place for me to play at and experiment with different strategies.

              I find when I go to Vegas and I'm not playing in a venue where there is a big tournament, you can usually play in the smaller tournaments and cash games and find yourself amongst a lot of bad or inexperienced players and win as long as they don't suck out on you.

              Nice trip report. Good luck on your other tour stops!


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                Bad news Derks, I don't think the Hard Rock has a poker room! Or if they do it is the best kept secret in Vegas.

                No worries, there are plenty more in town. We'll find one that works and have some fun with the tourists.




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