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Borgata Open

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  • Borgata Open

    I know that AJ(AJD804), Yan (Siberianex) and I (Machinegun) all played in the first event NLHE 500 + 60

    940 runners, all 3 of us were in it when they moved us all up stairs. At first only the first 70 tables were upstairs, but we bagged our chips and moved upstairs when were down to 400.

    I initially doubled up to 10,000, but was at 8000 when we moved upstairs. I think at that point AJ was around 15,000, and Yan and I were simarily stacked.

    I was looking to make a move and saw an opportunity. Blinds 200/400 antes 25 I am in the BB. 2 callers, comes around to the SB who is down to 4000 and he goes all in. I look down and have A-10 suited, I figured a good time to make an isolation play, putting the SB on A-crap. I go all in.

    Both callers fold, and presto- the SB turns over 10-6 off suit. Yippie!!! Well I am sure you can guess that his 6 hits on the flop and holds up.

    Shortly later I am in the BB again with 3000 and secounds away from the next break and a blind raise. Button raised 3x, I go all in with K Js. He turns over a pair of J and it holds up.

    Yan came in the money at 69th for $705. Way to go Yan!!!! Still waiting to hear from AJ. He was over 30000 at one point, about 25,000 when I left.

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    2nd Borgata Event

    I was hesitent to post what happened in my 2nd event, but if it will help anyone out I should post it.

    Requested enough sponsorship points to play in 2 events. Called the Borgata maybe 2 days before the first event and they told me that they did receive my wire, but they only can keep it for 10 days so it was sent back. I contacted PSO and gave them this info. A few days later PSO said they would resend the wire. I fronted the money for the first event and would pick-up the full wire before the second event.

    I was informed by PSO that the new wire was sent, drove down to AC to play in a 1500+100 event. The Borgats tells me there is no wire. Now I am tilting. "When was it sent?" they ask, "yesterday" I reply. They go to check again, takes them about 25 or more minutes, so I have been at the window for quite some time. " We found it, it came in at the very end of the day yesterday."

    By now the event has started, still have to fill out the paperwork to get my money, that takes some time. I double time it to go register, am still on tilt from waiting for over a half-hour to see if my day is a complete waste. I get my seat assignment, sit down, fairly soon get delt AK, I rasie it up with about 4 callers. King flops with 2 low cards leaving straight and flush draws on the board. Someone comes in for 800, I make it 1800, he thinks and calls. Next card is no help. At this point I should have given him bad odds to call, I know that, but I bet 3000 into a 6000 pot actually gining him decent odds on his draws. He only has to bet 3000 to win 9,000.

    My mind just was not fuctioning correctly. I was still steaming. He calls, cathes his straight, goes all in for 3,000 more. I don't even think I looked at the river card very closely, I just call thnking he didn't make his hand. I am still in the tourney, but not for long. (Lost with another AK).

    Not trying to blame anyone at PSO, I could have done things differently. But it is a story worth telling.

    AJ signs up for tournaments days in advance. LisaLisa goes for a long walk to get focused before she sits down. I didn't have a clear mind at all after these circumstances. Oh well.



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