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Shane skips class, plays poker

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  • Shane skips class, plays poker

    I was in Las Vegas from 2/16 until 2/20 for a veterinary conference. I did go to a few classes, but I was staying at the Mirage, and I had to play to get the poker rate (85 a night), and it's such a looooong walk to Mandalay Bay ( the conference), and their food is so expensive there, and I can get comps at the Mirage, and the drinks are FREE at the poker table, and well, I played poker.

    First day is Sunday. Go to Orleans for nooner NLHE. $30 entry and one $20 rebuy. I tell my friend, BigGhost, "I think folks will be tighter since there is only one rebuy" WRONG!! It was rock-n-roll was the opening bell. I busted in the first 30 minutes when a wild man made a strait on the river vs my KK. (whine-whine). I rebought and dwindeld away with yucky cards.

    Go to Mirage, take a nap, and play 6-12. Make $100. (YES!!!)

    I call Vega$, and make tentative plans to get together Tuesday. I lost your phone number, and never called back, and felt really stupid.. I apologize. ops:

    Monday - Wake up too early (STill on Tulsa Time) get cleaned up and go play poker. Only game is a 3-6 with sleepy people and off-duty dealers. DEAL ME IN!! This table has an automatic shuffler. Its like the shufflers at the table games, but it is built in below the table. It counts the cards, and is shuffling one deck while the dealer deals the other deck. It is GREAT!. The biggest thing is that you get more hands per hour. Estimates are 6 to 8. Dealers love it too.
    In this game, I remember one hand with 33 in the big blind. 7 people in. All limpers. I remember Barry's advice in his talk in Tunica to sometimes raise in BB with small pocket pairs, so I do. Flop comes K-3-9. (HOLY COW) I start bettin and raising every chance I get. Final board is K-3-9-7-2, with no flush. I get two callers on the river. One guy has a K-10, and other guy has 9-7 soooooted (He raised me on the turn, so I reraised, of course). THANK YOU Barry. It was a really big pile of blue chips. One player even began to "advise me" on the proper play of pocket pairs. I responded with "But I just had this feeling, ya know?"

    Go to lectures about vomiting dogs and vomiting cats. Come back to Mirage, Take nap, and play more.

    Tuesday is the $60 buyin, and unlimited $40 rebuys NLHE at the Mirage, and I have made it the "focus" of this trip, so I decide to skip lectures and get pumped up for this tourney.

    Relax in am, play a little 6-12, and sign up for a sat. I get in the first sat ($15 buyin. 11 people. 300 in chips, start at 10-15 blinds, and 10 minute rounds). Short story is that I WON it. One key hand was at the 100-200 level, I was BB with 225 left in chips after posting with Q-7 spades. 5 handed. All fold to small blind (bad player) who raises allin. It is only a 125 more to call, so I go for it. SB play a LOT of hands, and has yo-yoed in chips. She shows j-10 hearts. Flop comes with a 10, and 2 spades. I make the flush, go on a major rush and win the sat. (pays a $60 entry ticket and $75 cash.)

    "The Big Tourney"

    I will try to not make this too long. I have drawn a seat at the table that will be the "final table" , so I know my table will not break. I look around and see the wild man that busted me athe Orleans tourney. (I know what kind of cards you play dude). $60 buyin (my sat victory), 500 in chips, unlimited rebuys at $40 a pop whenever chips go below 500, and one "addon" at break. 10-15 blinds to start and 30 minute rounds. My table is mixture of clueless, wild men, a few tightwads (I am one of these), and 2 pretty good players. I take immediate rebuy, after posting blinds. and play 2 hands in first hour. First hand I play, I have AA and raise to 200 in early position (Blinds are 15-30, but if you raise to only 100 or 150 you get 2 or 3 or 4 callers). Player reraises allin with AK. I call and double up. Next hand I limp with 88. 5 people see flop. I end up winning and busting a guy. Board is 2-6-7-8-6. He had 6-8. At break I have 3000 in chips.

    I still play tight after break, and our table begins to lose players. I begin to successfully steal some blinds as the opportunities arise, but in retrospect, I think I should have been a little more aggressive, or at least tried once to "steal from the stealer". I have one major confrontation at the very last hand of 50-100 blinds. I am first to act with AK. I raise to 500, and button moves allin. I have about 3500 in chips and he has 2200, so 1700 to call. He is new at the table , and I have no idea about him. So I call. He shows KK. I tell dealer "I need some help". I get an Ace on the flop. I win, and unfortunantly this is the highest my stack will ever get. More good players come to my table and blinds move up. From this point on it was rare to see a flop. Play followed one of three scenarios. (1) A raise of 3X or 4X BB and all fold. (2) Big raise and other player goes allin---Followed by a fold of original raiser, or 2 allin players with no further action. I even raised allin from the small blind with j-4 with blinds at 250-500 onc time. BB took a long time and finally folded, showing me an Ace. "Bad Kicker' he says. I show him my Jack. and he says to himself "Good fold". The final hand-- I am down to 3500 now. Blinds at 250-500. Table is 6-handed and 22 left. Tables will not break until it gets to 18, then do two 9-handed tables. Blinds are getting ready to go up again. I have A-8o in BB and have 2500 left after posting. Button is a monster stack (20k -- He was a 10k stack then doubled up with AQ vs KK about 4 hands before.) Since doubling up this guy has raised 1000 about half the hands with nobody playing back at him. He raises his usual 1000, and I go allin. He ponders, asks for a count-down of my stack (1500 to call, sir) and calls with K-10 hearts. Flop comes A-3-J. (Great. This is super). Turn is a 7. (I am counting the chips already. This is really great). Once of the other players says to his neighbor "Yeah, a Q will make a straight". NO-NO. Don't say such things. Of course, the river is a Queen. I finish 22 of 90 people. I think there were about 200 or so rebuys. Time for Bed.

    Overall, I only played those two tourneys, and the rest were money games from 1-5, 4-8, 5-10 stud and 3-6, 4-8, 6-12, and 10-20 Holdem. I left a winner, and thought I played better than last time I played. I still am trying to get the "kinks" worked out of my 10-20 game.

    1-5 Stud you say? "He must really be desperate for a game" I know at least one of you said that out-loud. Well, let me tell you, I got in a 1-5 stud at Bellagio, waiting for a seat in another game, and Bellagio made a great adjustment in that game. A 25 cent ante.
    That's all it took. Everyone makes an ante of a quarter, and low card comes in for $1.00. So, people tend to limp in (Only a dollar to call, and the pot is THREE dollars) and bad players tend to call a little more on 4th and 5th street (Gee. I got 3 to a flush, and an Ace, and 3 to a strait, and it's only 3 dollars to call, and two more cards to come and the pot is $20.00).

    I was amazed at the difference the ante made.

    Final poker story and then I am done, If you have made it this far.

    "Tale of Three Kings"

    I am at Bellagio in a boogie-woogie (loose players, and quit a few raises, and lots of callers) 4-8 game. I am about even after 90 minutes, with yucky cards, drinkiing a Strawberry Julius, and chatting with people, and then I have KsKh in small blind. One early limper, and then wild woman (WW) raises (She plays a lot of hands and almost always brings it in for a raise). Crazy guy (CG) reraises (He plays a lot of goofy hands, tends to be aggressuve, and has a hard time folding once he gets involved.) I reraise. The table gets quiet. All fold to WW, She reraises, and the three of us cap it. I begin the secret KK chant (NO ACE. NO ACE) and the flop comes 4-k-8. Awesome. But wait!!! the 4 and 8 are spades. I bet. WW Raises. CG reraises. and we cap it again. (What the hell do these people have??????) Turn comes 5 spades. (CRAP-CRAP-CRAP-CRAP) I check. WW bets and CG raises. I begin the secret "I have a set a need a boat to beat the flush chant" (Pair the board-Pair the board-Pair the board) I call and WW calls. River card is the Queen of spades. I am completely disgusted that the secret chant did not work, and truely pissed off. I check . WW Bets, and CG raises.

    I am actually tilted and pissed now and muck my cards face-up saying "They are no good". The table (and probably you also) gasped, the dealer stares at my black King, shrugs, and mucks them.
    WW reaises, and CG calls.

    What do they have?

    CG had J-7 spades. I told you he was crazy. After this hand he went on major tilt and pissed of a rack and a half of blue chips.

    WW had Ace-spades and Ace-diamonds. The table gasped and the guy next to me said "Wow- Hell of a fold. I could never do that"

    I confess that it did not even register in my brain that I had the second nut flush. I was so focused on "needing the board to pair", that I did not "see" my flush. I felt really stupid, and tilted, so I played around to my BB, then got up and left. I could be worse. I could have done that in a 10-20 game.

    Thanks for listening.
    Shane aka Jeff

    I had a lot of fun, played poker, got some Veterinary Medicine CE ( I really did go classes), had dinner with friends, overall won about $300, and am ready to go back next year.

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    Re: Shane skips class, plays poker

    [quote="Shane"] I busted in the first 30 minutes when a wild man made a strait on the river vs my KK. (whine-whine). I rebought and dwindeld away with yucky cards.

    I look around and see the wild man that busted me (I know what kind of cards you play dude). quote]

    Just so everyone knows, I have not played cards within 100 miles of Vegas in almost 4 years.



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      Shane thanks for the great trip report. Its probable a good thing that you never got a hold of Vega$ as his sheep is irresistable and I know your married Now the tough part begins...back to reality, I hate the first couple days at home after being in Las vegas.

      Thief 21
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        LOL Bill. You are a good player. I saw you finish in the money in the Sam's Town and the PSO tourney in Tunica. You raise with some er-um "unusual" cards, but you do not make foolish calls. And actually you have given me two quotes, or "bits of advice"

        (1) Advice on winning a tournament "Survive and then go on a rush at the final table"

        (2)"When you are playing a tourney and you get involved in a pot, especially late in the tourney, You are playing for all your F*****G

        Thanks Bill. I am glad I have met you and look forward to playing you in poker again.

        Shane aka Jeff


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          Great story. Very enjoyable to read. Kind of started something in me that wants to head West (from Dallas) to see for myself.

          Thanks. I look forward to your next story.




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