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Trip Report: Commerce Casino

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  • Trip Report: Commerce Casino

    Trip Report: Commerce Casino

    The Commerce Casino in Los Angeles is a classic! For those of you that don’t know about it, the Commerce Casino boasts of having the largest poker card room in the world. And I believe it. The main floor is huge: you can’t possibly get around to all the games. For someone like me, it just blows you socks off! The game selection is beyond comprehension. In the cash games area, it is a sea of humanity with three or four different places to signup for a table. You see people eating at the tables, people literally sleeping at the tables (I don’t know what they do with their hands) and god knows what else.

    My game is Limit Hold’em Cash tables in the middle and high limits. So I first asked where the $10/20 LHE tables were. I was somewhat surprised to find out that they don’t play a $10/20 table… but they do play a $9/18 LHE table and that is where I would up. I don’t understand why they have a $10/20 but it was not really a problem for me. I had a five minute wait for a seat in which time I bought $400 worth of chips. They use $3 chips so it was a little more than one tray.

    The first round of poker, I was not dealt playable cards, so I watched my opponents. It was the usual list of suspects. There were three players that were playing about three quarters of their hands dealt; so I got an idea of who the fish were. Then, there was a guy that plays A3o from early position: so I have an Axer on the table. The remainder of the players seems to play reasonable cards. On the second round, I was further able to define that a little better. Most of the hands played on the table were limps with few raises. Therefore, the table seem to play normal to loose passive. One guy that I thought was playing reasonable proved to be a calling station: good to know as I do not want to run a bluff on him.

    Ok: the first three rounds, I got only one hand, AJo in late position which I bet on the flop and everyone folded. Just before the blinds reach seat 3, he decides to leave and I ask for his chair (I was in seat 6). I pick up the blind and finally get dealt a good hand, a pair of K’s. Again it is limped to me and I raise from the blinds. I am in the flop with 5 other players. The flop is Kxx. I bet all three streets and take down a very nice pot. Several players were lost at the flop but I got two to the river.

    Generally, the table is becoming wary of me. So I then played Q7s from early position. Now I never play this hand let alone form early position. But the calling station calls me. The flop is Q7x. And the x is my suit. I bet and the calling station raises me. Interesting! You don’t expect calling stations to do that: he has a hand! On the turn, I check and he bets. The card another x of my suit. On the river, I miss my flush and check. The calling station bets and I call. He has a set of 7’s but now the table sees me with a trash hand in early position.

    A few ands later, another guy who had been at the table for a couple of hands asks for seat change to Seat 2. I have pegged this guy as somebody who knows how to play the game! At the next time he is UTG, he bet (I thought!) and I am putting my chips into the middle when I am told I am light! He actually raised… so I have to commit another $9 to the pot. My hand Q9s. This really sucks I thought! What I was trying to do was get a cheap look at the flop with favorable odds. Since the table was loose passive, I thought I could get away with this move. UGH!

    But it did not turn half bad: The flop was J8 of my suit and an A giving me a flush draw and an inside straight draw. The good player in Seat 2 bets and I call along with two other players. The turn is a T not of my suit but now I have a straight. Seat 2 bets and I raise. The river is a K giving me the nut straight. Seat two bets, I raise and he reraises. I call. He has AQ so we chop the pot. But he clearly was not happy about me playing Q9s next to him! This worked to my advantage because he became a calling station whenever he and I were in a hand together. Of course I was careful to have the goods from then on.

    My evening at the Commerce resulted in me checking out after two hours (I am still jet lagged and therefore a bit tired) with $596 for a profit of $196 for the night. Not bad!

    I can’t say much about the food or beverages at the Commerce: I did not sample them. But apparently you have a wide menu choice: I saw Chinese food and Mexican food at the tables and one of the restaurants look Continental in style. There was also a New Deli advertised.

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    Thanks for the report, my jaw dropped the first time I saw it also (this picture does not do it justice):

    And here's something I liked about it:

    Bring Your Home Game Here

    Tired of holding your home poker game in the same environment every week? Or maybe you and your friends are just beginning to play, but are intimidated about venturing out to play in a casino on your own? Then, of course, there are those great excuses for a party—birthdays and bachelor/ bachelorette celebrations! Maybe you’re looking for a new way to entertain out-of-town guests over the holidays?

    For all those reasons Commerce Casino is offering to let you “Bring Your Home Game to Commerce Casino.” You’ll get VIP treatment with a special game created just for your personal friends and family members. We can accommodate 10 people to ??????????? Plus....your table can hit a Jackpot worth



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