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Trip Report: Casino Windsor

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  • Trip Report: Casino Windsor

    Trip report: Casino Windsor

    Casino Windsor is located in Windsor, Ontario, directly across the river from Detroit Michigan. To reach it from the US side, you either cross the Ambassador Bridge or take the Tunnel from downtown Detroit. Living in on the West side of Toledo, it is a 67 mile drive using the Ambassador Bridge. Casino Windsor is a Hurrah’s property and so its “Total Rewards” card is accepted for comps as it would be at any of the 40+ Hurrah’s properties.

    Despite living relatively close to Casino Windsor, I had never played there before. So today, as part of my birthday treats, I went there to check it out. I have to say that I really like it. I have visited the casinos in downtown Detroit and have not been impressed. Casino Windsor in my opinion is much better.

    They have a well appointed and well run card room with about 15 tables. It is small but very friendly. I am playing on a Summer Tuesday afternoon so business is a bit slow. When I started playing at noon, there was several tables in play from the morning tournament, three tables of NHLE (two $1/$2 and a $2/$5) and only one $3/$6 LHE game which is my specialty. I understand the tournaments are daily beginning at 10:00AM. On Monday thru Thursday the buy in is $50+($5? reg) and Friday to Sunday, it is a $100 + (reg) buy in. Typically, on weekdays, they get about 60 players and on the weekends about 100 players. At the end of each month, I am told that there is $500+ (reg) tournament which has only about 30 players. But tournaments are not my forte when I go to a casino. I look for cash tables and specifically medium to high stakes Limit Hold’em Tables.

    The only game in play the whole afternoon was the $3/6 LHE table. It started when I got there as I was the 5th player to put my name on the interest list. From Noon until 4:00 PM when I left, we never had a full table. At one point we did have 8 players but most of the time, we played 6 handed. Three players (I was one of them) were at the table the complete 4 hours. Other players moved in and out.

    The whole time, the table was loose passive. The most aggressive player and the tightest player on the table was yours truly. Seat 1 was a seemingly good and sharp but passive player. Seats 2 through 5 varied with a number of players none of which were very good.

    In seat 6 was another Toledo player who Loose preflop and aggressive postflop. He was a regular and told me about the daily bus from Toledo to Casino Windsor ($12 but they give $20 in chips when you get to the casino! I will have to try this in the future.) Seat 6 probably took about $150 off the table over the 4 hour period. Seat 6 definitely knew how to play the game and was a Level 3 player (I used this against him. Thanks, Dave!) In seat 7, was a very friendly Italian fellow who kept the table interesting with his comments. He was better than the players that had seats 2 to 5 but he lost money while I was there.

    I took seat 8. I like Seat 8 because I can see the whole table and all the players. It allows me to observe tells and demeanor of all players. My play could only be described as tight aggressive/aggressive. I was the only other winner at the table and took off $87 the table for the afternoon.

    Seat 9 was initially occupied by a woman who could be aggressive at times. However, play was very poor and she lost at least two stacks while I was there. For the first two hours, she was the ATM for Seats 1 and 6. Seat 10 was not occupied until the last hour. The gentleman that occupied seat 10 was also loose passive and did not play particularly well.

    In the first couple of hours, I was not getting much for cards. At about two hours in, my wife asked me how I was doing. At that point I was down $20. I would win an occasionally hand and then get blinded down. I think I reached a low point of about $50 down. However, starting about 2:30 PM, I started hitting and began building my stack.

    I think I played very well today: my reads were dead on and my plays were crisp. Let me describe some of them:

    On one hand in late position, I had 6d 5d. One loose passive tables, these are the kind of hands that can turn into significant wins due to the pot odds you get to play them. Four players limp before me, and I limp. I was a family pot on a 7 handed table. The flop is 3h 7h 10d giving me a good straight draw. The guy in the big blind bet. A calling station in seat 4 calls, seat 7 calls, I call for 4 people at the turn. The turn is Qh. It is checked around. The river is 8h giving me the straight but putting 4 hearts on the board. It is checked to seat 7 who bets. I fold! I am reading seat 7 for the flush. The big blind calls. The big blind has Q7, no hearts. Seat 7 has 7c 4h and takes the pot.

    Another read that saved me money: I was dealt ppJ on the button. The five players in front of me all limp. I raise with ppJ. The blinds and the other all call giving us a family pot. That is the way it is on loose passive table. The flop is KQQ. Five players play $3 to see the turn; however I folded. Why, ppJ will not have much luck with this kind of flop. I could hope for runner-runner J’s but… LOL. The turn is another Q. Seat 1 in the big blind, a seemingly sharp player but passive, raises. This time, he gets the calling station in seat 4 to call and seat 7 to call. The river is a K putting a full house on the board. Seat 1 checks, the calling station raises and seat 7 calls. Seat 1 reraises and the other two call. Seat 1 has AKs. Seat 4 has ATo, Seat 7 has K4s! Seat 1 and Seat 7 chop the pot.

    This was also a read that I was able to use against the seat 6 player. I was on the button with pp7. Four players limp before me and I limp. There was no small blind but Seat 1 had the big blind and he checks. The flop is 339. It is checked to Seat 6 who bets. I call and the other hands fold. The turn is a 2. Seat 6 checks to me and I bet. Seat 6 calls. (At this point, I was expecting a check raise from seat 6. But he calls. So what does he have? I am figuring 9x. What does he think I have? He has to believe I either have a 3 or a 9. What does he think I think he has? He must believe that I believe he has the 9 as he knows that I know that he would not be in the hand without a link to the board.) On the river he bets and I reraise. I did this because if he believes I have the set, he will fold… he was had previously shown himself capable of doing it. He folds. I turn over the 7’s and verbally says “Shit! I had you!” and flips 98s. I have to thank Dave Roemer for this play: he taught me how to both recognize and take advantage of Level 3 players. You rarely ever get the chance to do this but it paid off here.

    On yet another hand, Seat 1 was UTG and bet. Two players limp in to me. I am holding AcKc and raise. Seat 1 reraises. Only seat 7 stays. When it gets to me I reraise and the Seat 1 caps. This was the only hand that was capped preflop during the whole time I played on this table. I saw a 3 bet only once. Seat 7 stays. The flop is QJ7. Seat 1 bets and I raise. Seat 1 calls. Seat 7 folds. The turn is a ten to give me the nut straight. Seat 1 checks and I bet. I expected Seat 1 to check raise me as he did this before and I folded but he only calls this time. I was a little pissed because he did not. The river is a blank. Seat 1 checks and I bet. He calls and I took down the hand. He did not flip his cards so I am guessing big pair and maybe a set but unlikely. Since he last aggression was the flop, I have to believe only a pair.

    On other point: the buffet at Casino Windsor is OUTSTANDING I would rate it the best that I have seen in any casino and I seen a few. It is international in dishes. The baba ganoush is to kill for! I had deep fried smelt which is very difficult to find anywhere: they were outstanding. I had dim sum: these were as good as the ones I had recently in Xian, China. There was just so much to choose from that it was impossible to sample everything. The tandoori chicken was very good. The steamship beef round was perfectly prepared. The buffet was a little pricey ($19+ a plate) but it certainly was worth every penny of it.

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