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Orleans Open '07

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  • Orleans Open '07

    Greetings, Guys and Gals!
    I finally made it to Las Vegas, and I think their new bumper sticker should read "Money That Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!"
    I went to the Mother Ship City of Poker in order to play in this year's Orleans Open.

    I arrived in Vegas on Sunday, July 15, and after checking into my room, I went to the poker room of that fine establishment. Their poker room does not use the casino's card to track play, they use their own cards. The card making machine was down, but the dude behind the counter assured me he had me down and my play was being tracked. Eight and a half hours later, I discovered that he did NOT enter me into the system, so I was screwed out of those hours.

    I played 4/8 Limit Hold Em and did fairly well. I stared out with two racks of $1 chips, and after eight hours I was down only 20-something bucks. And then a wondrous thing happened. The Bad Beat Jackpot was hit at the table behind me. I've never been present during one, so it was a novel experience. And it netted me $147, so I considered myself up for the night.

    The next day, Monday, July 16, I sat down to play in my first Vegas tournament. Event #3, Limit Hold Em. One hour rounds. 299 players to start. I outlasted more than 2/3 of the field including, I believe, T.J. Cloutier. I could smell the money, but I didn't get to see it. I lasted from noon until shortly after the dinner break at 7:30, so I really couldn't complain. Much.

    The following day, Tuesday, July 17, I entered event #4, a no-limit hold 'em tourney. 338 players to start. Once again, outlasted 2/3 of the field and was put out just before the dinner break. Hmmmm. Can't really complain...played solid poker against accomplished players.

    I should NOT have gone to the poker room after I got put out of this tournament. I should have gone to my room and slept. Yeah, well hindsight is 20/20. Bought a couple of racks of chips and sat at a table loaded with bingo players. They had obviously been eating bowls of Wheaties sprinkled with Splenda and crack cocaine. I swear one of them tried to use a napkin that blew onto our table as a hole card. These were the very picture of donkey players. And you know what happens when one solid players plays at a table full of donkeys? That's right...the solid player doesn't stand a chance in hell. The suck outs were of mythical proportions.

    The only bright spot was that as I was cashing out, an older player said he had been examining my game and said I should have left the table and bought into the 2/5 no limit hold em game. He told me I was too good for the table I had been sitting at. I would love to have agreed with him, but I sure didn't feel like it. day...Wednesday, July 18...made the greatest mistake of my life. No, not the walk I talked about in the main forum page. I sat down for Event #5. No limit hold 'em with re-buys. If I ever sit down for another re-buy tournament in this life-time, I should be beaten to death with my own copy of Super System 2. Here was the problem. Thanks to my shellacking the night before in the poker room, I only had enough for the initial $100 buy in and ONE, count it, ONE re-buy. I might as well have taken the money and used it as Kleenex. I was seated between two dudes who had bottomless pockets. Within ten minutes, they had each re-bought about six times. No joke. On my left was a Russian player who sounded like Boris Badenov and on my right was a wunderkind who was just barely legal to play in a casino who was doing a good job of proving to his parents that he didn't need college in order to earn a living. In short, I was screwed.
    I lasted until after the first break, and was playing tighter than spandex on Jennifer Lopez. After not seeing a decent hand for about 45 minutes, I found myself in the big blind looking down at K 6 of clubs. Pre-flop, everyone simply calls. The flop brings out blank-blank- King. I am low man on the chip totem pole, so when everyone checks around to me, I go all in with top pair. The yahoo to the left of Boris goes all in and it's just the two of us...and he was slow playing pocket rockets. Damn.

    I don't think I need to tell you that no further kings appeared, the fat lady sang, and I poked myself with a fork 'cause I was "done." But that's poker.

    Went to my room and did the usual wringing of hands and asking of pertinent questions. Decided to eat dinner and stay out of everyone else's way.

    The sad part is that in my own fevered imagination, I seriously thought that out of three tournaments, I would make it to day two of at least one of them. So here I was with two days left in Vegas and not enough scratch to really even make much of a showing in the poker room. THAT is what led to my disastrous walk (see "Bart M. Nearly Dies in Vegas" on the main forum page). Boredom and lack of chips...a dangerous and deadly combination.

    Well, folks, I went, I saw, I got cleaned like a dish towel in a laundromat. And as soon as I build my bankroll back up, I'm going back. I figure it took me five years to learn how to play the game, one week to learn how to my time should be right around the corner.

    And, unless I missed something, the world did not end.

    Peace and Prayers to you all.


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    Great report Bart!
    Glad you are still alive to tell about it


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      I thought about playing in that re-buy tourney for about 10 seconds and realized I'd probably end up dumping $500 into it and decided against it. I believe the structure was pretty crappy as well: one or two grand in starting chips or something like that. Re-buy tournies are fun if they are $10 re-buys like the Tuscany but not what the Orleans was offering.



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