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Tulalip: ATTN Seattle players!

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  • Tulalip: ATTN Seattle players!


    This week I have been in Seattle on business. Last night, my brother who lives in Seattle took up to Tulalip which is about 30 miles North of Seattle.

    Tulalip is an Indian Casino which does have a poker room. This room is not the size of most of the rooms that I play in; however, it does have about 25 tables. Last night half of the room was reserved for a tournament that started at 7:00 PM. I did play the tournament. In addition there were six or 7 cash tables which I also played.

    The $100+10 tournament had 91 entrants with a 20 minute level structure on a $3000 starting chip stack. In the tournament, the play was very loose and soft. I don’t think the tournament lasted more than 3 hours. To give you an idea of how bad the play was, on the 3rd level, I was on a stack of about 3500 in late position and was dealt ppA. During the deal, a ten was exposed and mucked. A player in early position opened with a $400 raise. I reraised to $1200 and he called. Everyone else folded. The flop was 2s4d6c. He checked and I pushed. He called with ppT. Unfortunately, he got his one out on the river and I was eliminated. That is just bad poker but it is poker.

    Then I signed up for the highest level Limit table I could find which was a $4/8. (No wait list.) After two hours of play, I was up $631 for an nice tidy profit for the evening. I think the table was getting pretty tired of me “coloring up” as I was the only player at the table that was successful. I did get good cards however. I had several full houses and sets and plenty of action when I did get them. There were players there with VP$IP of 100%... they were in every hand postflop. Of course, they lost big.

    One guy at the table was fairly aggressive at the table but was playing mostly crap. In one hand, he was MP and I was on the Button. True to form, he raised preflop. I was holding ATs, called and flop a flush draw. He bet and I called. On the turn, a low black card fell. He bet and I reraised hoping to pressure him into a fold. The river was also a blank. He checked to me and I checked: as he turned over Th7c, he said “I missed my draw.” I said, “I missed too,” and turned over my A hi winning hand. He was after an inside straight draw on the board.

    But that was more or less typical of the level of play. You could count on having 3 or 4 players minimum at the flop and often the full table. And it tended to be no fold’em hold’em so that you were going to see a showdown. But my hands that I played tended to hold up. I did not play many hands: I would suppose that my VP$IP was about 12-15%. In fact, one player next to me said, you don’t ever play, do you? Well, I did play when I had real hands and I did get good flops.

    For example, on another hand when I was on the button, I was dealt T9s, there were six limpers in front of me and I also limped. The flop was J87. The small blind bet and when it got to me, there were still five players in the hand so I called. On the turn, the small blind (who really was a decent player) bet. When it got to me, there was the one aggressive player in the hand who called and I reraised. The small blind reraised, the aggressive player folded and I capped. On the river, the small blind bet and I reraised which he called: he had top set so I took down a very nice pot.

    Despite my lack of success in the tournament, I would highly recommend the tournament because of the soft play that I saw and the relatively small number of entrants. They pay the top table and their registration fee is comparable to online tournaments. Therefore, these should be a profit center for serious players.

    Oh, and AL: the card keeper that you gave me when I was JBC a couple years back drew a lot of interest in PSO. I did use it last night and several people including the dealers wanted to look at it. And the fact that I was winning big probably was very good PR for PSO! They asked me if I learned how to play at PSO, and I freely admitted that I did. And thanks to Dave Roemer, I pulled down and great profit!

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    Great trip report and good job, fishing 8) .


    PS: Anybody know where I can find a list of what states have casinos with Poker Rooms. I travel throughout the US during the school year(Sept thru May)and having a list with me would be helpful.



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      Thanks Walt.
      Nice write up.
      I will have to try it a time or two as I only live 2 hours south.
      They play hold 'em no fold 'em through this whole state I
      think!! :roll:



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