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Trip Report - WSOP Main Event

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  • Trip Report - WSOP Main Event

    Some sights and sounds experienced while I was playing at the WSOP Main Event. All are true by the way...................

    ** On Day One - heard some sort of weird knocking noise coming from underneath my table... only to realize it was my knees shaking and knocking into one another. All from nerves.

    ** Played in the CEO Poker Tour $500 event at the Venetian a few days before the WSOP Main event. All players in the CEO Poker Tour event received a very nice CEO Poker Tour fitted hat.... Played in the $10,000 WSOP Main event and received a $10 food voucher at the Rio !!!!!!!!!!!

    ** DON'T tell my wife ( "Mrsnvflag"), but on Day One I made eye contact with Cindy Violette and she smiled back at me :-)

    ** Had the opportunity to be moved on Day One to a table right next to the ESPN table where Phil Helmut was playing at. What a character. He was standing up and commenting on hands he was not even playing in. You could sense those around him at or near the table about had it with him.

    ** Applause of Day One - When Phil Helmut got knocked out.... The entire room (thousands of people still left) cheered and hollered mocking Phil.

    ** DAY Two - lean back in my chair at the table I was at and knocked into Gus Hanson who was sitting right behind me at his table. Gus was the chip leader in the tournament on Day Two so the ESPN camera's and photographers were all over him... Of course - you could see the back of me in all of those shots. I didnt realize I had a small bald spot in the back of my head until I saw a photo on Card that night.

    ** At Gus's table was Hevad Khan (made the final table at this year Main Event). This guy honestly is a showboat that will be a highlight of the ESPN telecasts. When he knocked an opponent out he would sing and dance (something I would never do to an opponent). Many folks were ready to give it to this guy... Including the "ICEMAN" who wanted to meet Hevad Khan out in the parking lot.

    ** Who is this ICEMAN character. The Iceman runs with the Grinder Mirachi brother posse. He was moved to my table on Day Two and the ESPN camera and microphones were eating this guy up. I had a nice friendly exchange of words with this ICEMAN guy. I kept calling him the "freezeman and ice cream man" and he kept getting mad and correcting me. All this was caught on camera by ESPN. Whether they show it or not - who knows... Just remember the ICEMAN when they televise the Main Event. He will be shown as he was that funny.

    ** Day Two - Daniel Negreneau and I shared and elevator ride back to our rooms during the dinner break. We Spoke about how he was doing in the tournament. At the time he had 120K in chips. He would be knocked out shortly after getting back from dinner.

    ** DAY THREE - played at a table full of Professionals ... and held my own. Often reraising and stealing pots when I needed chips due to being card dead the entire day. Two of these Pro's just recently made final tables at the WPT (World Poker Tour - Travel channel) and the other made the final table of the World Series of Poker Main event two years ago.

    ** DAY Three - THE BUBBLE (last person eliminated before everyone is "in the money")... what pressure and tension in the room when the bubble approached. Went to hand to hand dealing - what this means is that each table plays a hand at the same time. No new hand can start until all of the other tables have completed... It took close to two hours to play only 15 hands.
    The bubble actually burst at my table. ESPN caught all of the action - and this will be shown on TV. I am seating in seat number 9 on Day Three when this televises. My heart goes out to the bubble boy whose pocket queens lost to an inside straight. Once everyone was in the money you could sense the tension in the room was relieved. I could understand why - Imagine playing for 3 and a half days and getting knocked out without getting a dime. This time period was good for picking up chips in uncontested pots.

    Lets just say the most relieved person in the room when the bubble burst was Mrsnvflag. She was sitting in the stands a good distance from my table. When she saw all of the ESPN camera's rush to my table, she was worried that it might be I that was in this hand. What a relief she said when I made the money.... On a side note - Harrah's offerred the players at the table where the bubble boy busted free massages (for all players). So my entire table got free massages all at the same time while continuing playing after the bubble broke. The ESPN camera's had a field day filming this scene of EVERY player at the table getting a massage at the same time. The table was vibrating to say the least.

    *** Speaking of bubbles. My 15 year old son could not sneak into the room to watch. So he was listening outside the door (security guards let him at least do this). His friends back home was text messaging him with updates online on how I was doing... But my son heard the room erupt in applause when we made the money. He was soooo proud of his dad.

    ** Mrsnvflag (my wife) sweated and watched my all four days (some days were 14 hours)... She was more nervous then I as the bubble approached. She was my strenght and support throughout. I love ya honey... no need to worry about me and Cindy Violette :-)

    ** Shared yet another elvevator ride with a known professional. This time is was with John Phan. John asked how I was doing in the tournament, etc

    ** ESPN will be sure to play out this wonderfull story. But a blind man (yes) made it deep into the money. He had an assistant who would whisper in his ear the hold cards.. and the cards on the flop. Let me tell ya. This person could play some serious poker.

    ** DAY FOUR - My table includes two Poker Hall of Famers (Billy Baxter and Berry Johnson). Berry Johnson actualy won the WSOP Main event years ago. Honestly, at this time (4th day) of the tournament, I was used to playing with Pro's. So I can honestly say my knees were not knocking anymore !!

    ** DAY FOUR - the most insane feeling in the world. Feeling bad when they give you a nice payout check after you get knocked out. The money is nice.... But I honestly thought if I could double up - I was back in this ball game (my pocket pair pre flop lost to K-Q when a King hit the flop)

    ** Watching the "Hazyone" work his butt off each and every day by reporting all of the action for . Let me tell you. Aaron is getting connected in the poker world as he seemed to know everyone who is somebody in the industry.

    ** LINE OF THE DAY - Norman Chad (ESPN commentator) was walking the floor in between tables checking out the action... when a player yelled to Norman that he looked very tired.. Norman Chad replied quickly, "hey buddy, it's not like I am sitting on my butt looking at chips all day" !

    ** HONEST TRUTH........ In the entire tournament - Four days. I was NEVER an underdog in a hand. I never had to suck out on someone to stay alive.

    I am sure there are my stories I forgot to mention. But I think it is now time I stop blogging about my WSOP adventures and hand the ball off to others to blog about their poker adventures.

    God Bless everyone and thanks for the support and well wishes. See ya at the PSO tables real soon.

    Steve D

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    Steve thank you for the report. Im sure the management at PSO is very proud of you, and i know i can speak for all the members when i tell you how proud of you we are also. I have to mention Jerry also, just to see you both make it through that first day impressed me, and it was fun tracking you two.



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      Re: Trip Report - WSOP Main Event

      Originally posted by nvflag
      ** DON'T tell my wife ( "Mrsnvflag"), but on Day One I made eye contact with Cindy Violette and she smiled back at me :-)

      Wish she smiled at me :lol: :lol: :lol:

      CONGRATS you and Jerry did PSO proud.

      Steve D


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        Its been great following the show nvflag!!!!.....realy shows the very best of PSO at work creating these opportunitys for the players who perform the very best here at the school.

        Winning the 15,000 sp's was truly outstanding in itself but to go that deep in the main event also.....amazing stuff....also very motivating stuff for fellow PSO'ers to boot, me included.

        After following/reading about the convention this year and the finale winners and seeing the success of PSO'ers in the WSOP ( Quackpot, Joybell, Butta, NitroxBoss, Spyda1718, Ipatti, Puttyputt and yourself ) has realy motivated me to get with the programme now and quit flapping about so much in pokerworld. .....i'm sure you have had that effect on many others.

        Following the Hazyones's blogs realy added to the overall experience as well and hope he does it again next year when i make it there. ( certainly a 2-3 week trip, but....hopefully for 3 blogging nearer the time for advice on where to head either side of convention/wsop 08 )

        Hope you have continued success and may your bankroll grow fruitfully :lol: .



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          Originally posted by flyingryan
          Steve thank you for the report. Im sure the management at PSO is very proud of you, and i know i can speak for all the members when i tell you how proud of you we are also. I have to mention Jerry also, just to see you both make it through that first day impressed me, and it was fun tracking you two.

          Definitely very proud of you! And you are so lucky to have a brother like Jerry, your "biggest fan"!




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