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Vegas Trip-WSOP Main Event

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  • Vegas Trip-WSOP Main Event

    Warning LONG POST.

    Well I am back from the WSOP and obviously the fact that I am home indicates that I do not have great news to report. I wanted to provide a detailed trip report and needed a day to collect my thoughts. I am going to provide as much detail as to the sights and sounds of the WSOP so I apologize if some may find this boring. I was very interested in the details before I arrived so I hope that some of you may find this interesting.

    First I want to thank NewJane for her support leading up to this event.

    I arrived in Vegas about 11:30 pm on Thursday and took a cab to the Rio to check into my room. Every step of the way someone is asking whether you are playing in the WSOP and it was cool to be able to say yes. After dropping my bags in the hotel room I hustled down to the convention area to get registered. By this time it was about 1 am and I wanted to get this done now while the lines were manageable. I pre-registered (wired money to the Rio) so I was able to skip what was a very long line for walk up registration. The pre-registration took about 20 minutes and I was assigned Day 1C table 89 seat 4.

    Then I went to the Amazon Room to check it out and find table 89. The Amazon room is big but not as big as I expected. In may opinion it looks much larger on television. They were holding satellites for the main event, had an area set aside for cash games, the charity tourney for Darfur was still taking place, and the final table of the NL 2-7 between Erik Sidel and Chad Brown was taking place. I stopped and watched about 30 minutes of this final table. Even though Brown started with a 2-1 chip advantage Sidel was thoroughly outplaying him and ended up winning. If you think about it there is no crazier game (not even Razz) than NL 2-7. You get to see none of your opponents cards at any time and are making decisions solely on what you hold and how many cards your opponent drew. Chad Brown did run a big bluff on Erik by drawing no cards and betting $1 million. Erik thought for about 5 minutes and folded. Chad showed him Q high with a pair of fives. While I was very excited to be there I decided sleep was a better call than playing any cash games at this point as I was exhausted. Oh and I found table 89 and it was in the tent BOOO!.

    Friday morning I got and got down to the Amazon Room about 10 a.m. and got on a $2-$5 no limit table. I wanted to be in the room when day 1A kicked off at 12 pm. One table over Moneymaker was sitting playing in a bigger NL game. Looked like he was taking the worst of it. His dad (still following him around) put a chair in the middle of the aisle blocking all of the cocktail waitresses and chip runners and refused to move. Needless to say the WSOP is very patient with their former champions. At about 12:00 they let the players in and got things rolling with "Shuffle Up and Deal" at about 12:15. I was happy to see table 89 got moved into the Amazon Room for the Main Event. I went to cash in my chips at the caged and heard "All in call on table xxx." It was maybe six minutes into play. The table was about 10 feet from where I was standing. Flop was three hearts. First guy turns over a made king high flush the second guy turns over AA with the Ah. Board bricks out and the aces were sent packing. The player looked sick to his stomach. Frankly I felt sick to my stomach.

    I headed over the Bellagio to play the $2,500 NL tourney. It was a pretty good field (John Gales, Steve Danneman, JJ Liu (fortunately wearing age appropriate clothing) of what appeared to be WPT regulars. We started with $5,000 and $25-$50 blinds. Not much to report in the first level finished with about $4,600 in chips. In the second level I got AA in the cut-off (blinds 50-100). There was one limper UTG who was a very active player and had been limping into pots with everything imaginable (10-6 etc.) and another active but more selective player in the BB. I made the standard raise to $400 and the bb called and the utg folded. Flop comes 8-9-2 rainbow. BB checks and I bet $1,000 BB calls. Turn is a ten. BB checks and now I am not loving my hand very much. I check behind. The turn is a J and now my hand is dead to me. The BB checks and I check and he shows me a set of jacks. I show my aces. Very next hand I get aces. It is folded to me with the very aggressive play in the BB now. I think about this and try to represent that I am steaming and raise to $500 hoping to get reraised. No such luck as every one folds. At the end of the level we go on break Iand I am short stacked at about $2,300 in chips. I manage to build my stack up to $5,600 hundred in the next level and am just slightly below average ($6,900) and feeling much better about how things are going. And then the "hand" occurs. There was one player at the table who was just about the tightest player i have ever played in a tournament against. She had maybe played three hands all day. I was in the small blind and we were at $100-$200 with $25 ante. She raises to $700 in early position. I look down and find pocket tens. Now I know without a doubt she has Aces, Ks,or Qs. I call for $600 more. The flop comes 10-8-5 with two clubs. I check knowing full well she is going to bet. She moves all in. I have her covered by $600. I call. The turn is an A and the river is the case A. So for the record it does not just happen on the internet. Two hands later my $550 goes into the pot with A-8 and I lose to pocket 8s.

    I head to the Rio and get changed and decide to play the in the Caesars $540 at 7 pm if no other reason than to get that hand out of my system prior to the WSOP. There were 103 players, almost all killing time before their turn to play in the WSOP. We started with $4,500 in chips. The blinds in this event went up every 40 minutes and the ante starts in level 3. I got off to an awful start and was down to $2,300 at the first break. A few hands after the break I get moved to a table with the chip leader directly to my left and he has a little over $25k in chips. I am reminding myself to remain patient and look for situations with fold equity. I pick up a couple blinds here and there and basically tread water into the next level which is $200-400 with a $50 ante. I get AK in late position and move all in and get called by A-9 and double-up. Now I am at about $5,200 and managed to work my way up to $9,800 which believe it or not was about 3rd in chips at the table. There was a lot moving all in pre-flop occuring. Then a big hand came up. I was in the bb with 88 and the cut-off raised all in for $4,600 into a pot that was folded to her. Everyone folded to me. The blinds were now $400-$800. This player had played a hand earlier where she moved in over the top of a raise with KK. Her opponent talked to her and she appeared loose and relaxed and chatted with him. Well now she was stiff as a board and hardly breathing. She looked very uncomfortable. After about a minute or so I called and she said good call and turned over k-10 unsuited. My eights held up and was up near $15k. A short while later I got involved in a nice size pot under very good circumstances. I was in the small blind (500-1000) An early limper and then cut-off makes it $3,200 and button goes all in for $2,900. I have 66 and might have folded this hand in some circumstances but because I might get to see all five cards in an effort to eliminate the button I call. The limper folds. Now pre-flop starts talking to me, "you aren't going to do anything dumb like bet are you." I say nothing. Another player says well if he flops a set he will move all in. Cut-off asks, "Will you move all in if you flop a set." I say nothing. Flop comes A-7-6. I move all in. The cut-off guy goes nuts. High comedy. He folds A-Q face up. The turn and the river come 7-7. His ace would have been good. Did hear the end of this for about an hour from the cut-off. Now I am up to around $25k. Very shortly thereafter I get pocket 7s in the SB and call a raise from the BB (big stack). Flop comes k-7-5. I bet $5,000 and he raises me all in. I call and he has AK and I double up to over $50k. By the time we get to two tables I am chip leader with $80+. To make a very long story short I finish 2nd and win $8,000. The winner got $14k plus $10k seat into Caesars Classic in October. Final hand, I have $220k and other guy has $243K. Blinds are $5k-$10 with a $2k ante. I have QJ. I raise to $30k and he calls. Flop comes J-9-3 rainbow. I bet out $100k and he moves all-in. I call. He turns over J-10. The turn is a 7 and the river is an 8 for his gutshot straight.

    I am feelling pretty good about my game going into the WSOP. I take Saturday off go the pool eat well and play no poker. Sunday I get up have breakfast with a friend who has played the main event a couple times and we compare notes. I head to the Amazon Room and take my seat. No big names at my table although Allan Cunningham is at the next table over and Chris Ferguson and Robert Varkoney (sp) are two tables away. Overall I did not feel too nervous and when the cards were dealt it was just like any other poker game. I came very close to being the first person out. On the 3rd hand I get KK in the BB. Mid-position players raises to $250 (blinds $50-$100) and the sb calls. I reraise to $900. Basically I just want this hand to go away. Big pairs with stacks 200 bbs deep scare the hell out me. Mid-position folds and sb smooth calls me. Flop comes 9-6-3 with two clubs. SB checks I bet $2,500. He raise it to $7,500 total. Here is where I made a huge mistake entirely due to nerves. I simply called. The turn is a 8 spades. He moves all in. I fold kk face up and he shows my pocket 9s for a flopped set. Now I have to admit I am a little rattled. I am proud for getting out of the way but wish I had either played it differently. The same player with 9s ends up knocking the guy on my left out of the tourney two hands later (first guy out). Pocket Kings versus pocket queens on a KQX flop. He then informs the table he has had 6 pairs in the first orbit. He now has $55k+ in chips. Not much to report after this hand as I pretty much went card dead for about 6 hours. Before the end of the third level I went out when I ran my JJ into KK. Throwing out the KKs in hand three in six hours of play i never got AA, AK, AJ, QQ, 1010, or even KJ or QJ. I lost twice with JJ, small amount early and busted out with them. I got AQ once and won a decent pot. And I got KQ twice; won one pot and folded pre-flop to a raise and a reraise.

    Wrap up:
    I will play in the WSOP again. The level of play is not any different overall than what we all are used to. Obviously if you have a pro at your table that will change a little bit but all in all a good solid player can do well if the cards break even for them.

    The WSOP makes you enter and exit the tournament area through a Poker Expo. Very annoying to have to walk thru a dozen times a day. It is chalk full of people selling poker equipment, video games, golf equipment, alcohol, and strippers. Yes that's right strippers. The strip clubs in Vegas have booths staffed with strippers. High comedy.

    It is worth going out the WSOP just to see the spectacle of the whole thing.

    I would like to thank everyone for your support. I am happy to answer any questions.

    Sorry for the long post and I apologize for any typos.

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    real good stuff there, i was never bored, and congrats on the 2nd. Did you and the other player ever talk about chopping since you were so close in stacks, and just letting the winner have the seat at The Caesars?



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      Awesome report...
      Congrats on the 2nd place finish!!
      And don't be hard on yourself about the got to do something many of us never will experience!


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        Great report.

        your lead in was a bit tricky. Yeah, you didn't do to well in the ME. You weren't to shabby in the Ceasars event, though. That should be a great confidence booster. Second place ain't great ($8000.00 :roll: ), but it beats the heck out of a bubble...........

        Wait until next year......



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