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WSOP Main Event-Still alive !

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  • WSOP Main Event-Still alive !

    Well nvflag made it thru Day One at the World Series of Poker Main Event.

    First off , congrats to Jerry (xxxpiratexxx) for also making it through a very long day of poker on Day 1 on Monday at the World Series Main event. We started at 12 noon and played until 3:30am in the morning.

    Although I am short stacked at 14K. This is not unfamiliar territory for myself as nvflag qualified for the WSOP main event by winning the Annual Members event and then the Big One at PSO - all by coming back from being short stacked. Also I was short stacked for over 6 hours on Day one yesterday as I went completely card dead. I just used "first in equity" to stratigically pick my spots to pick up pots, etc. That is a key that all PSO members need to understand. First in equity when short stacked with enough chips where your all in call can cause damage to the other players chip counts if they decide to call you. You have two chances to win the pot. One by them folding to your all in... and two, winning the all in showdown. You hate to push all in after someone has called or raised before you as they most likely will have a good starting hand that you will be going up against.

    The reality on Day Two is if I double up once my "M" goes up above 10... If I can double up twice, I am back in this ball game around average chip stack. The lesson here is not to worry so much about average chip stacks - and chip leaders.... but understand how much chips you have left in relation to the blinds and antes.

    So if I sound like I am "not" ready to throw in the towel in the main event because I am short stacked after day one - you are 110% correct. I understand the odds are long to surviving to the end of Day two. But as you all know - my brother Pirates (not to be confused with xxxpiratexxx) gives me the inspiration to NEVER EVER give up on anything in life.

    God has blessed my with so much wonderfull things in life. Making thru Day one in my first ever WSOP main event is yet another blessing I am gratefull for. I also want to thank all of my PSO friends for the support. It means alot. But lets all remember that there is so much more going on in life more important then the WSOP and poker.

    My thoughts at this time also goes to Mark and Tina (and Marks brother who is battling a medical issue). If it was not for Mark and Tina creating and maintaining PSO - I would never be playing in the WSOP this week. So my (and all of ours) prayers are still daily for the recovery, healing, peace and caring for Mark's brother and their entire family.

    To be honest and not macho, I cannot tell you how nerve racking and tiring it was on Monday. The HazyOne (Aaron) has excellent Day one coverage of Jerry and I on

    God Bless and have a great day

    Steve D

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    Keep it up Steve. Youve outlasted the first 2/3 of the field. Now you have them where you want them. Good job.



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      Good Job so far and I like your atttitude. I dont know how many times I have gone deep in tournies with a short stack.

      Survive and thrive baby.

      Im rooting for ya and want to see you at the final table. Lets put Virginia on the Poker Map.




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        Good job so far Steve...time to make your mark on Day 2.


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          WTG Steve you are a class individual, please keep us updated, and good luck to Jerry also, and ty to Aaron for keeping us informed.

          Now like Eddie said, bring the loot on back home to Virginia, i will be waiting for you at Dulles Airport when you return lol.


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            Good luck, Steve! You can do it!!


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              Good Luck Steve,
              Here's to hoping there is another "long movie playing" on wendsday


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                Re: WSOP Main Event-Still alive !

                The lesson here is not to worry so much about average chip stacks - and chip leaders.... but understand how much chips you have left in relation to the blinds and antes.
                Man after my own heart. This is the number in tournies, as far as I'm concerned.

                Congrats on surviving, I feel the same way, what a long day. I never got over 39K and bluffed off about 12K through out the day. None worked, I pick my spots so well . I'd get to 37-38 - get a bunch of mediocre crap and never hit a flop. Get down to 18 or 19 and double up. Happened 3 times. The last level I put chips in the pot twice. so 2 hands in 2 hours. Talk about trying your patience.

                Best of luck to you. I ran over to the room and slept at dinner break and you know how those breaks go by. I'll try to see you tomorrow. I just got back from playing golf and am going to stick around the room tonight.............or go play at of those 2.

                Congrats and good luck again and thanks Aaron for the coverage and everyone for the support.



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                  Just keep playing your game and you'll do great!


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                    Good luck to both of you guys. Stick with it. Go for broke!


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                      Just saw Aaron's evening update on pokerpages.

                      Steve played his shortstack really well, and is up to 110k before dinner break!


                      :twisted: 8) :twisted:


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                        Unfortunately Jerry is out. Well done Jerry !!!

                        Keep going Steve.



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                          Great Job Jerry!

                          Keep up the good work Steve!


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                            nvflag's blog

                            Steve's recent blog



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                              Aaron just reported that Steve made the money!

                              Gooooooooooooooo Steve!




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