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my trip to Vegas

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  • my trip to Vegas

    My step-daughter was heading to Vegas on a business trip and asked me to be her tour guide. After deep thought (for a half a second), I decided to make yet one more sacrifice (sigh, the sacrifices I've made for my step-kids) (LOL) to go on the trip ...... a week in Las Vegas - during the WSOP, no less!

    I headed out a few days early to play in the WSOP NLHE $1500 event that started on the 21st. There were around 2500 entries. I was doing ok to start, won a few pots, was up around $1,000 at the first break, after two hours of play.

    It's been my experience that tournament play generally comes down to a few key hands that turn the tide in one direction or the other. In this case, my day was directed by the hand I DIDN'T play.....

    Midway through Round 3, I'm happy to find pocket Q's, the best hand I've seen today..... In early position, I raise 3X the BB. Seat 6 pushes all in, about $1,400, which I would have called. But then seat 10 pushes all in and he has me out-chipped. Well, it wasn't real hard to figure out that one of them had AA or KK so I mucked my cards. Seat 6 turned over his pocket 10's and seat 10 turns over his pocket A's. I feel SO smart! While basking in my brilliance, the flop comes and there's a Queen....... then the river brought another Queen - I would have had QUADS! Argh. Well, I know I did the right thing - I just hate when it turns out wrong! Anyway, I spent the rest of the day praying for cards and getting absolutely nothing. After a couple more hours of unremarkable poker, I was out early in Round 5. If I had played those Q's I would have had enough chips to maneuver with and could have lasted through the dry run of cards. Sigh.

    The next day, I decided to play the DeepStack event at the Venetian. 25 minutes into the tourney, 25/50 blinds, I find myself with pocket A's. There were already two limpers in the pot so I made it $300 to go. Seat 8 raises to $800. Seat 9 calls, as does Seat 10!!! Yikes! Well, I don't want to play against three other people so I raise another $3000. Seat 8 calls. Seat 9 folds. Seat 10 moves all-in. Well, for a flash of a second, I thought 'Gail, you know you can go broke with pocket A's and you still have plenty of chips!"..... but how can I toss pocket Aces??? So, I push all my chips in the pot and Seat 8 does as well. Seat 8 had A's and seat 10 had K's..... Seat 8 and I knew we were in jeopardy..... seat 10 jumps out of his chair when the flop brings him a King ..... while he is busy celebrating, the turn and river cards come - runner runner diamonds to give the other pair of A's a flush. So, my day at the Venetian was a short one....

    The poker part of my trip was defined by one hand I didn't play that I wish I had..... and by a hand I played that I wish I hadn't!

    The good news is that I hit a $2,500 slot jackpot and $1,000 on a video poker game that more than made up for my poker entry fees.

    My step-daughter arrived the next day and I wasn't able to play any more tournaments because I was busy with her. We had a great time, saw some shows, did some shopping and exercised the slot machines. In the end, she came out even and I was ahead, plus we had a lot of laughs.

    My flight home was delayed on the ground for three hours, then another hour on the tarmac, then we were in a holding pattern for an hour while we waited for weather to improve, then we had to stop at another airport to re-fuel..... we finally got to JFK at 2:30am where we had to wait an hour and a half for our suitcases.......

    I think I'll stick closer to home for my next tournments.....wonder what is coming up in Atlantic City......

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    Thanks for sharing great report!
    Sounds like a great trip,and you had fun :wink:


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      Gail, you should of posted you were going. JayW played that tourney also and Aaron was keeping & eye on all PSO players if you let him know.

      I played the 5pm Omaha tourney the same day. Joe & I also played the Venetian tournament with no luck.

      Just think you could of bought us lunch!
      2 Time Bracelet Winner


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        Great report.

        I know how you feel: having to suffer the for helping out the step-children. The things we have to do to help family. :lol: :lol:

        WOW, the airline flight from he....... Seems like it never ends.


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          re: PSOer's at WSOP

          Leon, I did tell Hazy I was going to be there and he said he would be in the Media area but I never found him (there are a lot of people hanging around, as you know).

          I'll buy you lunch next time

          Cheers, 'rina


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            Nice reading.. Boy I like these reports... I've not been to vegas in a while and these posts - well - make me want to go more and more...



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