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tunica tourney

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  • tunica tourney

    katfischstu and i recently trekked up to tunica mississippi to play the saturday tourney at the grand and feed our need for live omaha 8. having a southwest voucher from the fisch's vegas bachelor party, we flew to little rock for free amid the hightened security alert. we arrived there friday night and went to the rental car pickup. they were out of our cheapy car so we drove a crown vic!!! being slightly navigationally challenged we found ourselves headed north on intrastate 67. the fisch consulted the map and we headed east at bald knob arkansas, almost died in a head on collision (it's a freeroll story from here on out!) and ended up in tunica a little later than expected. showing amazing self-control we perused the poker room at the grand where the tourney was the next morning and headed to our room for alittle sleep around 3am.

    we woke up on time, and signed up for the touney --$50 =$ 5 buy in (1000 chips) w $50 add on 2500 more chips) it's limit hold em starting at 25-50 (i think) and final table no limit. there were 32 people signed up who pretty much all knew eachother. payout 6-10 $95, 5- 185, 4 -250, 3 360, 2- 600, 1- 1200. (this is approximate)

    my goal is to make the final table.

    i play super tight. toss kj off in ep, toss pp5 lp to raise.i win two pots in the first hour-- i get A10 h in bb win a decent pot with trips on turn, i play 1010 in lp for raise and flop a set. take down decent pot. the play is much looser than i expected. lots of Ax and lesser even.

    after we get to two tables i catch AK in bb and limp to a field of 6. rags flop i check, and call a bet from mp all fold. turn is A. i check , he bets , i put him on Ax, i raise him all in. he turns over A-5, river no help for him and i have a decent stack. 15000. a few minutes later, two people bust out of other table and its down to final ten!

    i'm really happy to make final table. blinds start 2000 4000. i and 4 others are pretty short stacked. i get no decent cards , two people bust out quick, and i'm then dealt QJ in bb. the two biggest stacks call from lp and there are two short stack mp limpers. flop comes J 9 4. i check (i figure if i go all in (my only play)i will be called by the big stacks-- and i dont want to go all in with Q kicker)-- am i a wuss? its checked to the first big stack....he goes all in and is called (and covered) by 2nd big stack! first guy turns over A9, 2nd has .....QJ!!....turn a blank and river a Q. so guy has huge chip lead now. i raise all in on button...blinds fold. two more people bust out and the table is down to 5! i have 10000 other short stack has about the same. giant chip leader and two medium stacks. i get absolute crud from here on out......73, 62, j6 etc. i cant make myself raise all in with any of them let alone limp. other short stack catches kk and pulls ahead of me. i make my stand with -----dont laugh---42h in bb....guy in sm has 5 7. flop 459 rainbow, i get no help......was so sad.... im calling for a deuce lol. i stand up say good game and get paid out $190!!

    this was my second casino tourney. played once before ---before pso and had no clue. i want to thank everyone here at the school for teaching me how to play poker tourneys. i say thank you to everyone here who has ever raised me all in with set on the flop, punished me with good kickers, positionally raised my blinds, reraised my positional raise of their blinds and bet out the flop have all made me a better poker player, and i really appreciate it!

    post tourney---the fisch absolutely runs over the 3-6 w kill omaha 8 game........he shoulda been wearing a husker cap. i fared less well but had fun. at one point an old man--- i mean OLD looked 120 if he looked a day is racing thru the poker room with a beer in one hand and chips in the other. he trips on the little table thingy between me and the guy next to me a nose dives , beer all over the table behind, chips hit the deck and the guy next to me is showered w amaretto and coke (yelchhh). so this old man is lying face down on the floor...not moving...i think he may be dead, im up, guy w amaretto all over him is standing....people shout "man down table 5!!!!" there is much bustling and worried for the guy, when i get a tap on the arm from the player to my right.....lady says...."it's on you".

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    great report and thanks for sharing. congratulations on your final table finish. it is very tough whn blinds are high and you go card dead. first place next time, good luck,


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      Great job! Yes you were lucky to make it out of Bald Knob the rest was a freeroll! LoL

      Its amazing how people act and re-act when in a casino. I once watched a lady continually playing her slot machine while the paramedics were trying to get an oxygen mask on her and load her up on the gurney. Apparently she had collapsed.....and when she came around there was no stopping her from playing. LoL

      Another story is a guy at the crap table rolling the dice.....keels over dead of a massive heart attack in the middle of a roll..... so everyone stops security is called and a crowd gathers. It doesnt take long at all to figure out that the man in another player at the table chimes up "C'MON PASS THE DICE!"


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        The Grand is one of the two casino's I play in Tunica. It has some of the looses O/8 players around. Also has a good complement of nits (rocks), they are easy to play. Low limit action is unbelievable.

        That's why I use the Grand pokerroom to build a bankroll.

        If you are ready for a little higher action, the next time you should spend some time at the Horseshoe poker room.

        Tunica/Robinsonville has all the action I need.

        Good report. Wish I could have been there this weekend, but I had a bad case of the sniffles.


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          darrel's not lying when he says I ran over that game. It's amazing what can happen when you play good cards, hit some flops, and get a lucky river or two.

          The best thing about that game was how easy it was to read the other players. There was the lady who played any A2. The twitchy guy who favored suited aces and started to tic everytime he hit his nut flush on the turn. The rock who raised preflop with AA or A23x. And the loudmouth who suddenly shut up every time he made a hand. (What a tell!) I put the loudmouth on serious tilt when I was chasing a nut low with AKK2 and spiked a K on the river for a boat and a scoop. He squawked and yammered--you see, he'd flopped a boat of his own--and then proceeded to unload about $200 in chips over the next hour. It was beautiful. (I made my share of mistakes while playing over the course of five hours, but I learned a ton and I'm a better player for it.)

          Later I played against a guy who had played Omaha once before. He was decked out in a designer Harley Davidson leather jacket (with matching HD watch) and was swilling Crown and Coke and smoking menthol Parliaments. Of course, he played everything--never raising and constantly having to be prompted to post his blinds and act--and he absolutely ran over the table. He was hitting everything and no one else could make a hand stand up.

          I was trying to be nice to him just because I didn't want him to leave--which he kept threatening to do--but the other players were chastising him or at least shooting him dirty looks. And I'm just thinking..."Don't you guys want to get your money back from this clown? I know I do." (And I did...)

          There was one young guy (mid 20s) who was decked out in his hipster poker duds (mirror shades, adidas visor) and obligatory poker-smug look on his face. I mean, he was just too cool for school. Here he is playing low-limit Omaha and he thinks he's Johnny Chan. I almost told him that I could see his hole cards reflected in his shades, but he was such a punk that I decided not to. (That said, he was obviously a good player and I knew I didn't want to tangle with him. But I also didn't need him running off my meal ticket because he found his bad play offensive.)

          Anyway, here's how I finally got my money back. (Yeah, I know it's not technically "my" money when it's in someone else's stack, but I knew I was going to get it back--and then some--if this guy would stick around long enough). So I'm in the big blind and I get a free play with KK and I honestly don't remember what the other two cards were. The flop come KKJ with two spades. I'm thinking, "Ooh, this looks like a jackpot hand to me. I sure hope some is sitting on AsQs or AsTs or something." So I just check and call until the river when a flush card comes, but not one that will make the straight flush. So I decide to bet out hoping someone has made the nut flush or a boat, and Harley D makes his first raise of the night. I reraise and he calls and shows me his non-nut flush and I turn over quads.

          Oh, as for the tourney, a guy sucked out on my AA to make trips on the river---after which the old dude next to me said, "He's an idiot. Everyone else at this table knew you had aces." That made me laugh. That hand hurt me and I never really saw another decent hand in the right position. I went out 15th with KJo UTG vs. AT.

          I've rambled enough. See you at the tables.



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            Good show.

            As to your comment, "technically it's not my money."

            It wasn't his money. You just loaned him the money to hold for you. Sometimes, you have to stimulate the action by putting some money on the table.


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              Great Stories!

              This the most fun I've had reading since the SI Swimsuit edition.




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