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Joe & Moe Vegas Trip

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  • Joe & Moe Vegas Trip

    Day 1

    Arrived in Vegas at 1:25 PM on the 18th, meet Sailor Moe at his arrival gate at 1:35. Off to find our luggage and get the rental car. Finished checking into the hotel at about 3 PM and then off to the Rio to checkout the action there.

    Spend about an hour walking around the WSOP area at the Rio, did not see anyone from PSO. We had decided earlier that we would play in the 7 PM tournie at The Orleans, so we head that way.

    Got dinner, then it was time to start playing poker, The game was $40 Buy-in with $5 Staff Bonus. Total chips to start 625. Oh, and it was unlimited re-buys during the first hour and a add-on at the first break. Started with 142 runners.

    Results... Three left in the game with Moe having the big stack of 128,000 chips, Player 2 - 108,000, and player 3 - 98,000. ALL 3 agreed to chop the prize fund equally. So all received $2085.00. They played one show down hand for the Tournament Jacket with Moe becoming the proud owner.

    I busted out of the game just after the 2nd break when I got all my chips into the pot with a flopped str8, however the caller also flopped a str8, one card bigger.

    After busting from the game I found a 1-2 NL game to play in. After a couple of hours of play I cashed out a red rack of chips from a $300 buy-in. So a few extra dollars to show for my first day in Vegas.

    Day 2

    We started the day at the Rio playing in some Sats. Moe decided at the last minute to be the last player at a $525 table (started with 2000 chips) after listening to the staff there trying to fill the table for 15 minutes. I opted for a $125 Sat. (started with 1000 chips) We both started at about the same time.

    I was the 7th player to leave the table. Decided to try another Sat this time $225. Again an early bust out, 6th player out. Checked on Moe's chip stack. he is short with 5 players left. After a couple all-ins and in the process busting out 2 other players his stack was much healthier. He final caught the another player and now is heads up with the smallest stack, however not by much. After trading chips back and forth for a couple hands they decided to chop the money. Moe getting $2000 of the $5000.

    Again we had decided to play in the tournaments at The Orleans that afternoon and with the time taken to finish the $525 Sat we were running a little late.

    We arrived at The Orleans just as the tournament was breaking for it's first break. Checked with Brian to see if we could still get in. He said sure, but you guys will be short stacked since the other players had an hour of play to build their stacks.

    We sat down to the tables with 3200 chips, with only one larger stack on each of our tables. A few hours latter, we are down to 5 players, 1 small stack, 1 med stack, and the other 3 stacks roughly the same size. Moe with the largest stack, Player 2 with 54,000 chips, I have 52,000 in front of me.

    We agreed to chop the money, giving 5th place - $450, 4th place $500, 2nd and 3rd -$675 with the large stack getting $700.

    Played in another tournament at 7 PM, with no good results for either of us.

    Day 3 report tomorrow morning...

    Joe (jayw) [/b]

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    Looks like Moe's setting the standard pretty high.

    He wins $2000, he wins $2000, & he wins $700.

    Ya'll keep trying. You might catch Moe.

    Good luck on the rest of the trip.


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      Thanks for the reports Joe. Congrats Leon.



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        Day 3 Report...

        Day 3

        Looks like Moe's setting the standard pretty high.

        He wins $2000, he wins $2000, & he wins $700.

        Ya'll keep trying. You might catch Moe.

        Good luck on the rest of the trip.
        Yes the OLD Fart does set the bar high, but has you will read in this report this OLD FOSIL is catching up.

        Started the day off playing Sats at the RIO, Moe at a $525 table and I go to a $175 table. After awhile Moe lets me know he is out in 4th place and is going to get registered for the Limit High-Low Oamha event for today.

        I finished my Sat in 1st place after refusing an offer, when I had the low- low stack of just getting my buy-in back. Said nope, didn't sit down here to play even, it is all or nothing. 5 hands later I got all the chips in front of me and waiting for my WSOP buy-in chips. (One step closer to the OLD FART, Marion.)

        Caught up with Leon at the Registration cage and we then headed back to The Orleans to see if we could get their before the Afternoon Tournie started. No such luck, so we played Cash games, Moe in a 4-8 High-Low Omaha and myself in a 1-2 NL.

        At about 4 PM there was a lot of excitment across the room, when checking out what it was about, I find out that there had been a "Bad Beat" at Moe's table, which he was not directly involved in. However, he did add to his Bankroll with another $271. He always finds a way to do that.

        I played about even for the afternoon, loosing a few bucks.

        At about 5:00 we decide to head back to the RIO, since I had decided to register in the $1500 NL for today. Lines to long and we didn't wait because we wanted to play in the Caesars $330 NL Tournament at 7 PM. Off to Caesars, get registered.

        For some resaon we believe this would be the same Tournament structure as the one we and many other PSO'ers played in while here at the Convention.

        However thhis was not the case. $330 buy-in with $290 going to the Prize pool. 4500 starting chips, 40 minute rounds, two rounds before each break, starting blinds 25-50. The $150-$300 and the $300-$600 blinds level are not a part of this structure.

        To make what could be a long story shorter, Moe taps me on the shoulder shortly after the 2nd break to tell me he was out and was getting a cab back to Binion's. The OLD FART needs his beauty rest.

        At about 1:00 AM I get to the Final table of 9 with a good stack, not big stack. I manage to knock out the 8th and 9th place finishers about thirty minutes later. A few hands later I make a DONKEY play with A,K Spades and has a result finish in [b]6th place with $1357.[b] Hmmmmm another step closer to catching the OLD FART...

        Some of the hand histories in another post when I get the time.

        Now off to the RIO again to get signed up for the $1500 NL Tournament. More of my catching up tpmorrow.

        Joe (jayw)


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          Congrats on sneaking up on the OLD Fart. Yes, seniors have to get some beauty rest, but they will ambush you at every chance.


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            I had orignally posted this in the main fourm. I think it is a better fit for this venue:

            I have been trying to find the structures for the SNG's at the series at the RIO, and have also been trying to find the structures for the Venetian's Deep Stack Extravaganza which is going on at the same time as the WSOP.

            I emailed the Venetian card room 3-4 days ago and have not heard a response back.

            I am traveling to Las Vegas June 28 - July 2 and hope to play some satellites and also to play in the DSE.

            Is there any way you guys could post this info? How long will you 2 be in Vegas?

            Any info would be great.



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              I have been trying to find the structures for the SNG's at the series at the RIO, and have also been trying to find the structures for the Venetian's Deep Stack Extravaganza which is going on at the same time as the WSOP.
              SNG's at the Series RIO. I would say name you poison and you can have it. Yesterday evening after I busted out of the $1500 NL, I walked through the SNG area. I would say at least 60 days full and a long waiting list. Pure mad house, so I went back to The Orleans to play.

              Is there any way you guys could post this info? How long will you 2 be in Vegas?
              Don't have the structure for the Venetian's event, however I may go there today and register for the event. I'll get a a copy of the structure and post it here tomorrow. Even if I decide not to play, I'll stop by and get a structure sheet.

              Both Moe and I have decided not to play in the Seniors Event, so at the present we fly out Monday the 25th. (or at least that the plan as of now may change in a few hours)



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                Thanks a bunch.

                I am arriving on the 28th so I'll miss you guys by 3 days. Hopefully I can have the same monetary rewards for my "practice" here at PSO.



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                  Day 4

                  First a trip to the RIO to register for the $1500 NL. Arrive to find a line, but it was moving fairly fast and in about 45 minutes I was signed up.

                  Moe had not collected his Bad Beat winnings at The Orleans, so a quick trip to get that taken care off. Actually increase to his bankroll $278.00. Then a quick breakfast, run Moe back to Binions so he can rest and relax before his big event at 5 PM.

                  I get back to the RIO with 20 minutes to spare before the Noon start of the $1500 NL. Place is a MAD HOUSE, moving from one area to another reminded me of the rush of people heading for the exit after a football game.

                  Find my table and take a seat and try to relax. Cards were hitting the felt right at Noon, so whatever problems the staff had there to start the WSOP, they seem to have solved.

                  The action was crazy, 2550 blinds to start, first hand, first raise to hit the board before the flop was 400. Of course with no callers.

                  We lost 3 players in the first 10 minutes, and before the table brook up and I was moved to another table, I thought we might be playing Musical chairs. 2nd table was not much better. I just stayed out of the way of those in a huury to find the exit with their silly moves and slowly build my stack to a little over 18,000 by the second break.

                  The hand just before the break was a Donkey hand for me, not that I lost any chips, but that I didn't double my stack. I'm the BB and find A,T [diamonds] in the pocket with 2 limpers in front of me (both in early position.)

                  I had seen a lot good late position stating hands in early position since the start of this game and mucked them due to bad position and A,T was no exception. But, I limped into this hand and the flop comes... Rags - Dia, Dia, Club. I hit the pot with a pot size bet of 1200, hoping to run the two early position limpers. Instead got an all-in from short stack of 3200 and another raise of 4000 to make it 7200 to go. The raiser has a stack a little smaller than mine and had come to the table during the last orbit, had not played a hand, so did not have any information on him on what cards he might play.

                  So with a 6000 chip depleation of my stack facing me, I finally wimped out and mucked my cards. I know --- DONKEY - FISH and more.

                  So I'm watching has they show Q,Q (1st all-in) and A,A and the turn comes 4 Diamonds. River another smaller Diamond. WOW I'm thinking I missed a chance to double up and go on break. At least I'm still in and have more hands to come.

                  Back from break, blinds 150/300, ante 25. First hand after break, SB with T,T complete the blind and see the flop against the Button and the BB. BB is really short stack not playing any hands. Button is sitting on a stack of 12,000 and change.

                  Flop hits the board J, T, J, after some thought I push all-in, BB goes away and Button finally calls after what seemed like hours. He shows A,J and gets the A on the river to make his J's ful of A's.

                  So I short stack at a little over 3000. That's poker, they tell me.

                  I manage to stay in the game by stealing some dead money and slowly build my stack back to around 8,000. Blinds go up to 200/400 with 50 antes. Won't take long to blind off my chips now, got to find a hand. About half way through this level I get a table chance. Looking at the new table, I see 5 Big Stacks and the rest about even with me. Manage to steal some more dead money to stay even with what the blinds were getting.

                  Five minutes before breaks, they always clear all the spectators out of the room to give the players clear access to the hallways. And I'm still in, thinking I'll make it to the Dinner break.

                  So we are down to a couple hands to go before the Dinner break when I find an 8d,8s in the pocket in mid-position, I bet 4 x bb. Another short stack goes all-in, with a big stack all-in right behind him. No wimping out here, make the call and see the other two players roll out Ah,Kd and Ac,Ks.

                  WOW I'm in not as bad a shape as I could have been. Flop comes 7s,6s,2s, dang a rainbow would have been nice. Turn comes 9h, and river is a 4s and I'm am history.

                  Don't know my exact finish, but with 2541 players entered and 410 remaining at the Dinner break, which I almost made with chips, I suspect my final finish was aomewhere under 500.

                  Moe came back to the room about 3:30 this morning, so he made Day 2. After he woke up this morning I asked him how big is your stack. He says what stack, it so small no one can see it. He has 2200 chips and will be on the Button when he takes his seat with the blinds at 800/1600. Enough chips for one hand and I'm sure everyone like myself wish him great cards for that one hand and a double up at least.

                  More on our trip later.


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                    SNG and Big Stack II Info


                    Didn't get all the inforamation you requested yesterday. Going to Venetian today to play in the Big Stack Event there. I will post structure for that event tomorrow.

                    SNG at the WSOP...

                    $125 buy-in... Winner @1000 WSOP Event Chips and $120 Cash
                    $175 buy-in... Winner $1500 WSOP Event Chips & Cash
                    $225 buy-in... Winner $2000 WSOP Event Chips & Cash
                    $275 buy-in... Winner $2500 WSOP Event Chips & Cash
                    $325 buy-in... Winner $3000 WSOP Event Chips & Cash
                    $525 buy-in... Winner $5000 WSOP Event Chips & Cash
                    $1030 buy-in... Winner $10,000 WSOP Event Chips and Cash

                    $125 Buy-in up to the $525 get 1000 starting chips, the $525 and up get 2000 starting chips. All rounds are ten minutes.

                    I'm sure there are other SNG's, but don't know the buy-ins.



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                      Day 5 Vegas Trip

                      Day 5

                      First to the RIO to try another SNG... results no wins. Then it was time for Leon to start Day 2 of his Omaha tournament. So watch while he attempted to make 2200 chips into a winner. One split pot and he did manage to get through two rounds before finding his way to the rail. About 20 minutes into day 2.

                      We decided to go to The Orleans again to play the 7 PM tournament. Got there a little early so we took a seat on a new 4-8 Limit Holdem table that was just starting, and signed up for the first available seats in 1-2 NL table.

                      WE both payed about even for 30 minutes or so. Then they announced they were opening a new 1-2 table. Leon moved to that game and I stayed in the 4-8.

                      A couple hours latter I'm up $300 + and it is time to find a bite to eat and get signed up for the 7 PM.

                      Tournament starts with 278 players paying $65 (1250 starting chips) with a re-buy of $40 (anytime during the first round) giving you an extra 2000 chips. 20 minute rounds, starting at 25/25 blinds. Almost all players take the re-buy option as soon as they sit down at their table. Prize pool for this event was $22,000 and change, with 1st place getting $5500 and paying 25 places.

                      Two other PSOers entered this event with Moe and I. Imurhucklbery and his wife Ca1amityJane, with 3 of us making the last 2 tables and 2 making the Final table and then there was Moe.

                      Imurhucklbery finish in 9 place with a $270 cash out and I finished 6th with a $790 payday.

                      More tomorrow, heading the the Bellaigo to meet TonyD for brreakfast and then to the Venetian to play the Big Stack $540 event today.


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                        Double Stack Events at the Venetian...

                        Events can be found on their Web Site and the sturcture is 25/50 blinds to start, doubling ever 40 minutes. Antes kick in at for the second round of 100/300 and double thereafter evey round.

                        $500 + $40 + $10 Events have 10,000 starting chips
                        $300 + $30 + $10 Events have 5,000 starting chips



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                          Day 6

                          Nothing exiciting to report today, in other words to increases in our bankrolls. :

                          Played in the Double Stack at the Venetian, starting at noon. Very nice Poker Room, well run, Tournament started on time, staff there to help in any way.

                          Example, gentlemen sitting next to me complained of being cold, they found him a Dealer's Jacket to wear.

                          I gave the Buy-in and Structure info to lesshaft in another post in this thread, so will not repeat here.

                          Leon busted out with a flopped str8, another player flopped a set, 3rd played truned a set with all the money going in on the turn, with a the board pairing on the river. If the board don't pair, Leon triples up. We were both forward to doing very well in this event, with the structure they are using.

                          However, that turned out not to be. I busted out just before the third break (2 hours between breaks) with a set of Q's to a set of K's. I was getting into desperation time, stack was getting small. My set came on the flop, the K's came on the river. Out 174th with 570 players starting the event.

                          They paid 40 places, with 31-40 getting $963. 21-30 getting $1573. 9th place was getting $5051 and 1st place was $86,261.

                          Two nights ago in the $500 buy-in event (Venetian Double Stack) there was a 32 way chop. Don't know how they got 32 players to agree to that. Everyone, took 8th prize money with big stack getting the few exta dollars left over.

                          Leon, when to Binions with TonyD to play in the 4 PM Tournament there. Again and early bust out for Leon. Tony busted out 30th - they paid 27.

                          Played cash games for awhile and then to the room to get some rest.

                          Final report after I get home on our cash game action during Day 7. We both have early flights Monday moring.




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