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Blue Chip Casino Tourney

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  • Blue Chip Casino Tourney

    Tonight, Debonair, Ronitf and myself took a trek to Michigan City IN, to play No-Limit Hold-Em in a live tourney.

    40+5 entry fee, for 1K chips, one 40 rebuy for 2k chips. Blinds start at 25 25 and increase every 20 min. 10 Min break every hour. 74 starters.

    Those are the technical details. Now for a little wildbill style detail.

    The other Bill picked me up and gave me a ride to the casino, which, given 20-20 hindsight, was my first bad beat of the day. (This is foreshadowing)

    After a 1.5 hour drive, during which we discussed poker, developed a cure for cancer and solved all the worlds political problems (I would'nt lie, I am a poker player) we arrived about 4 hours before the start of the tourney, intending to play in ring games and win enough to free roll the tourney. Jumping on to lists, we were both called to the same 4-8 (w/1/2 kill) game.

    Now, back to the bad beat I refered to earlier. Tourney sign-up started at 2:30 PM. They required you to join their players club to play the tourney. In true assclown fashion, I had left my wallet and all my ID in my own car after visiting the friendly neighborhood cash station to bankroll my play. My car being 100 miles away, this made it mighty difficult to show a picture ID. Which they wanted. Well, demanded might be a better word. After 15 minutes of discussion with various supervisors and casino personnel, I was allowed to join both the players club and the tourney. This was a nice move on the casinos part because I understood and agreed that I was arguing my case from the position of not only being dumb, but wrong as well (not that anyone from Pokerschool would ever do that, but I digress)

    Having proved to everyone at the table that I was a moron, both at cards and at basic life, I moved to the 10-20 game as soon as it started, which was another bad beat. I went from Debonair on my right to Ronitf on my left. Neither player is one who makes me happy to see playing at my table, although I will happily buy drinks, dinners or do anything else it takes to talk to or hang with them AWAY from the tables :lol:

    Deck doesnt treat me too nicely, but it beats Ronit over the head for a while and she wins a lot of chips while I lose a few. Not many but I certainly dont get to freeroll the tourney.

    Tourney starts and I love my table. 2 rocks, 2 maniacs, maybe one solid player 4 weak tights and me. And this was obvious from the 1st 3-4 hands. (One of the maniacs was forced to rebuy after hand 1 when he raised from UTG with AT sooted, called the reraise from QQ and called allin on a three sooted flop of j 8 5) I doubled up against this same guy about hand 5 when I raised with KK and he set me all in with another AT this time unsooted.

    This would be the only hand I won in the first hour, but, since I was getting completely unplayable hands (OK I saw 2 other flops, one of which I had reraised an earlier raiser) I had 1300 chips at the break and rebought to put me at 3300 just slightly below average chips. Unfortunately, after the break I only lasted about 6 hands, as, after everyone folded to me on the button, I looked down to see KK again. And the other maniac was the BB. Maniac 1 had busted earlier, maniac 2 had turned over some mighty interesting hands and had 5k in chips. I raised 3x BB and not surprisingly he called. after a flop of 345 he checked, I bet pot and he pushed all in. This is a move he had pulled several times before, and either his opponent had been one of the weak tights who folded, or his underpair had tripped up on the river. I was sure I was ahead and called, only to be shown the 67 off that had me drawing dead. Oh well.

    Ronit didnt last long after I busted, but Debonair played, he claims, very tight, and lasted to 25th or so.

    After a couple of beers, we took the drive home, discussing more poker, curing the common cold, and developing the Grand Unified Theory of Physics, which may qualify us for the Nobel Prize, although unless they build a few Poker rooms in Sweden, I, for one, will be forced to refuse.

    An advertising note, I wore my Pokerschool Online hat and a couple of people asked about it. Sadly, it was mostly to say that, after seeing me play, I must have flunked out.

    I like the room better than Harrahs, I vote we take a larger group of CHAPS out to check out a future tourney.


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    Great report Bill!

    How often do they have tourneys at Blue Chip -- I thought only Wednesdays?

    I haven't been to the poker room, but keep meaning to go.

    Please let me know if there is a CHAPS event there soon -- would love to play.



    • #3
      Well thanks, Bill!!! Great report. AND, when you guys finally decide to have a summer CHAPS meeting, I wanna let me know!!


      • #4

        From looking at the board there, they seem to have a limit hold-em tourney on Wed, a 7 stud on Fri and No limit hold-em on Sun. I will be out of town the next couple of weeks, but will return for a sunday tourney soon. See you there?



        • #5
          great report bill, sorry jen and i couldnt make it, but sometimes things in life just wont let us do what we want. i am looking to go next sunday to addison il, for the no limit tourny there, they had a great turnout at the last one. but i definitley agree, we need to get a large chaps outing together soon, it has been a while...........


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            Awesome report Bill. I am still laughing.


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              Good stuff.

              Thanks for writing it.




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