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First WSOP, Event 3

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  • First WSOP, Event 3

    Wait in line 5 hours on Friday to sign up. ( Crazy, I know but I had wanted to play this tourney for months.)

    Saturday 12 pm start time. We start 1 hour late.

    3000 starting chips. I draw seat two.
    Third hand of tourney, on the button. 25-50 blinds

    4th position opens for $200 and everyone folds to the button.(CLVR)
    I look down and have AA. I raise to $500.

    Blinds fold and 4th position calls.

    Flop: K 6 J rainbow
    Position 4 checks
    I bet $500
    He raises $500 to $1000

    I think for only a sec and call.

    Turn 4
    He checks. I checked behind him.

    River is Q. ( there were no flush draws on turn)
    He moves all-in.

    I sat for two minutes looking at that board. The table didn't say a word.
    I would love comments on what mistakes I made or what you think of the hand.
    I'll post later the outcome and what I used to make my decision.


  • #2
    8O don't tell me he has A 10 :twisted:
    or KK :
    please let me know :wink:
    You can't play any different except maybe lay it down ,cause it still is only a pair.
    Possiable straight,or a set.
    Maybe just full of crap :roll:


    • #3
      Hey CLVR

      Enjoyed playing with you in the members tourney. Congratulations on your win.

      He open raised a standard amount. You raised and he called.
      I would also continuation bet as would most on the flop with the largest pair.

      His check raise would lead me to believe on the flop that I was behind. Of course he could have AK[but there are only six left versus also 6 possible total sets for the jacks and kings]. I am discounting the other set, whatever the lower card was.

      The way I see it is with this KJx flop and facing a pre-flop raiser he makes a decision to check raise. He shows no fear of AK , QQ, KK or AA.. He has to put you on something.
      Of course with the JJ he will happily take his chances that you don’t have KK.

      Third hand you don't know anything about anybody, but I would fold my tent here.

      Maybe your bigger question in a tournament of this magnitude is whether to call the check raise on the flop. Hard to fold AA, and not sure I could, but I think with the above analysis it is clearly the indicated choice and I would hope that I would muck it here.
      Its not like they can see your hand and if you can fold to the check raise you still have 2000 TC.

      So now I will take the opportunity to complain because I think the real problem is in the structures and yes I understand they have doubled the chip counts from last year[and perhaps adjusted the structure to compensate, I don’t know] but it is still one hand played with normal raise amounts and you are out or crippled pretty badly. So WSOP or no, I don't like these bad structures which do not allow for enough play. although it is clearly that they feel the need to limit the time required to complete each event.

      So I think you folded and hope that you continued on to do well.
      But then we don't get to see the opponent’s hand.

      If you did call, I can see why. To continue in a large field with 6000 chips vrs 1500. A math reason to decide he has AK instead of the set. [wishful thinking?] Or he did check the turn , giving you a free card. Why?



      • #4
        I probably re-raise all-in his check-raise.. and go home when his KQ sucks out on the river.


        • #5
          he doesnt have KK because he just called the reraise preflop; AK is more likely;

          I would have reraised preflop to 600 and pushed all in on his check raise of the flop...

          i dont think you can just call the flop reraise ; its either push or fold there


          • #6
            Originally posted by pokerfix
            he doesnt have KK because he just called the reraise preflop; AK is more likely;

            I would have reraised preflop to 600 and pushed all in on his check raise of the flop...

            i dont think you can just call the flop reraise ; its either push or fold there
            Yep, I pretty much agree with this but JJ fits right in also. I don't think he's raising to 200 with 66. i don't think KQ either, why the min check raise with that?

            I think JJ or AK. you're half in - I'm calling


            • #7
              We'll I sat there and thought, " I'm not going to like telling this story." Then I started working the hand backwards. (I should have done this on the flop.)

              I figured he would not have called my re-raise with A 10 or K J
              I actually thought about these two hands for some time.
              If he KK he would have re-raised pre flop. I didn't worry about that hand at all.
              If he had JJ I was going to pay him off. I told myself I had too much in the pot. If I had re raised his check raise on the flop I was pot commited.

              I looked at him and said, "Well, it's a short tourney for one of us." No reaction

              I called.

              He had AK

              I had 2300 players go out before me. ( I went out somewhere between 700 and 740)
              I was short stacked when my AA got called by another short stack with 88... and then the river



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