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  • 3+3+3=1?

    OK, I give. I can't seem to lunge forward enough at the PSO championship tourney during convention to make it past 3rd place. Not that I MIND having three plaques that loudly proclaim I am the ONLY PSO member to make not 3 but four final tables. ( I finished a respectable 5th in 2004). My third place finish last week made me very happy. Not as happy as I would have been had I knocked out AJ or CLVR.

    So enough about me. Now, buckle your seat belts. The truth is coming out

    I tried to provide a very stable, mature example for those who might have needed some guidance during the stay in Vegas. That list includes but is not limited to:

    Lil_Lisa_W- I felt bad knocking a little handicapped girl out of our almost-all-women sit'n go. Had it not been for ShaunP and Big BO, we would have succeeded in having all girls.

    SKRATT- Not only did I try and keep HER in line, I had to sit idly by and watch HER try to keep Two_Isles inline. A total overall failure on both our parts!

    Two_Isles-Karri gets the award for flying to convention, leaving convention, and returning to convention all in the space of about 24 hours.

    Chrissie29 ( convention virgin and overall sweetheart) But don't let that sweet demeanor fool you. This chick can play some poker.

    BigJohn111 ( Chrissie's long suffering spouse and certified nutcase, but he raises hand-fed black angus so he can't be all bad.) .. BigJohn proved a nice hugger and tried his best to keep Chrissie away from the keno bar. BAD MOVE

    OLD OKIE WOMAN ...I found out that she isn't as old as me, so keeping up with her and providing guidance to this convention newbie was a bit more than I bargained for. But let it be known that the woman can launch a mean spitball.

    SpotlightKid- WOOHOOO! this guy rocks. I had so much fun trying to keep him in line. I think I got a little "goodbye" kiss as I was headed to the room the last night. Oh, I did, I remember now

    Mary and Gary...aka PokerStinger and VikingGary. I originally met these two in Reno several years ago, and was thrilled to see them again. They appear pretty sane on the outside, but looks are often deceiving!

    Colette- I truly dropped the ball when it comes to watching out for Colette. Two drinks, huh??? NOW NOW

    Just1Tex- Never let a red-head near a bar. And make sure she gets to bed at a decent time., we all know he is named after sausage. Enough said.

    Johnny_Bravo- give it up, sir. I love min-raises and it worked out ok for me except ONCE

    DocH- Scott was my unofficial welcoming committee as he spotted me just as I was checking in. I vote for DocH as the
    "most serious minded" PSO conventioner.

    JayW- if there was ever a poor soul in need of NewJane guidance it's Joe. Love him to pieces, but he needs a dose of keno bar with the "girls"

    JPATMULL- I must say I was a bit smitten by this hottie from Tennessee. Actually found out he lives just minutes from where I was raised. I sweated him and his B&B while he played NL ring game. I am not sure how much luck I brought him, but we sure did enjoy each others company. Patrick, so thrilled I finally got to meet you.

    NOW, on to a serious note.

    LadyFingers22 and OldHatter- after years, we finally meet. And it was worth the wait. Gail, thanks for your words of encouragent during a dark day for me. And George, hope you managed to choke down those french fries without white vinegar. I appreciated getting to spend time with you both, and watching Gail swoop down on the vegas card rooms. This woman has GAME!

    I absolutely LOVE Pirates and NVFLag. If ever there were two neater and cooler people on the planet, I have yet to meet them. Just totally first class men, and I am proud to call them my friends.

    CityKid and CLVR: I love you guys. I love Citykid more cause he didn't bust me out of the PSO event. CLVR, I think you rock my friend. I do, however, hope you come to grips with slow-playing the flopped nuts and making sure I got my money in with two pair before you slammed me

    Big.Ben -- I didn't get to spend much time with you, which disappointed me somewhat. I got the impression that you were a bit shy so I decided to play it safe and not bombard you on your first convention!

    I know I am missing someone. I tried to mention the folks I spent the most time with.It's difficult being me sometimes. So many members, so little NewJane!!!

    I am putting you all on warning now...I am NOT settling next year for 3rd.

    To those who I put bad beats on on my way to the final table, know it wasn't personal.To those who put bad beats on me, it was personal

    Had a great time. It's always awesome to meet new members, see old friends again, and enjoy poker the way it's supposed to be enjoyed!!

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    Good report. I didn't know you had graduated from mother-hen school. You trying to watch over those (degenerant) ladies (& I use the word ladies with some trepidation), is just hillarious.

    To those who I put bad beats on on my way to the final table, know it wasn't personal.To those who put bad beats on me, it was personal. :Smile:
    IT'S ALWAYS PERSONAL, with NewJane


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      yes Buschman-
      mother-hen, squabble-eraser-she even had curfew times
      for us (uh...we did not heed one word she said :twisted: )
      Plus, we can't forget the pom-poms.
      And Okie, she gets 0.14 cents back....LIKE I SAID with the pic!!
      and I have to say a ditto to all those she mentioned.
      I had the pleasure of meeting Hatter and Ladyfingers ( class act),
      Moleebo, Big Ben, so true about Doc H ( although we did give him one our prized poker chips...the one with the fart bunny..and then when he busted out with , what we agreed on was a good play,
      I gave him the chip that said "at least when you play poker, you
      can cheat!'), and JPatMUll.....Love that guy.
      NEXY YEAR!!!!!!


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          Well, ya'll take any attempt at humor like a personal attack. If I was trying to make a serious comment about conventioneers, I'd sure find someone with real issues to make statements on.

          I read the information provided in the descriptions of the participants. No more, no less and related my comments to what was provided.

          "Drinking," "spit balls," "prop-bets," "casinos," "poker or gambling," "passing out or sleeping," "keno bar," and some body probably told a few jokes along the way. Even, Newjane as a mother hen! I would have expected to hear NewJane as the lead prankster (she's been the prankster/joker more than anyone at past conventions).

          Sounds like NJ is becoming a responsible grandmotherly type, where's the fun in that? Oh, sorry, NJ, I'm not trying to ruin your "rep."


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            a NEW JANE anecdote

            I was sitting in a nice quiet (read not all PSO) 1/2 game and Jane sits down at table 15 (I was at table 14).

            The guy to my right says, 'oh there is Jane'. I asked if he was a part of PSO and he says 'no.'

            So I ask how he knows Jane.

            he responds:

            Everyone knows Jane.
            She's here 15 minutes, knows the name of everyone in the room and has hugged 1/2 of them already.

            Aint it the truth?



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              I learned a long time ago that you catch more fish with sugar than with vinegar! ( with a tip of the hat to my Canadian french fry lovers..)

              Seriously, tho...
              A majority of my enjoyment of the game of poker comes through the awesome people I meet at the tables and in the poker room. I have learned away from the tables that sometimes people are waiting for someone to notice them, to give them a little something extra, make them feel special. Hell, I have felt that way many times in life. Haven't we all? So, if a hug or a smile or remembering someone's name is what it takes from me, then I am blessed to be able to provide it.

              God bless you all.


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                New Jane is the best.

                Hey Jane,

                You made me feel special. You were the first one I saw when I hit the Orleans Hotel. You started my experience out on a good note and it just got better.

                Thank you, Charlotte


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                  Isn't it interesting how we spotted each other in a crowded poker room, never having met in person before? And the MINUTE we spotted each other, we KNEW ! That was the most awesome thing...

                  Thanks for picking my face up a couple of was indeed my pleasure to get to spend lots of time with you...

                  Can't wait to see you again..


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                    My Dear Dear Jane
                    The moment I saw you come into the poker room I knew it was you and felt like I was seeing an old ( not old in age LOL) friend again, not for the first time.
                    I so look forward to seeing you again.
                    What a great time I had and you were a big part of it. I do wish we had more time together but it was such a busy couple of days.
                    Lets do it again next year if not sooner



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