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My first convention!

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  • My first convention!

    wow, where to start!
    i will say that this was the best time i have had in vegas EVER!!! it was beyond what i had expected! meeting people from PSO was soo fun! and now i can talk to these people at the pso tables and know who they are!
    Bigjohn111 and i got to vegas on monday and stayed our first night at the excaliber, we had stayed at before. it was ok, and we played some poker and did ok! went to bed a little early because the 3 hour time difference was making staying awake really hard!

    then on tues morning we took a cab over to the orleans, and after checking in and getting settled, we went to the poker room! and right off met some pso pals.
    got into a 2-4 game and i did really well! was happy just sitting there and playing! winning was a bonus! more pso people started showing up and oldokiewoman, lil lisa, and new jane talked me into an orleans tourny! so hey i did it! i was doing really well, i got stuck at a table full of locals that all knew each other and wouldnt shut up about WSOP next week! but hey they gave away some chips to me so i wasnt complaining! so at the first break, we all went running down to the mixer at the irish pub, i was excited because i was doing well and told bigjohn about it! then we all had to hurry back before the break was over. i get back and the very first hand i have is KK and it gets killed by AA and i am out! oh well that is poker! so i got to go back to the mxer and meet some more amazing people!
    i am not a big drinker but i had a couple mixed drinks and i wasnt far from bed, and i wanted to be fresh for the speakers and the game later on weds!
    on weds, john and i got up early and went to help out if needed for setting up! i must say that not much help was needed! they had the room all set up and decorated! continental breakfast!
    the speakers we had were soo great! Mark and Tina opened the program with some hello's!and then we heard from Tom mcevoy and dana smith and then later from Mark Seif. PSO provided a nice deli lunch.
    then down to the poker room for the pso tourny! the orleans staff had helped with dealers and keeping our area private from the rest of the poker room. at each of the tables was a PRO with a bounty on their heads! Al Spath, Mark Napolitano, Dana Smith, Jennifer Harmon, TJ clouittier, MArk and Maureen F (sory i dont remember there names,)
    unfortnuately for me, i got knocked out early in the tourny, but i wasnt ashamed of my play, it was just the way the cards fell and that is poker! the fun part was that my table started out with 5 women and so we wanted jen harman to take some pictures with us! and so to get her attention two-isles yells---HEY-YOU!! can we get a picture! it was hilarious! not to mention Karri was sooo embarrassed!!! but hey we were having fun!!!
    i didnt stick around for much of the tourny after i was busted out, i went back and played 2-4 and won my money back!!!
    but i came back for the final table and watched as new jane got 3rd place and ajd got 2nd and clvr got 1st! it was a great game played by great people! i heard that the orleans staff was impressed with our play as a general group! how well educated of game we all played, not donkey style!

    on thurs john and i went to downtown early in the day so i could see fremont streetm even though it was during the day, it was still an experience! we went into binions and saw some really cool memorabillia. they have some poker table tops hanging on the wall signed by some of the pro's, old and new! it was fun to see mark seif's signature with "eat their children" on it! and they even had some slot machines that still use coins!!! i kept one for a souvenir! john did really well at a slot machine and won $200! it was just really neat to be where the legends we once! we went into some of the other "oldies but goodies" and then had to head back for the rest of our convention!
    we got back to the orleans about 40 mins before and so played some blackjack and i did ok, turned $40 into $85. then went upstairs to hear Linda Johnson and Jan Fishman talk! they were soo funny as a team of speakers! the just took over for each other and gave so much good info! being that i am newer to tourny play and pso, i learned soooo much more than most of the older pso players! something as silly as that you have to have your bigger chips in front of your smaller chips! just wasnt something i knew!
    Then Al Spath talked for a bit, about getting ready for a tourny, your state of mind and thinking through what you need to make the "getting there" portion of your game! and he was sooo right! i am quilty of listening to radio and gabbing all the way there! instead of getting into the zone! so its something i am going to work on!
    short break and then onto TJ clouttier! he was soo funny! he told his #21 tips for poker and he had some of the best stories to go along with them! playing cards with contract killers was the best! i got a picture of TJ signing the PSO THONG!!! and then of Al holding it in front of himself!!!
    then after dinner and some drinks we all went back to the poker room and took over! we had to wait for the orleans tourny to start and then they ran some sit n gos for us! i wound up splitting first place with collette in the first one, and bubbled out in the second one! but we were having so much fun no one really paid much attention to that!
    then i went and hung out with two isles, skrat, oldokiewoman and lil lisaw we had some late dinner (thanks charlotte!!!) and just laughed until i thought we would pass out from it! and getting karri's picture passed out in the keno lounge is the best!
    all i can say is that they whole week was fantastic and i will use what i learned and try to make myself a better player because of it!
    and i HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend you trying to come next year!!
    thanks to all for making my first one a great one! so much time and effort were put into this and it was worth every minute of it!

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    WOOHOOO CHrissie.
    I have a trip report in the works...but wanted to say that it was just so super to meet you and your awesome hubby BigJohn111.

    SO many stories, so little time!!


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      That's a good report. Nothing like meeting the good PSO folks.

      Even better when you get paid (winning at the tables) to be there.

      Some people (the girls) never learn to hold their beverages. They shouldn't drink if they are gonna be fools in public. Whoever said you have to be out of your mind to have a good time. You can't be having much fun when you don't know what's happening.


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        you were not there, so best ye not judge.


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          Great report! I enjoyed meeting everybody also.



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              Some people (the girls) never learn to hold their beverages. They shouldn't drink if they are gonna be fools in public. Whoever said you have to be out of your mind to have a good time. You can't be having much fun when you don't know what's happening.
              if this is another attempt at humor, you failed miserably
              (just as in the 3+3+1 post).
              Maybe refrain from commentary unless you were there.
              You have nothing over Jeff Foxworthy. Maybe Ed White.

              Some people (the girls)
              Good thing you are not allowed in the women's tournament with a sexist statement like that, we would eat your children.
              In fact, I will eat your children next time you are at my table!


              Kindest regards,
              two (who cannot be controlled) _isles



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                I am going to come to the defense of BUSCHMAN because he is my friend and I think his comments are being taken the wrong way. Marion has been at convention, and I can tell you from first hand experience he is a true gentleman and I respect him and his game.

                Lets drop can only cause hard feelings. I don't want something like this to tarnish the memories we have of a super convention!

                NOW, GROUP HUG!!!!!!!!!!


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                  Did someone say GROUP HUG?


                  • #10
                    Group Grope and we get more people in :-)


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                      Group Grope and we get more people in
                      I thought that was just assumed to happen in the Group Hug.


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                        Good thing you are not allowed in the women's tournament with a sexist statement like that, we would eat your children.
                        In fact, I will eat your children next time you are at my table
                        Good grief. You sure are over the top! Why would I want to be in a segregated tournament. I play in the big peoples events! Everyone gets to take a shot, not just women-to-women.

                        I don't mind that you get treated differently (special).

                        Eating children :?: Where did you learn that :?: Were you the bully on the playground :?: Whose that supposed to scare, a whimpy little girl :?: Your momy teach you how to fight :?:

                        Sticks & stones break bones; words are like rain, when the sun shines, it evaporates. Nobody will remember.

                        What's your name? I don't remember!!!!!!!!!!! Hummmmmm, What started all this hostility? I don't remember!!!!!!!!!!!
                        I don't remember!!!!!!!!!!!
                        I don't remember!!!!!!!!!!!
                        I don't remember!!!!!!!!!!!
                        I don't remember!!!!!!!!!!!

                        Maybe in September or November or December.......................................... .....................................
                        .................................................. .............................................
                        .................................................. .............................................
                        umumumum remember
                        I suffer.......................... I don't remember!!!!!!!!!!!


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                          (and Jane, stay out of it. You do not like confrontation).
                          you had to have been at the convention to get the "I will eat your children" part.
                          so, the rest of your childish remarks are uncalled for.
                          You might want to take some humor classes if
                          that was what you were endeavoring to do.
                          I don't know you from a hole in the ground other than you were
                          also rude several times to people in rggator's PLO class, and he
                          called you on it.
                          So I was going on what was in black and white
                          (again and again) and by your past behavior.


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                            It was great meeting you at the convention, Chrissie! I hope to see you at the next one, but not at my poker table. LOL.



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